January 14, 2010



by beatmasterspeech (LA)

My new year's resolution is to post more LA show picks rather than attempting for my first choice of trying to receive oral exploration on each ride at Disneyland... in one day. So with that said, let's hop right to it.

NAMM* has rolled into town this week, which is a good and bad thing. Tons of shows BUT tons of industry type crowds floating around. We all know the type: the -insert popular guitar brand here- A&R rep in his late 40's at the show sporting their very best hot topic short sleeve button up with flames running vertical, the "i'm hip" hoop earings, jack and coke (and I'm not talking 'bout soda folks) armed with enough backstage passes to try his hand at multiple "Girls Gone Whorish" groupies hovering around.

Nonetheless, metal is always a must see and the schmoozing skills of some of these reps is something to behold in itself. This weekend, Landmine Marathon and some personal hometown favs, The Funeral Pyre are both playing. Both bands are well worth your Friday night so check 'em out at The Blvd - the forecast for industry dudes is low for this show. Also on Friday, free show at Spaceland with some more local homies, Night Horse. The forecast has yet to come in for this show but it's fucking free people! Back on the strip we got some action happening at the House of Blues. Saturday is Behemoth and Lightning Swords of Death followed on Sunday with Cynic. The forecast for cloudy with a touch of energy drink sponsors is high anywhere, anytime on the Strip so stay strong.

See you out there.

1/15 - Landmine Marathon, The Funeral Pyre @ The Blvd
1/15 - Night Horse, Dusted Angel @ Spaceland
1/16 - Behemoth, Septic Flesh, Lightning Swords of Death @ HoB Sunset Strip
1/17 - Between The Buried and Me, Cynic, The Devin Townsend Project
*Bonus explanation of NAAM by beatmasterspeech:

National Association of Music Merchandisers Convention -
It's a huge yearly convention when instrument manufacturers show off the latest and greatest gear and have 'artists' come in and demo them. People like Kerry king, Zakk Wylde and the like. It's not open to the public, only label folks, industry folks, groupies, schmoozers, liquor rep like Jagermiester and shit.... it's a mix of gear heads, buyers, and affliction shirted Gibson reps the convention is usually surrounded by shows/parties put on by fender and shit like that with free sponsored booze like Absolute vodka - it's super corporate rock type shit.

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