March 13, 2013


Hot talent on the streets of Austin.

Ready for part two of our SXSW previews? You know you here. Here, we cover the madness that will go down Friday and Saturday. For reference, here’s our guide to Wednesday, Thursday, and eats.


Andy’s sister turns 22. SHOTS! Luckily for us, Invisible Oranges’ day party at the Jr. (aka the old Emo’s, 603 Red River St.) has free Jameson. Death is our communion. Unlike most parties with free booze, where you have to sit through terrible music and resist the urge to clock the next dude who says they’d sleep with Mac Demarco, this one has good music. Pallbearer will be back for another round, as are Royal Thunder, Batillus, and Inter Arma. Canadian noise rock lords KEN Mode will also make sure that Jameson goes down extra easy. Headlining this are volume devotees Today is the Day. Steve Austin isn’t stone cold, he’s red hot. The Polyphonic Spree will be next door, so to everyone playing, turn it up and blow them out of town!

We normally don’t do panel recommendations. The industry isn’t us. This year, we’ll make an exception. Kim Kelly, as well as our friend Laina Dawes, will speak on the panel “Women In Metal: Why Is This Still An Issue in 2013?” The title says it all. The panel will also feature Nathan Carson of Witch Mountain, Mel Parsonz of Royal Thunder, SirusXM personality Zeena Koda, and Tom Tom Magazine writer Caryn Havlik. It will be held at Room 11AB of the Austin Convention Center (500 E. Cesar Chavez St.) at 5.

At night, we’re gonna play a game called “Who Will A Life Once Lost rip off next?” The site? March Madness at Club 1808 (1808 E. 12th St.). As headliners, they’ll gaze at plenty of talent to crib their next sound from. Mutilation Rites would send them in a totally black metal direction. Grind? They’ve got their pick between Kill the Client and Call of the Void. Perhaps they’ll embrace thrash once they see Power Trip tear it up. Maybe they’ll see Whirr and go shoegaze. In short, A Life Once Lost are a bunch of fuck boys, but March Madness is going to be a whirlwind of good times.


Save SOME energy for Saturday, though. You’ll need it, in part, to survive the all-day shred/chug/rage-fest that venerable skate rag Thrasher and shoe giant Converse are hosting over at the Scoot Inn (1308 E. 4th St.). Saturday caps the end of the four-day beer binge they host every year called Death Match, which, over the course of 96 hours this time around, will see sets (though “assaults” might be a justifiable term, too) by everybody from Wavves, Trash Talk and the Adolescents to The Shrine, The Black Angels and Merchandise. (For the record, the Friday appearance of Antwon is also a must-see.)

But it’s the final 24 — or more accurately the hours between noon and 5 p.m. — that are shaping up to be the real clincher: Topping the outdoor stage are Maryland rock legends Clutch, coming off a four-year quiet spell, and long-running UK stoner doom titans Orange Goblin. Also set to destroy are Black Breath, Kadavar, Power Trip and Austin mainstays Hatred Surge. Catch Seattle’s powerviolent Iron Lung and local heroes Mammoth Grinder, along with Royal Thunder, Ancient VVisdom, Baptists and Freedom Hawk on the inside stage.

So comb your beard, grab up your favorite Powell and Peralta and your best Wayfarer knock-offs and see if you have what it takes to survive what will no-doubt be a very aptly named blowout.

After five (more) hours of head-banging and beer-bonging, you might be tempted to pack it in. Don’t do it. Sure, take a nap, drink some water, slam a couple tacos, then hitch up your britches for one last hurrah. After all, if South by Southwest is a marathon, there’s no sense in stopping in sight of the finish-line. Good thing Fred Pessaro and the fine folks with newly linked blog behemoths Brooklyn Vegan and Invisible Oranges are there to see you through. They’re hosting their first official SXSW showcase at the North Door (501 Brushy St.) starting at 7 p.m. and it’s sure to be one for the books. And while the official running order has yet to be announced, the line-up is as stellar as you might expect given the taste-makers involved.

Coming off a year of near-universal acclaim that started pretty much exactly 12 months ago at SXSW 2012 Pallbearer are capping off an extended SXSW run before heading back the Natural State for a much-deserved rest (and hopefully some studio time!). Mutilation Rites and Pinkish Black, both coming off hot 2012s of their own, will also perform, as will Homewrecker and Full of Hell.

But perhaps the most anticipated set of the evening will be a solo set by Baroness‘ John Baizley, who survived a harrowing bus crash with his band in England last fall. No word yet on what his set will consist of, but the multi-faceted Baizley is as talented as he is sincere, so the song selection will likely be thoughtfully chosen and equally devastating. We’re stoked.

But you REALLY wanna make trouble? Boiler Room and Ray-Ban’s party (RSVP here) is the place. Noisy hip-hoppers Death Grips will make their only SXSW appearance there. We get down with Death Grips, fuck all the the bullshit with label droppings and penises and etcetera. “I’ve Seen Footage” is the crunk anthem for the 2010s. Zach Hill is always a pleasure to watch on the skins too. Controversial Chicago rapper Chief Keef will also be at the event, which will also be his only SXSW appearance. Allegedly, it’ll be right after his sentence is over. Will he show? And what will go down if he does? The ratchet potential is high, and that’s the shit we do like.


Nobody doing shit on Sunday. Do we have to tell you to stay in your hotel/friend’s couch? You will either have a record-shattering hangover, any combination of the aforementioned, or you’ll be dead.

We’re also going to reprint the “Final Word” we offered in 2011, as it’s sound advice: Pretty much every open space in downtown Austin — street corners, alley ways, back rooms, patios, rooftops, parking lots, bridges, overpasses, bus stops — will be given over to live music, in addition to the hundreds of bars, clubs, taverns, watering holes and speakeasies. If this is your first SXSW, do yourself a favor and take a few hours just to wander around. You’re bound to come across something worthwhile — whether it be a kickass band, a free beer or a cute girl or handsome guy. Bring some good walking shoes and drink it all in. There’s nothing like it in the world.

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