November 17, 2010



Since reuniting in 2006, Immortal were under the mistaken impression that their fans in the U.S. were only in New York and Los Angeles. We're not the type of dudes to go on bands' Myspace pages pissing and moaning about that they won't play our city, but in our dark hearts, we wanted Abbath and crew to come to our respective necks of the woods. Thankfully, they are coming to their grim and frostbitten senses and their upcoming U.S. tour won't be so limited. While it's only six dates, fans in Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Denver, and San Antonio will get one more chance to experience the over-the-top trio in person. Opening the shows will be Absu, the only thing redeeming about Plano, Texas. (Side note: Absu's Youtube page has videos of drummer wunderkind Proscriptor auditioning for the one and only Slayer!) We're not gonna hate if you show up in corpse paint - given the excitement from us, we just might too.

Full itinerary below.

All Shall Fall U.S.A. 2011

02/19/11 New York - Gramercy Theater (16 & older)
02/20/11 Baltimore - Sonar (All Ages show)
02/21/11 Pittsburgh - Mr. Small´s Theatre (All Ages show)
02/22/11 Chicago - Bottom Lounge (17 & older)
02/24/11 Denver - Summit Theatre (All Ages show)
02/26/11 San Antonio - Backstage Live (All Ages show)
"Grim and Frostbitten Kingdoms"


Wayne said...

Fuck. Yes.

Van Damned said...


The Path Less Traveled Records said...

Got my tickets for Chicago today. It's about time they hit the Midwest!

These Seans said...

Despite seeing them last year, I still got super pumped when I saw this. Legit "Fuck yes!"

Chase Macabre said...

am I alone in thinking that Immortal ranks the highest on the black metal unintentional comedy scale?

Andrew Wilhelm said...

I think they're a bit more aware of it now than they were before.