May 13, 2011


Just in time for Friday, we’re bringing you a free stream of Weekend Nachos‘ latest album, Worthless. If you’re the type who’s into Vampire Weekend, this is too heavy for you and more importantly, how did you get to this site? For the rest of you, this is an ultra-concentrated dose of hardcore-through-Sunns (hardco)))re?) goodness. Coming off the impressive threepeat of Unforgivable, Bleed, and Black Earth, the Chicago unit shows no signs of wimping out on Worthless. “Powerviolence” gets thrown around an awful lot when it comes to these dudes, but they’ve got the right blend of speed, riffs, and feedback to appeal across the gamut of heavy music. Hell, they even got Patrick Stump – yes, Patick Stump of fucking Fall Out Boy – to contribute vocals on the record. North Shore represent! All the songs are great, but if we had to pick out some choice cuts, the title track conjures some of Bleed‘s sludge, and “Jock Powerviolence” is sure to get people mad. Listen to the record below, and check out Weekend Nachos on tour this month.

Weekend Nachos – Worthless by crustcake

Weekend Nachos/The Afternoon Gentlemen US Tour 2011

5/21 Ann Arbor MI at Metal Frat
5/22 Milwaukee WI at The Doghouse
5/23 Rock Island IL at Rozz Tox
5/24 Lincoln NE at 2800 n. 48th st. w/ beartrap
5/25 Denver CO at Blastomat (w/ capitalist casualties and catheter)
5/26 Provo UT at Deathstar
5/27 Boise ID at House of the Rising Sun (w/ hummingbird of death and downsided)
5/28 Seattle WA at Neumos (Rain Fest)
5/29 Portand OR at Red and Black Cafe 400 SE 12th
5/30 San Jose CA at 416 W San Fernando St. San Jose CA 95110
5/31 Sanger CA at Puff Daddy’s House 2301 Walton Ave
6/1 Los Angeles CA at Blvd (w/ nails)
6/2 Tempe AZ at The Slurp
6/3 El Paso TX at Naylair 10756 Limas
6/4 Dallas TX at Phoenix Project
6/5 Liberty MO Detto’s Barn 11410 NE 136th St
6/6 Peoria Heights IL at Peoria Pizza Works
6/7 Chicago IL at Albion House (Record Release Show)

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Carm said…

I wll be at that show. Shirtless.

Andrew Wilhelm said…

There better be pics.

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