April 7, 2011


[Photo by Samantha Marble]

Well, it happened again: an injury has sidelined yet another Weedeater tour. Those North Carolina boys just can't catch a break, can they? Last year, "Dixie" Dave Collins shot his big toe off, indefinitely delaying their 2010 tour. Time passed, scabs healed, bongs were ripped and the three-piece got around to recording their latest slab of Southern discomfort, Jason ... the Dragon (Southern Lord). This time around -- little more than a month into a tour that included a massive one-show-only performance at SXSW -- guitarist Dave "Shep" Shepherd broke his hand, effectively ending their current tour. According to the band, their European tour and appearance at Roadburn is still happening, so we wish Shep the best as he rests and heals his mangled paw.

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Andrew Wilhelm said...

One of the specials right now at Grill 'em All is the Weedeater:

Pulled pork, jalepeno bacon, cheddar cheese, garlic aioli, and funyuns!

Beau, where aarrrreee yooooouuu?