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June 27, 2008

Crustcake Reviews: J. Bannon – The Blood of Thine Enemies

J. Bannon

by theseseans (NYC)

J. Bannon - The Blood of Thine Enemies 7 InchJacob Bannon‘s first solo release, The Blood of Thine Enemies, is a pulsing ambient piece. Miles away from his front man duties in Converge, Jacob uses only a clean delivery here, genuinely singing the chorus. His voice is (as always) a little odd, but it in no way detracts from the piece; and a piece, it is. Clocking in a six minutes even, The Blood of Thine Enemies is intended to stand alone, as a precursor to Jacob’s future full length.

Musically, this release is very minimalist, employing mainly a beautifully recorded acoustic bass, keys, and Jacob’s voice. The song builds but not necessarily towards crescendo; instead it builds like a thickening swirl, filling the simple yet rewarding piano and vocal melodies.

There are currently two copies of the 7″ available from Deathwish, one gold, one silver. Featured here is the gold edition. The record itself features an etching of the skull, wings, and flowers of the cover center piece, while the casing has a rather unique fold out, with art to be found on all sides.

The Blood Front
[front cover]

The Blood Back
[back cover]

The Blood Inside

The Blood Vinyl Front
[Vinyl front]

Red Album Back
[Vinyl back]

7/10 [Audible]
8.5/10 [Physical]

Buy: J. Bannon – The Blood of Thine Enemies [Deathwish]

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