September 30, 2011


Seventh Rule Recordings may have left Chicago for the greener and Kuma's-less pastures of Portland, but they still show immense support the Windy City's metal scene. This year, the label has released records from Chi-town brutalizers The Swan King and Millions, and on October 25, Seventh Rule will drop Deception Among Birds, the latest album from thrashy grinders Harpoon. We've got your first taste of the record with the premiere of "Dreadnought," the third track from Brids. The song is pretty representative of the record as a whole, as it mostly marks a departure from straight-ahead lashing in favor of melodicism and hooks. Not that the trio has gone poppy - that couldn't be further from the truth, as there's still plenty of punch to go around. Sounds likes Harpoon has been watching their fellow Chicagoans The Atlas Moth closely and applying their own lean-and-mean tactics. Also of note is that Andy Nelson of Weekend Nachos and Like Rats engineered the record. From what we've heard, looks like Birds was in good hands.

Stream "Dreadnought" below.

Harpoon - "Dreadnought" by crustcake

And if you still crave the more unhinged version of Harpoon, here's their video for "Company Man":


Carm said...

Put a bird on it!

Andrew Wilhelm said...


gerf said...

great song!

Andrew Wilhelm said...

Gerf's back from the dead!

tpltr said...

Love this band. I saw them play a living room once and it was insane. Glad to see they're still kicking. Great song!