October 21, 2011


Crustcake Picks New Music

by The Swizard (CA)

Trapped Under Ice - Big Kiss GoodnightMetal in 2011 has evolved into a rather sophisticated, complex subculture. Due to technological and cultural advances, metal music and culture has taken leaps and bounds in new directions, and evolved in ways I’m sure Ozzy himself couldn’t predict back when Black Sabbath hit the streets in 1970. In my opinion, there’s a metal band for every taste out there. It is truly an exciting time for the genre.

That being said, let’s not forget what this music is at its most rudimentary: brutal and aggressive. It’s awesome that so many forward-thinking people have put unique and mindbending spins on the world’s most extreme music, but sometimes all you need is something that will drive you to punch the shit out of whatever is within arm’s reach. Sometimes you need to shine sophistication and put some on a record that exorcises every shred of pent-up rage you’ve kept locked inside of you since adolescence (or last week, if you are still in adolescence [Ed. note: Or are a normal human]).

That record for 2011 is Trapped Under Ice’s Big Kiss Goodnight. From the moment the record stops, it is a nonstop ass-beating of metallic New York-style hardcore with a touch of anthemic punk rock production courtesy of New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert and former Death By Stereo bassist Paul Miner, who handled the production and mixing duties

Baltimore’s heaviest band is still heavy, just a little more refined.

Trapped Under Ice

Goodnight is what happens when five dudes who have been playing some of the most brutal, breakdown-laden hardcore in recent memory hang out with two guys who have spent a total of 30 years writing some of the Warped Tour’s catchiest sing-alongs.

While the band’s last full-length, Secrets of the World, was heavy and mosh-friendly, it came off as disjointed and it ultimately lost steam by the time the record finished. Goodnight has all of the power, the mosh, and clever song-writing that Trapped Under Ice is known for, but with the keen eyes of a few guys who get hardcore but have spent some time outside of “da hawdcore scene."

I’d like to give an extra special shout out to Trapped Under Ice vocalist Justice Tripp for both using “motherfucker” in a way that sounds so fucking righteous that you can’t help but smile as you smash your fists against the car dashboard and the fact that he has continued to use "TUI" as what I understand as a “state of being” in lyrics. It's inspiring, to say the least. You have to hand it to anyone who takes a phrase that they’ve made up and just ride it out. When he says “'Cos I'm TUI / Until the day that I die / I live to spite you," fuckin' A, man!

Goodnight could be the greatest tough guy hardcore record since Sick Of It All’s Scratch the Surface. This record is so brutal that it transcends genre and is worth a listening to by anyone who appreciates heavy music. They are about to hit the U.S. with Betrayal, Hundredth, Backtrack, and Take Offense. That tour is definitely a must-see show for fall of 2011. Pick up Goodnight and get that pent up rage out of you before you pull a hammy. You’ll thank us for it.

Stay Cold.

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