November 11, 2011


By The Swizard (ATX)

There’s something going on in Southern California. It seems as though a scene dominated by brutal breakdowns and gimmicks co-opted from Motley Crue and Poison has been quietly fueling those who are striving for something more in their art. For every kid who’s content with big hair and over-dramatic lyrics about heartbreak that no one I know has ever experienced, there’s a kid struggling with anguish or agony that can’t be personified with slick production and wardrobe-related gimmicks. Theatrics and studio-trickery can only get a band so far, and those residing in the sunny urban sprawl of Southern California have started to demand more from their bands.

Children of God

Enter Children Of God and Seven Sisters Of Sleep. Both bands hail from Orange County, but couldn’t be less like the bands that usually come to mind when people think of that part of the country. Fashionable clothing and heavy mosh parts have been replaced by loud amps and anguish personified through instruments. Children Of God blend elements of powerviolence and grindcore with some of the more atmospheric elements of doom and black metal. At times they are chaotic a la Converge or Trap Them, but just as easily slow things down to an agonizing crawl in a way Neurosis hasn’t been able to do in years. Seven Sisters Of Sleep play hardcore influenced doom, but differently than a lot of their peers. Lots of modern doom bands pay homage to Black Sabbath or Pentagram these days - SSoS sound like an Integrity 45 played at 33rpm. The band has an uncanny ability to sound mournful while still being punishingly heavy. There is enough common ground for both bands to compliment each other in the context of this split, but each side is a very different yet equally visceral listening experience. The contrast between Seven Sisters Of Sleep’s sorrowful dirges and Children Of God’s chaotic rage appeals to the entire spectrum of negative human emotion.

Seven Sisters of Sleep

At a time when the world appears as though it is going to derail itself into any number of fucked up oblivions, Children Of God and Seven Sisters Of Sisters of sleep have provided the perfect six song soundtrack to lead you into that moment when enough becomes too much. Seven Sisters Of Sleep are gearing up for a winter tour with fellow Southern California band Low Places that see’s them appearing at the A389 Recordings 8th Anniversary in Baltimore on January 21st, 2012. Children Of God are gigging around Southern California, but hope to be out and around the US in 2012.

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