July 9, 2012


By Andy O'Connor (TX)

People flock to Colorado to find tranquility amongst the scenic mountain landscapes, the fresh air and abundance of marijuana and craft beer. Some come to start anew, some just want a little vacation, while others just hear that CU's a good party school. Overall, Colorado's pretty chill. So why does some of the state's metal output rank among the most vicious? Cephalic Carnage are known for their weed consumption, but try chanting "om" to their topsy-turvey death-grind. Speedwolf sound as though they live solely on amphetamines, cigarettes, and "Overkill." Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire (there's an inappropriate name for a Colorado band right now) make "funeral grind" that might make blood seep from your speakers if you're not careful. CTTTOAFF's vocalist and guitarist, Ethan McCarthy, doesn't hog the hate in just one band. He also plays in Denver trio Death of Self, who put out Mental Disintegration earlier this year.

This Rocky Mountain way won't take you higher.

While fans of CTTTOAFF will likely embrace Disintegration, it's not quite the same animal. For one, the EP is a lot more stripped down -- not that CTTTOAFF had dueling Moogs and a bassoonist, but it's still a leaner affair. Death of Self are nowhere near as doomy, and while a couple of slow parts make their way in, this is straight-as-if-you-need-a-chaser grindcore. As such, only four of the songs on here make it past one minute. "Knife Raised (Grindcore is all I have. Grindcore is my mother fucking life's blood.)" takes longer to say than the entirety of the 14-second closer "Trash." This record is a meditation on being fucking pissed -- a very, very quick and painful meditation. The guitar tone isn't as doomy either, opting for more high end. It's more appropriate for Death of Self's straight-ahead mentality. McCarthy still posses his wicked snarl from CTTTOAFF, which goes equally as well in Death to Self's much more compact setting. There's not much else you can say about a record that's over in less than 10 minutes. As the title implies, if you listen to it enough, your brain will become dust. Simply put, this is a record that you should not sleep on, lest you'd just rather listen to soft rock. You disgusting fool.

Death of Self will embark on a tour of the South and the East Coast at the beginning of next month, and you find those dates of their Facebook page. Give 'em a hug.


Granite House Records said...

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Granite House Records said...

uh, and I'm based out of Colorado. haha. Forgot that one.

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