March 2, 2011


Trap Them

Good news, folks! Trap Them's 4th full length, Darker Handcraft, is out on vinyl! Even better news though, especially for you modern people without turntables, the 'Cake is streaming one of the tracks: "Every Walk A Quarantine"!

This track feels more akin to "Carnage Incarnate" from the Filth Rations EP than some of the death 'n' roll we've heard streaming at Noisecreep, Decibel and Brooklyn Vegan but on "Every Walk A Quarantine" and throughout the record the band carries a junk-swinging swagger like never before. North American darkness and sex appeal? Next thing you know Ryan McKenney will be sporting some of Mick Jagger's leather pants. Click the jump for the track and, as always, sound off in the comments.

Prosthetic Records released the album on vinyl yesterday so get to your local indy record store and get it or wait till March 15th for the CD/Digital version.

Trap Them - Day 41 - Every Walk A Quarantine by crustcake


Wayne said...

This album is a fat bag of big-tittied awesome

Van Damned said...

Wayne's comment is winning.

These Seans said...

I am on a drug, it's called "Wayne's Comment"

Chase Macabre said...

I've got a fever. And it can only be cured with more "Wayne's Comment".