October 12, 2011


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By Van Darden (TX)

Sunday was Al Jourgensen's 53rd birthday. Anybody familiar with the industrial music icon's sordid history will find this statistic, frankly, rather amazing. During his stint as figurehead for the long-running industrial thrash collective known as Ministry, the Texas-based vocalist/multi-instrumentalist has been unfailingly honest about his long-term addictions to heroin, cocaine and alcohol. The stories of violence, mental instability, drug abuse and debauchery that surrounded Ministry's tours, recording sessions, practices and listening parties are legendary. (You can watch the trailer for the forthcoming Ministry documentary, Fix, here.) Jourgensen maintains that he's been nine-years sober, and I certainly hope that's the case. The world needs more transgressive, wild-eyed button-pushers of his ilk. He's also promised a new Ministry album, Relapse, by Christmas. I say bring it on.

Among the earliest albums that introduced me to heavy music, 1992's Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs is one of the most important. It's opening song, the Grammy-nominated "N.W.O.", is a screed against then-President George W. Bush, whose voice is sampled over and over, intoning, "A new world order." In a year that saw the Rodney King/LA riots, deadly hurricanes and the continuation of a major economic recession, it was pretty vicious stuff. Below is a video for the song, taken from Ministry's 1996 SphincTour. Nearly 20 years after it was released, this song still hits like a kick to the teeth.

The song's official video is located after the jump. I chose the live version as this week's Crusty Clip due to its in-your-face immediacy and because it's so fucking loud.

Ministry will also do a series of shows next year:

Ministry 2012 Tour

June 17 Denver, CO Ogden Theater
June 21 Los Angeles, CA Club Nokia
June 23 NYC, NY Best Buy Theater
June 28 Chicago, IL Vic Theater
June 29 Chicago, IL Vic Theater

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