January 19, 2011


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by Andrew Wilhelm (TX)

Sometimes, heinous things go down behind the scenes here at Crustcake. Recently, Van said to me over GChat that he is making an "oldschool" metalcore mixtape. Yes, I'm serious. A mixtape full of Ozzfest second-stage circa 2004-2006's top shelf. The bastard offspring of Converge. The stuff Jamey Jasta pimped on the new Headbanger's Ball.

A Fist in the Face of God, you won't be on top of the mixtape game for long!

After this went down, I knew I had to put up Shadows Fall's video for "Destroyer of Senses" as our Crusty Clip of the Week. Shadows Fall represented a key step in my evolution of metal tastes: I was just getting into melodic death and metalcore. Look, I didn't come out of the womb listening to Hellhammer and Master! Shadows Fall, At The Gates, In Flames, Lamb of God -- at Ball High School in Galveston, Texas, I was the most metal kid on the block. The best pre-college summer was the Sthress Tour in 2004, at the dank Engine Room in Houston, with Shadows Fall, As I Lay Dying, Himsa, and Remembering Never. Now, 2011 Andy would look at that line-up and go "Wow, that's fucking lame!" and put his MP3 player on Teitanblood, but back then, it was a teenage dream. Somehow, I think if Fenriz knew this, he never would have agreed to answer my questions.

What are your favorite metalcore memories? What should Van put on his mixtape? Let us know in the comments!


violent orifice said...

man we must be around the same age. alot of this stuff was gateway music for me as well.
i just bought a cd that has a bonus compilation/sampler included from '04 with a ton of this type of stuff on it. A Life Once Lost, From a Second Story Window, Backstabbers Inc.

Andrew Wilhelm said...

A Life Once Lost, ha! Shit was so cash in the earlier Aughts.

I've also seen Killswitch Engage more times than any sane man should admit. Hell, I had a Killswitch trucker cap! Trendwhore days.