August 20, 2008

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Fuck The RIAA!

Seriously, Fuck the RIAA

by theseseans (NYC)
Ever hear of a Muxtape? Ever see this icon float past your eyes during your internet wanderings? The completely harmless website is the latest victim of the RIAA. The Muxtape site allows users to create online mixtapes from the music they personally own; others can then go to their site and stream the tracks. The site is now "unavailable for a brief period while we sort out a problem with the RIAA."

An RIAA spokesman says:

Muxtape was hosting copies of copyrighted sound recordings without authorization from the copyright owners. Making these recordings available for streaming playback also requires authorization from the copyright owners. Muxtape has not obtained authorization from our member companies to host or stream copies of their sound recordings.
I have to cry bullshit here. This (it seems to me) is yet another clear case of the RIAA being behind the times. Muxtape wasn't making these songs available for download, they were simply making more music available for potential consumers to sample. People are going to sample things if given the chance, and in this day (hell for the past few YEARS) it has become increasingly easy to sample, or steal, music. Punishing a website that specifically DOES NOT allow users to download seems a lot like beating baby seals for fun. This restriction is not going to slow the traffic of illegal downloading whatsoever, it will only limit exposure to new music.

According to Rolling Stone's story on this Muxtape has a pretty good legal case on their side, with prior success stories. The downside however is that fighting the RIAA in court will take roughly 2-3 Million Dollars. You know, the kinda change you keep kicking around for such emergencies as the RIAA coming to fuck your life in the ass.

I expect to see a lot of good music come out in the future, because we are clearly heading toward the death of the rock star. The system is eating itself, and no musician in their right mind should be starting a band with delusions of grandeur. Hopefully all of this will end up with more people playing music because it's what they love to do, love to create, and love to share.

Hopefully we here at crustcake won't get too popular, for as Rolling Stone's article states, "it’s a measure of success to be sued by the RIAA. Once you’re popular enough, that’s when they come calling.”


sunburntkamel said...

actually, from the RIAA story, it sounds like even if they fight it, they wind up in the same position as youtube, where as long as they deal appropriately with DMCA takedown notices, they can stay up.

problem being that they're not youtube. bands are posting their songs on myspace, not muxtape. there's very little in the way of original content on muxtape. losing the ability for users to upload songs they like pretty much kills the site anyway.

crustcake said...

yeah, i agree, and i know there isn't a tremendous amount of original stuff on there, but there was some. I know of a couple of record companies, Alternative Tentacles for one was using the site as a sampler...

mainly I just don't see what the big deal is, or why this NEEDS to be shut down. In general, people don't want to pay for music. It is VERY easy to find music for download on the internet and this site was not promoting or engaging in that, so whats the harm? What's the big deal?

Why So Serious? (ha, sorry)


Vince Neilstein said...

while i agree that this sucks, you can't cry bullshit. it IS illegal. doesn't matter if people want to "sample" or can't download the recordings... the site is enabling people to post copyrighted works that aren't theirs. and that's that.

These Seans said...

yeah, it's illegal, I get it.

However I think the law is outdated, as long as the site isn't allowing downloads I don't personally feel that it is a problem.

No one is going to carry around a laptop so they can have constant access to those new tunes on muxtape instead of buying or illegally downloading the album. All this is, is promotion, THAT"S a good thing.


Gerf what the hell do you think about this?

crustcake gerf said...

I think it's funny that you posted your first comment as 'crustcake' and your second one as 'theseseans.'

That's what I think.

Also, fuck the RIAA.

crustcake said...

yeah, that was not intentional. I was busy blogging on my personal blog about stupid stuff like "indie rock."


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