October 21, 2011


Fuck The Facts

If you missed Fuck The Fact's superb offering in last year's Unnamed EP, don't miss this year's double downed LP, Die Miserable. The Canadian grinders recently released said record last week, which you can buy and stream here. And just for us, the band has given us a track-by-track breakdown of the record. Find out how Cannibal Corpse, playing a boat in Amsterdam, white-collar crimes and more influenced the record below.

“Drift” (working title: "Cannibal Blindex") –

Topon Das, guitars: This was one of the first songs we wrote for the new album and probably one of the fastest and most intense ones we’ve ever written. We originally called it “Cannibal Blast”, cause it made us think of a blasty Cannibal Corpse. But then we added a riff that made us think of Misery Index, so we changed the title to “Cannibal Blindex”. We had just done a few shows with Origin and there’s a riff near the end of the song that’s influenced by them, though I don’t know if it really sounds like them at all now. I can remember when we were first putting this together; it was almost killing us to play it from start to finish. Now it’s wicked to rip through it at practice and we just started playing it live as well, so it definitely keeps us on our toes.

"Cold Hearted" (working title: "Morbid Revenge") –

Topon: Straight up Morbid Angel influence here with blast beats and double bass all the way. The first riff in this song is actually just a slowed down version of another riff in a still unreleased song. I doubt you’ll be able to tell when you hear the other song, but it’s neat to think of how this song came together from that idea. I’m pretty sure every album we ever release will have at least one Morbid Angel rip-off song.

"Lifeless" (working title: "Idee") –

Vil Vilandre, drums: This reflects one of the ways we write some of our songs; a mixture of old riffs from our personal recordings and the result of many jams plus some last minute studio stuff. Some of the riffs in this song are close to 10 years old! We don’t like to throw away ideas, we believe in giving each and everyone of them a chance. It’s probably why we are releasing so much crap at the same time. "Lifeless" is a one-way deal, symptomatic of a song created by jamming (literally) ideas together and making it somewhat coherent. Death metal, grindcore and epic melodic crap! There are also a couple of versions of this song that were released, so check them out.

"Census Blank" (working title: "March 6") –

Vil: This song started taking form while we were on tour a couple of years ago. We were playing this boat (Stubnitz) in Amsterdam and we had to kill a bunch of time before getting really, really drunk. I sat down in my cabin with Marc and Johnny and started fucking around with his guitar and that’s how it started. A main theme propelled by essentially one melody repeated over and over under different forms and styles. Definitively a lot of progressive metal influence in there, changes a bit at the end just to make sure you know your not where you were 7 minutes ago. I hope this song successfully takes you from point A to point B!

"Alone" (working title: "Kwiztach") –

Marc Bourgon, bass: "Alone" was a song that was originally called "Kwizatz Haderach", from the Dune series. I just finished watching Dune in its entirety when I crapped out a few riffs to get this one started. Topon still doesn't believe that I was able to watch it in one full sitting and the truth is, he's right. I had to break up the viewing of the film into about 5 sessions. Can you really blame me? That movie is long as fuck! I would recommend watching this movie in this fashion to someone who has never been exposed to the Dune universe, as you are less likely smash your DVD player/Kazaa media viewer this way. The song itself is an ode to self reflection. Starts off grim but ends up getting a bit brighter in the end. It's also about how shitty people are in general. Myself especially.

"Die Miserable" (working title: "Tomb") –

Marc: This track was just Topon and I after a long day in the studio. We were going to have some noise after "Alone" and before "Cowards" but there was something more that needed to be in that space. Start to finish, the track took us about 4 hours to complete. Topon had some old lyrics and I just went in, made it up on the spot and we kept the first take. To me it was the embodiment of that recording session. It had all the desperation, depression and anxiety that we experienced during that session. I like this track a lot.

"A Coward’s Existence" (working title: "Nabob Breath") –

Marc: I wrote the bulk of this song after getting the news that my Dad was back in jail for some white-collar shit. The original title was "Overall Liar" but was changed to "Nabob Breath" as an ode to Napalm Death who I was listening to a lot of at the time. It was a shitty time in my life for sure… especially shitty. The lyrics Mel wrote over it do that time a lot of justice and it's definitely my favorite track on the album. Sorry Pops.

"95" (working title: "Whitney Houston Disappoints Caribbean Fans") –

Mel Mongeon, vocals: I was hanging out at the jam space while the guys were working on a new song. They started playing this punk influenced riff and it really grabbed me. For a small lapse of time, I literally felt like I did back when I was 16. Back then, I was a crazy party kid and I listened to a lot of punk and hardcore, I also went to a lot of shows. That flash back feeling really inspired me for the lyrics. I tried to describe that girl, from the perspective of the person I have become. I don't often put myself on paper that bold, but for that song, it just felt right.

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WillH said...

Awesome!! Cold-Hearted is definitely my favorite on the album because it totally sounds like a song off Domination!