January 1, 2000

about crustcake

these seans
Publisher: Sean "these seans" Walsh

Sean was born in Philadelphia but at age six moved into the wilderness of Maine. After discovering that in Maine the only things to do were hunt, drink, rock out, and die, Sean took a liking to distorted guitars, loud drums, and vocals that sound like distorted guitars and loud drums.

An avid drinker, Sean will gladly drink whatever you'd like to buy him, and will never turn down a game of "Sorry." He now lives in Brooklyn where he has experienced far fewer near fatal experiences than when living in Maine.

van damned
Editor: Van "Van Damned" Darden

A native of the Republic of Texas, Van enjoys barbecue, blastbeats and beer, but not necessarily in that order. He currently resides in the Alamo City and can be found with stunning regularity headbanging the night away at any number of the city's garage-like heavy metal havens.

Van enjoys an occasional flip through the crates at Hogwild and believes there's no ailment that can't be cured with cheap Chorizo tacos and an ice-cold Pearl.

Andrew Wilhelm
Staff Writers: Andy "Andrew Wilhelm" O'Connor

Andy "Andrew Wilhelm" O'Connor is a writer currently living in McAllen, Texas. Originally from Galveston, Texas, he formerly served as a music journalist for The Daily Texas at The University of Texas. He credits Metallica and Slayer to thank for sparking his interest in metal and writing about music. In addition to music and writing, he is also an avid fan of craft beer, stand-up comedy, Kuma's Corner (from when he was living in Chicago), and art that may or may not be actually art. He hopes to have a New York Times bestseller one day, even if it has to be on a Kindle. Andy tweets about music, culture, food, and the absurd. According to him, he's well worth following.

Ill? Ya!
Ilya "Ill? Ya!" Blokh

It all started back in Moscow (the real one, not in Idaho). I went to return a broken Ace of Base tape, but the store was out of replacements, so they told me to pick up something else. One tape had a cool skull on it - turned out to be a "Best Of" by some band called Iron Maiden...

From Russia, by way of Alabama, Chicago and Japan, Ilya currently lives in Plaidsville, Brooklyn.

Chase Macabre
Chase "Chase Macabre" Macri

Chase lives in St. Louis, a city touring bands love to skip, though he grew up in Hampton, VA until moving to Illinois for college. Chase discovered metal the moment he discovered dropped D guitar tuning and hasn't looked back. Playing in all sorts of heavy bands since he was 15, it wasn't until his college newspaper needed Entertainment Writers that he discovered a penchant for writing about metal as well. Nowadays Chase writes for the St. Louis-focused music and culture monthly Eleven magazine, contributes to a few blogs, plays guitar in a few bands, and roasts coffee for a living. On top of writing, he also enjoys anything nerdy, professional football (Go Giants!), professional basketball (Go Thunder!), and being married. He also has a Twitter.

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