October 28, 2011


This whole "We are the 99%" thing isn't very metal. It's much cooler to be a 1%er, and Denver thrashers Speedwolf would agree with us. They've already put on one of the best shows this year, and with their sleazily catchy biker metal ditties, it's not hard to see why this band's profile is rising. Can you argue against good-time tunes with brass balls? Unless your favorite band is The Decemberists, the answer is a solid NO! If your interests include stage dives, hanging dudes upside down from windows, and taking body shots of 151, Speedwolf are your new favorite group.

Speedwolf will release their debut, Ride With Death, on November 22 through Hells Headbangers. If you can't wait that long for a taste of the album, we have the world premiere - and that's not just here, that's the whole world - of "Up All Night." In a perfect world, this and every song on that album would be blaring out of every strip club instead of Buckcherry. We can dream.

Stream "Night" below!

Speedwolf - Up All Night by crustcake


Mike said...

Complete tune. Like this better than what mastodon is doing, they're tops supposedly, haha

Ryan said...

reminds me of inepsy... good shit though

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