October 26, 2010


by Andrew Wilhelm (TX)

One good thing about Austin is that most of the major music venues are located in one part of town. One of the only time this backfires, though, is Halloween. Downtown turns into a giant clusterfuck of bad costumes, even worse face paint, drag rats, corner evangelicals, and drunken maniacs. Do not even think about driving down unless you are a taxi driver, or you are getting paid to be like one.

Still, there are plenty of great shows going on during the Halloween season.

Tuesday, Envy will be continuing their tour down to Emo's. These Japanese post-hardcore/post-rock behemoths haven't came to the U.S. in quite a while. If you love Mono and Dischord Records, it would be foolish to sleep on this show, even if I didn't think Touche Amore were all that a few months ago.

Thursday brings punk legends Bad Brains to the Mohawk. Will HR make it through the whole set? Go see and find out.

Friday is the crucial day though - fucking Triptykon! It's Tom G. Warrior kicking as much ass as he did with Celtic Frost, do we need to say more? Well, we will say that adding Mammoth Grinder was a solid choice. If that's too much metal for you (and it is for most people), Butthole Surfers will be performing their classic Locust Abortion Technician in its entirety at the Scoot Inn on the east side of town. Gibby Haynes and his crew will also be playing at the Scoot Inn on Halloween night with desert punks Meat Puppets.

Finally, on Saturday, Helmet and Intronaut will be performing at Red 7. Like I said back when I was doing Chicago show picks, it'll be mad 90s up in here. Intronaut's new record, Valley of Smoke, is also not to be missed.


10/26 - Envy, La Dispute, Touche Amore, And So I Watched You From Afar @ Emo's

10/28 - Bad Brains, Bitter End, Night Siege @ Mohawk

10/29 - Triptykon, 1349, Yakuza, Mammoth Grinder @ Emo's

- Butthole Surfers (playing Locust Abortion Technician in its entirety and more) @ Scoot Inn

10/30 - Helmet, Intronaut, Ratking, Tow the Line @ Red 7

10/31 - Butthole Surfers, Meat Puppets @ Scoot Inn

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