January 11, 2013


Pictured above and below are Ecocide's final moments, snapped in a cramped living room in a squat on San Antonio's East Side. Rainy New Year's Eve show capped off a string of Texas dates, marking the end of the blackened crust collective's five-plus-year lifespan. A poetic capstone for their uncompromising -- and all too brief -- career.

Out the way they came in, a scrappy DIY space called Tofu House bears witness to a damp and feral melee, the plaster cracking as the foundation lurches. Heidi's violin a desolate and lonesome wail above the heaving, swarming maelstrom below. There's a keg somewhere in the back and someone hands around a bottle of hot whiskey. It's cold outside but the walls are sweating. This is it and everyone knows it. A new year gets ushered in and a beloved band says farewell to the city that spawned it. A squall of feedback and its over.

Ecocide's final album, When Will it End, is available for streaming here and can be pre-ordered from Dallas' Tofu Carnage Records here. Merchandise, including their debut self-titled LP, can be purchased here.


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