November 21, 2011


Anal Cunt were never sycophants to good taste - a simple Google search of their song titles will say a lot more than we can. But if you think they were offensive in their heyday, you should hear them when they first started in the late 80s. The late Seth Putnam and his band of musical anarchists weren't relying on provocative titles to make themselves the most hated band in America. Instead, they were confusing listeners on whether their music was music or freeform noise. In my review of Anal Cunt's hair-metal satire Fuckin' A, I said that album was their "most musical album ever" - their 88 Song EP and 5643 Song EP are the exact opposite. Nothing is decipherable - it's a wall of noise with a few flecks of silence sprinkled in. Putnam's screechy vocals become another layer of abrasive textures. Anal Cunt's confrontational attitude that made them underground household names was in its embryonic stages on those EPs.

They also found time to record a split with the only band that could be considered more offensive than them - The Meat Shits. Even with that said, their two demos preceding everything else they've made are easily some of the most barbaric music ever put to tape, making most of the bands we cover look like Huey Lewis and the News. Was Anal Cunt really just Merzbow playing a prank on the punks? I wouldn't put it past him.

A lot of the band's formative EPs and splits have been out of print for quite some time. Relapse Records has complied them for The Last Testament, which drops tomorrow. We know you're impatient to hear the whole thing, so we've got an exclusive stream of Testament in its entirety below. Be warned: some of this is ROUGH, even by Anal Cunt's standards.

Anal Cunt - The Old Testament by crustcake

Anal Cunt

Like it? Buy it from Relapse here.

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