June 10, 2011


Looking For An Answer

Looking For An Answer hail from Madrid. They recently released a split with Italy's Cripple Bastards and their vocalist is the bass player in Dishammer(!!). Without even hearing Eterno Treblinka, their third album and debut for Relapse Records, I knew we wanted the chance to share this record with y'all.

Luckily, Eterno Treblinka rules. A dirty, no frills death-grind record built upon a foundation of hardcore. It's like Kill the Client have a set of identical twins across the pond. Treblinka came out this week on Relapse and can be purchased here. We've got the full album streaming after the jump, so read more to take a listen, and get a lesson in animal rights and human massacre.

Looking for Answer - Eterno Treblinka by crustcake

Looking For An Answer - Eterno Treblinka

So, the album art rules. And it links into the album title (and presumably the lyrics as well, but I don't speak Spanish...or gutteral sounds for that matter). "Eterno Treblinka" translates into 'eternal Treblinka' (surprise), Treblinka being a Nazi extermination camp. The phrase seems to come from the author Charles Patterson in his book "Eternal Treblinka: Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust." Having not read the book, I can't give too many details, but the rough idea I have gotten is that Patterson argues that the Holocaust's grizly actions are rooted in human's history of mistreatment of animals. The promo shot below seems to link into these ideas as well. Full disclosure: I am not 100% sure about this, nor do I intend to put words or ideas into Looking For An Answer's music, but this is what my Google research has given me.

Looking For An Answer


Mike said...


These Seans said...

this reminds me of some of Rotten Sounds newer stuff - especially their songs on the Napalm EP

Warrior_Vladito said...

brutal disco.... ni un solo tema tiene desperdicio

WillH said...

Really really like this album

Kvltblackbeans said...

Spain has a ridiculous scene when it comes to the mix of death, grind, and crust. Whether it be Madame Germen , Ictus, Ursus, Down to Agony, Hongo, or any of the other fantastic Corunense bands this is definitely a great addition to the family.

Errol said...

hell yes