October 1, 2008

Neurosis announce first bands to play 'Beyond the Pale'


Listen: Neuorsis- Roadburn 2007 Set [Stream]

In a bloodless coup of sorts, Neurosis have taken over a day of the Roadburn Festival. The event titled 'Beyond the Pale' set for April 25th at Tilburg, Holland, will be curated by Neurosis (who will also be performing). The band will be hand selecting the bands to play, and the first four have been announced: The Young Gods, US Christmas, Akimbo, and Guapo. With a total of 15 bands to play, this is just the beginning. Steve Von Till had this to say in regard to the event:

The mission of Beyond the Pale is for us to honor the spirit and power of sound with people that we feel are kindred spirits. We want to bring together a diverse group of people who push the envelope, are truly original, and have that unspeakable fire and inspiration flowing through their art.
Neurosis has issued a statement which can be found at Roadburn's MySpace regarding each band the picked.

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