February 24, 2010


Leeches are total dicks, right? Whether they’re taking your blood, your money, or your High Life, nobody wants to be in the company of ‘em. Yet they still reproduce like fucking rabbits.

Austin thrashers Birth A.D. feel your pain, and to help you cope, they made a video for “Parasites Die.” In the tradition of bands like Fearless Iranians from Hell and Stormtroopers of Death, they’re un-P.C. and proud of it. In fact, speaking of S.O.D., the video was filmed at Austin club Headhunter’s, which Billy Milano owns. The song’s from their totally killer debut Stillbirth of a Nation, and if crossover’s your business, your business will be good.

Check out the video after the jump.

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November 22, 2010


Sunn O)))

More festival news to make you jealous! This time it’s about Roadburn, which we’ve salivated over like most men do over Christina Hendricks. If you thought they couldn’t rival last year…well, they did. Trust us.

Godflesh are playing Streetcleaner in its entirety. Swans are headlining one night. Candlemass will perform their classic debut Epicus Doomicus Metallicus as a whole, featuring original vocalist Johan Längquist. Buzzov*en will bring their reunited lineup to Europe. This is all mind-blowingly amazing, but take a breather before you read the next paragraph.

Like Neurosis and Tom G. Warrior before them, drone duo Sunn O))) will curate their own stage this year. Who did Greg and Stephen get to play for them? Oh, nobody major, just reunited doom/death lords Winter, the originators of drone Earth, Italian metal-fueled hardcore group The Secret, and our favorite Finnish doomsters, Hooded Menace, just to name a few.

Seriously, look at this line-up. Are there laws in the US that ban festivals this crushing?

Thursday, April 14th (Lineup Complete)

(performing Streetcleaner in its entirety, and in track order, including the Tiny Tears EP)
Soilent Green
Acid King
Blood Ceremony
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble
Count Raven
Today is the Day
Year of no Light
The Atomic Bitchwax
In Solitude
Quest For Fire
Carlton Melton

Friday, April 15th – Sunn O)))’s Curated Event at the 013 venue

Sunn O)))
Hooded Menace
Menace Ruine
Aluk Todolo
The Secret
Void Ov Voices

Friday, April 15th – Roadburn Festival – Midi Theatre

Incredible Hog
Pharaoh Overlord
Place of Skulls
Year of no Light (live soundtrack to CT Dreyer’s horror masterpiece Vampyr)

Saturday, April 16th (line up complete)

Candlemass (celebrating 25 years of doom, including “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus” in its entirety; featuring original vocalist Johan Längquist)
Yob (performing The Unreal Never Lived in its entirety)
Master Musicians of Bukkake
The Gates of Slumber
White Hills
Black Math Horseman
Lonely Kamel
Wolf People
Stone Axe
Imaad Wasif

Sunday, April 17th – Roadburn Afterburner – 013 Venue

Black Mountain
Dead meadow
Blood Farmers
Black Pyramid
Gomer Pyle

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Foeglitarian said…

holy jesus fucking christ on a stick, great zombie jesus. I could die a happy man if I attended this fest. i think i'm too high, there is no way this is happening

Disgrace said…

We are going to up at 4am on Saturday to get our tickets for this. Can't wait!

Carm said…

The Netherlands is heaven. Legal weed and prostitution, hot chicks, bike friendly streets, art and design destination, tasty deserts, and Roadburn? Holy shit, I wanna live there!


July 14, 2009



by Van Damned (ATX)

Along the Interstate 35 corridor in central Texas, curious, new gas stations are popping up as quickly as construction allows. This new breed of convenience store features all the usual amenities of six-lane, long-haul truckstops: gasoline, diesel, clean(ish) toilets, candy, soda, coffee, etc… but adds fast food to the mix. And not just a single-counter Subway or Wendy’s. No, these rest-stops-on-steroids feature a mall-sized array of fast food options. Like, we’re talking a KFC, a Taco Bell and a Pizza Hut or a Popeye’s, a Subway and a McDonald’s. It’s a well-executed, corporate-sponsored smorgasbord that ensures there’ll be something for everyone in the mini-van. I don’t know if they have these where you live, but believe me when I say the experience is both thoughtful and vaguely menacing at the same time.

Anyway, to make a long story short, Wednesday night is a lot like these mutant gas station/food court/truck stops: three different shows from three different, genre-defining acts but a guaranteed crowd-pleaser no matter what.

Make the jump for show info and more.

Wednesday, July 15
Option 1: While Morbid Angel, Decide, Obituary and the rest of the Morrisound gang were turning central Florida into ground zero for the early-90s U.S. death metal explosion, a few groups of death metal die-hards were quietly chug-chugging away in cities far to the north of the Sunshine State. Some, like Chicago’s Master and Philly’s Goreaphobia, maintained a small but dedicated following which, in the decades following their initial blood-soaked releases, has turned into full-blown cult worship. Both bands have reunited recently for the joint Slaves to Society tour – Goreaphobia’s first in 17 years – which hits Austin at Room 710. Interesting note: Cynic brainchild Paul Masvidal did guitar work for Master’s On the Seventh Day, God Created … Master. Local acts Sakrifex and Stragus open.

Option 2: Alongside Slint‘s Spiderland, Tortoise‘s Millions Now Living Will Never Die pretty much invented what we call post-rock today. Without those sprawling, moody, Kraut-laden records, your favorite soundscapists like Explosions in the Sky, This Will Destroy You and Godspeed You! Black Emperor might never have come together. While none of their post-Millions output reached the same critical or commercial peaks their 1996 opus did, Tortoise are back again and ready to post-rock the night away. Expect lots of new material from Beacons of Ancestorship, which hit shelves June 23.

Option 3:
Austin’s very own psychedelic godfather, Roky Erickson, turns 62 Wednesday night. Mr. 13th Floor Elevator himself will be at Antone’s to help host a birthday bash thrown in his honor. Everybody is glad to see the psych-rock pioneer return to the stage following decades of health problems and, following a handful of successful shows and an award-winning documentary made on his life, there’s continued hope for a full-on tour. Texas punks the Riverboat Gamblers and the Golden Boys open and the night is rumored to include a ton of surprise guests.

See? Lots of delicious choices.

Satuday, July 18
Looks like we’re in for a slow weekend, touring-show-wise, but Red 7 is hosting the local-strong Midsummer Metalfest. No cover for 21-and-up, $5 for the 18-to-20-year-olds. Show starts at 6 p.m. to accomodate the 15 bands slated to appear. If you go, be on the look out for Beyond Gods and Empires, easily the cream of this Austin-area crop.

Monday, July 20
But! Get ready to break out your denim jackets and bullet belts, ’cause hirstute heshers Skeletonwitch return to Austin hot off the heels of a rippin’ South by Southwest show in March. Oakland’s Saviours, touring in support of three seven-inch Kemado singles, and cake-approved grinders Trap Them open. You can bet Emo’s will sell some beer that night.

Crustcake Picks: ATX Shows 7/15 – 7/22

Wednesday, July 15

1) Master, Goreaphobia @ Room 710
2) Tortoise @ Mohawk
3) Roky Erickson’s Birthday Bash @ Antone’s

Saturday, July 18
– Midsummer Metalfest @ Red 7

Monday, July 20
– Skeletonwitch, Saviours, Trap Them, Pack of Wolves @ Emo’s

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Ash said…

I'm so pumped for Master & Goreaphobia!!


August 31, 2010


Black Anvil

Black Anvil are slowly releasing material from their upcoming full length Triumvirate. Today Metalsucks posted “Scalping” for stream. “Scalping” showcases Black Anvil’s black metal ferocity, but what makes this band special for me is their rhythmical strength and variety. “Scalping” has no shortage of blast beats, but never is the song tethered to the snare.

Triumvirate will be released September 28th, and is available for pre-order via Relapse Records.

Read more for Black Anvil’s upcoming tour info with Watain and Goatwhore.

Watian, Goatwhore and Black Anvil 2010 tour

Nov. 06 – Mr. Smalls – Pittsburgh, PA
Nov. 07 – Reggie’s – Chicago, IL
Nov. 08 – Station 4 – St. Paul, MN
Nov. 10 – Marquis Theatre – Denver, CO
Nov. 11 – Club Vegas – Salt Lake City, UT
Nov. 12 – Branx (Loveland) – Portland, OR
Nov. 13 – Studio Seven – Seattle, WA
Nov. 16 – Boardwalk – Orangevale, CA
Nov. 17 – DNA Lounge – San Francisco, CA
Nov. 18 – The Ruby Room – San Diego, CA
Nov. 19 – The Whiskey – Hollywood, CA
Nov. 20 – Clubhouse – Tempe, AZ
Nov. 21 – Club 101 – El Paso, TX
Nov. 22 – The Loft – Dallas, TX
Nov. 23 – Emo’s – Austin, TX
Nov. 24 – Numbers – Houston, TX
Nov. 27 – Back Booth – Orlando, FL
Nov. 29 – Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
Nov. 30 – Sonar – Baltimore, MD
Dec. 01 – Peabody’s – Cleveland, OH
Dec. 02 – Santo’s New York, NY *
Dec. 03 – Les FouFounes – Montreal, QC *
Dec. 04 – Opera House – Toronto, ON *

* = No Goatwhore

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August 27, 2010


The Atlas Moth - EP

Devotees of the ‘cake, you should already have plans to see Chicago bros The Atlas Moth this fall. They’ll be blazing their van with Nachtmystium, Zoroaster, and Dark Castle, the latter two of which our own Andrew Wilhelm reviewed a while back. Pretty sweet deal, right?

Well, there’s yet another reason not to miss this jamboree. The Atlas Moth will be releasing a digital covers EP, for which the download cards will be available to purchase exclusively on this tour. Entitled The One Amongst the Weed Fields, the quintet recorded their takes on The Mamas & The Papas‘ “California Dreamin’,” Faliure‘s “Golden,” Pink Floyd‘s “Fearless” and The Doors‘ “Five to One.” You can preview “Golden” here. “Fearless” will be interesting to hear – it’s a great, under-appreciated Floyd tune. No word yet if there will ever be a physical release, but the cover, pictured above, is worthy of a larger canvas.

Click below for when and where to catch the Moth on the road.

Sterogum/Haunting The Chapel Presents: Nachtmystium, Zoroaster, The Atlas Moth, Dark Castle

9/09/2010 Otto’s Nightclub – Dekalb, IL
9/10/2010 Magic Stick – Detroit, MI
9/11/2010 Lee’s Place – Toronto, ON
9/12/2010 La Sala Rose – Montreal, QC
9/13/2010 Mavericks – Ottawa, ON
9/15/2010 The Studio at Webster Hall – New York, NY
9/16/2010 Webster Underground – Hartford, CT
9/17/2010 Club Hell – Providence, RI
9/18/2010 Great Scott – Boston, MA
9/19/2010 Knitting Factory – Brooklyn, NY
9/21/2010 Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA
9/22/2010 Sonar – Baltimore, MD
9/23/2010 Hat Factory – Richmond, VA
9/24/2010 Kings – Raleigh, NC
9/25/2010 Ground Zero – Spartanburg, SC
9/26/2010 Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
9/27/2010 Hi Tone Caf̩ РMemphis, TN
9/28/2010 Fubar – St. Louis, MO
9/29/2010 The Riot Room – Kansas City, MO
10/1/2010 Mickey’s Finn Pub – Toledo, OH
10/2/2010 Reggie’s Rock Club – Chicago, IL

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Here’s the straight dope, folks: Torche got a new EP, Songs for Singles, coming out next month, and it rips. Singles leads off with “U.F.O.,” available for streaming over at Stereogum’s Haunting the Chapel. Has noted U.F.O. enthusiast and former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza been chillin’ with Steve Brooks and company? Are Torche coming forward with their love for “Coast to Coast?” Whatever the motive, the song is pure Torche: short, lightning fast, and peppy. Summer might be drawing down, but this song will keep the heat alive for just a little longer.

Also, Torche will be coming through your ‘hood in the fall. Most of the dates are with Kylesa and High on Fire, but they’ve got some headlining dates as well. Those shows, as well as a video of Torche playing “Grenades” at Chicago’s Wicker Park Fest a few weekends ago, after the jump.

Torche Fall Tour 2010

9/22 New Orleans, LA @ The Big Top Three Ring Circus #
9/23 Dallas, TX @ The Nightmare
9/24 Austin, TX @ Red 7
9/26 Scottsdale, AZ @ Martini Ranch
9/27 Los Angeles, CA @ Bootleg Theater $
9/29 San Francisco, CA @ Great American Music Hall %
9/30 Pomona, CA @ Glasshouse %
10/1 Flagstaff, AZ @ Orpheum Theatre %
10/2 Albuquerque, NM @ The Launchpad %
10/3 Denver, CO @ Bluebird Theater %
10/5 Minneapolis, MN @ Varsity Theatre %
10/6 Milwaukee, WI @ Turner Hall Ballroom %
10/8 Rock Island, IL @ Rock Island Brewing Company %
10/9 Urbana, IL @ Canopy Club %
10/10 Chicago, IL @ Metro (Riot Fest) %
10/11 Bloomington, IN @ Bluebird %
10/12 Columbus, OH @ The Summit ^
10/13 Newport, KY @ Historic Southgate House %
10/14 Detroit, MI @ Majestic Theatre %
10/15 Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop %
10/16 Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall %
10/17 Northhampton, MA @ Pearl Street %
10/19 Halifax, NS @ The Paragon Theatre (Halifax Pop Explosion) %
10/21 Portland, ME @ Port City Music Hall %
10/22 Providence, RI @ Club Hell %
10/23 Cambridge, MA @ Middle East %
10/24 New York, NY @ Webster Hall %
10/26 Philadelphia, PA @ Starlight Ballroom %
10/27 Carrboro, NC @ Cat’s Cradle %
10/29 Gainesville, FL @ Common Grounds (The Fest 9)

# = w/ HAARP
^ = w/ LO PAN

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August 26, 2010



I know I’m not the only one excited about the current state of American black metal. The past several years have been an exceedingly fertile time for its practitioners, who’ve released classic after genre-defining (and defying!) classic. One of USBM’s brightest stars, Philadelphia’s Woe are making their bid for A-list status with the Oct. 12 release of Quietly, Undramatically (Candlelight).

While the entire album is a complex monster of technical proficiency and grim atmospherics, Woe may have written the clear-eyed, progressive black metal anthem of the year with the title track, a feat alone worthy of recognition.

Don’t sleep on this album.

Art, track list and live date after the jump.

Woe - Quietly, Undramatically

Track listing for Quietly, Undramatically:

1. No Solitude
2. The Road From Recovery
3. Quietly, Undramatically
4. A Treatise on Control
5. Without Logic
6. Full Circle
7. Hatred is Our Heart

Woe will celebrate the release of Quietly with a free performance, along with labelmates Krieg, at Philadelphia’s Kung Fu Necktie (1248 North Front Street) on Oct. 28.

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Electric Wizard

Some of the most sought after vinyl this side of Deathlike Silence and Bathory’s yellow goat are the Rise Above Electric Wizard platters. These suckers generally go for embarrassingly high prices on eBay, a truth that’s hard to swallow for fans of The Heaviest Band in the World.

Luckily for us, Lee Dorian and Co. have decided to release a second pressing of the Dorset doom titans’ Witchcult Today on black, double-heavyweight vinyl. The audio on these beauts is “analogue cut direct from analogue studio tapes” and come with a folded insert in a non-gatefold sleeve.

Rise Above has plans to rerelease Dopethrone and Come My Fanatics as well, so fear not!

Make the jump for a look at this special “black” version and info on a special four-date tour run.

Electric Wizard - Witchcult Today Black Edition

Electric Wizard w/ Moss 2010 Tour:

Oct. 28, 2010 – Electric Ballroom, London
Oct. 29, 2010 – Nouveau Casino, Paris
Oct. 30, 2010 – Underground, Cologne, Ger.
Oct. 31, 2010 – Burgerweeshuis, Deventer, Neth.

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August 25, 2010


Fight Amp - Lose Lose Lose

Download: Fight Amp – “Thankless” [MP3]

Today we have an exclusive download for you from Philadelphia’s Fight Amp. The track “Thankless” comes from the upcoming three-way 12″ split Lose Lose Lose featuring two new songs from Fight Amp, Kowloon Walled City and Ladder Devils. The record will be available from Brutal Panda Records and is available for pre-order right here, right now. This release is limited to only 300 copies, so get your order in.

“Thankless” is an absolute powerhouse. Easily (and immediately) one of my favorite Fight Amp songs, strong bass heavy riffs drive the song through noise rock labels into an uptempo slug-fest. Grab some free downloads from Kowloon and Ladder Devils via Brooklyn Vegan right here.

Read more for tour dates of all the related acts.

Ladder Devils Tour Dates:

8/14 – Lansdale, PA @ Upstairs 3rd & Walnut *
10/1 – Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie #

* = w/ Person L
# = w/ Kowloon Walled City, Fight Amp, Batillus

Fight Amp Tour Routing:

8/25 – Columbus, OH
8/26 – Indianapolis, IN
8/27 – Chicago, IL #
8/28 – Milwaukee, WI #
8/29 – Minneapolis, MN #
8/30 – Kansas City, MO
8/31 – St Louis, MO
8/1 – Cincinatti, OH
8/2 – Harrisonburg, VA
10/1 – Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie *

# = w/ Coliseum, Burning Love
* = w/ Kowloon Walled City, Ladder Devils, Batillus

Kowloon Walled City Tour Dates:

9/18 – New York, NY @ Cake Shop #
9/19 – Boston, MA @ Great Scott $
9/20 – Providence , RI @ AS220
9/21 – Baltimore, MD @ Hexagon %
9/22 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Garfield Artworks ^
9/23 – Knoxville, TN @ The Pilot Light ^
9/24 – Atlanta, GA @ Eyedrum (Forward To The Apocalypse Fest)
9/25 РNew Orleans, LA @ Hey Caf̩ &
9/26 – Baton Rouge, LA @ TBA &
9/27 – Birmingham, AL @ Magic City Wholesale ^
9/28 – Charlotte, NC @ TBA ^
9/29 – Chapel Hill, NC @ The Reservoir ^
9/30 – Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter ^
10/1 – Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie *
10/2 – Brooklyn, NY @ Acheron @

# = w/ Riff Cannon
$ = w/ Disappearer, Riff Cannon
% = w/ Salome, Batillus
^ = w/ Batillus
& = w/ Batillus, Thou
* = w/ Fight Amp, Ladder Devils and Batillus
@ = w/ Batillus, Liturgy

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Every single Wednesday without fail, your hosts post a suitably stale video clip that we think needs to be revisited. Click here for more Crusty Clips. Got a clip you think we should post? Send it to

by Van Damned(TX)

Never has a more poignant or apt depiction of a song’s lyrics been committed to video than what YouTube user davepiewylfa uploaded for Down‘s “Lifer.” By splicing together footage of Todd Strange-era live shows, the four-and-a-half-minute clip is a literal (if virtual) mirror for a band who first released material more than 15 years ago. Minus the hefty Strange, Windstein, Keenan, Bower and Phil Anselmo are all seen thinner, sure, but also hungrier and meaner. These Southern sludge kings released a bona-fide classic with 1995′s NOLA and this anthem to dedication and livelihood sums up their entire M.O.

“I’m laughing right back at my health – lifelong. I’m a lifer.”

Are you?

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US Christmas

Appalachian psych metal collective U.S. Christmas is gearing up for the release of Run Thick in the Night, their fifth LP and the direct follow to 2008′s intergalactic overdriven Eat the Low Dogs. On this run, the North Carolina/Tennessee six-piece enlisted the help of producer par excellence Sanford Parker for the 13-track Night, their second full-length on Neurosis’ imprint, Neurot Recordings. Run Thick in the Night is out Sept. 20.

Gorgeous album art (by John Baizley protege Hush), track listing and upcoming live dates after the jump.

US Christmas - Run Thick In The Night

Run Thick in the Night track listing:

1. In The Night
2. Wolf On Anareta
3. Fire Is Sleeping
4. Fonta Flora
5. Ephraim In The Stars
6. The Leonids
7. Suzerain
8. Maran
9. The Quena
10. Deep Green
11. Devil’s Flower In Mother Winter
12. Mirror Glass
13. The Moon In Flesh And Bone

U.S. Christmas Live:
9/05/2010 Static Age Records – Asheville, NC w/ Body and Enoch
9/11/2010 Hopscotch Music Fest – Raleigh NC
9/16/2010 Legitimate Business – Greensboro, NC w/ Caltrop
9/17/2010 The Milestone – Charlotte, NC w/ Caltrop

Nate Hall – Guitars, Words, Vocals
Matt Johnson – Synthesizers, Guitars, Sounds
Chris Thomas – Guitars, Bass
BJ Graves – Drums
Justin Whitlow – Drums, Experimental Sounds
Josh Holt – Bass, Drones
Meghan Mulhearn – Violin

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August 24, 2010



Chris Black should be a household name. The Chicago metal musician is a true defender of the faith, having been involved in many projects centered around non-ironic worship of the old metal gods. High Spirits is catchy, no-bullshit rock n’ roll, Superchrist is like if Motorhead never left the pub (and they have a 7″ called Fuck Like a Priest – killer!), but Black’s pride and joy is Dawnbringer. Is it death metal? Is it NWOBHM? Is it progressive metal? Dawnbringer’s all that and more. They’ve sporadically released albums since the mid-90s, and on Sept. 21, Dawnbringer will break their four-year silence with Nucleus. Set to be released on the fantastic Profound Lore label, the album further proves Black’s commitment to riffs, hooks, and brutality. Denim and fucking leather, dudes!

Tracklisting after the jump (album art above).

Dawnbringer – Nucleus

1. So Much For Sleep
2. You Know Me
3. The Devil
4. Swing Hard
5. Cataract
6. Like An Earthquake
7. All I See
8. Old Wizard
9. Pendulum

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August 18, 2010


Your humble cake bakers are taking some much needed time off this week. Stay tuned for news about Electric Wizard reissues, kvlt killers Dawnbringer, recent Candlelight signees Woe, Appalachian Neurot heads U.S. Christmas and Cobalt dude Erik Wunder’s Man’s Gin — a whisky-soaked tribute to Nick Cave, Tom Waits and Charles Bukowski. Ay caramba!

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August 14, 2010


Masakari - The Prophet Feeds

Download: Masakari – “XVI Rapid Dominance” [M4A]

by Andrew Wilhelm (CHI)

Is Greg Anderson getting nostalgic for his days in Engine Kid? Based on Southern Lord’s recent signings, perhaps so. He’s almost got the market cornered on ripping, crusty, metallic hardcore — The Accüsed, Black Breath, The Secret,Trap Them‘s latest EP, Nails, and best of all, Cleveland’s Masakari. Their latest, The Prophet Feeds, wraps up in less than 28 minutes, but they don’t need a triple gatefold vinyl-running time to rage. Their influences are the usual suspects: His Hero is Gone, Discharge, and G.I.S.M., but rest assured, this isn’t an endless blockade of derivation. Masakari are relevant. A tome against conformity, Prophet urges listeners to think about the ways institutions and forces of power shape them. The barbs against organized religion, in particular, are the harshest from any band since Immolation‘s Close to a World Below. Meditative samples gives the album breath and highlights their message. The sheer badassery of the record is enough to convince you to spend more time with it.

I spoke with the band’s vocalist, Tony, on the lyrical themes of Prophet, pit bulls, and why LeBron James won’t decimate Cleveland.


Crustcake: First, could you give our readers a brief history of Masakari?

Tony: The band technically started in the summer of 2006. It was during this early period that we named the band and developed our first batch of songs (Only 3 members of the current line-up were in the band at the time). The turning point came when we asked Jon to join the band in 2008. That was the year we also decided to overhaul the songs and change our sound. If you have noticed our songs are labeled by order of being written. The first seven inch, Eden Compromised, included 4 out of the first 7 songs we wrote. The LP, however, was recorded as a four piece because we lost our bassist just before recording. Needing a bassist for our European tour we asked our friend Adam, who plays in Heartless with Joe, to fill in for us. Adam instantly clicked in the band and it seemed like the obvious choice to ask him to stay in the band. The Current line-up is Tony: Vocals, Greg: Guitar, Joe: Guitar, Adam: Bass, Jon: Drums.

Crustcake:How did you guys come into contact with Southern Lord? It seems Greg is releasing a lot more hardcore-oriented material lately.

Tony: Greg found us. He contacted Cory from Halo of Flies (Who released our EP and the vinyl of the LP). He was interested in the releases Halo of Flies had planned in the next year. This was around the time we were planning on going into the studio to record the LP. Greg had heard of us from the EP and was interested in being a part of the release. Since we originally had no plans to release a CD version, Greg offered to release the CD on Southern Lord. We never planned on doing a CD, our labels were planning only on the vinyl (Halo of Flies, Alerta Antifascista, Contraszt!, and Scarecrow) so it was a great opportunity to take with Southern Lord. We were pretty blown away that a label with Southern Lord’s reputation would want to work with us. Since then, Greg and everyone at Southern Lord have been nothing but the best. We couldn’t be any happier with our experiences with Southern Lord, and we look forward to the next release with them.

Crustcake: What was the recording and songwriting process like for the record?

Tony: We record at Mars Studio with Bill Korecky who has recorded bands like Catharsis, Integrity, Ringworm, and 9 Shocks Terror. He is a staple in punk/hardcore history, especially in Cleveland. The recording process is actually a fairly relaxed environment; we have yet to have anything less than a great experience. We record mostly live track, although it was hard to do for this record because of only being a four piece. As for the songwriting process, we all contribute to writing the album. It usually stems from a riff, or a series of riffs that one person has written and then as a band we reposition, and add on until the song is complete. I don’t think there is one song that has been completely written by one member.

Crustcake: The record is a short sharp shock at under 28 minutes. Why did you guys keep it lean and mean?

Tony: Our LP has nine songs and an outro, and although our songs are shorter than some may be used to the substance is not lacking. It’s almost perfect time-wise because it is just slightly longer than our live set. We wanted to still provide that live energy when people listen to the album. We would rather release an album that is short and interesting throughout.

Crustcake: In “Rapid Dominance” the first line, “the TV screen is painted red tonight,” is quite vivid. As someone who studies how the media works, I am curious as what your thoughts on how TV partions out information.

Tony: In America, the media can be seen as a medium for the culture of fear. There is a careful omission of the news, an oversimplification of events, and a distortion of factual information. All of the information is portioned out to sustain our fears (of the enemy, of ourselves, etc). Fear seems to be the easiest way to create drones for control. Blatant lies are told over and over until they become truths that support a platform. People must use propaganda to create presumptions and what better way than through the Television, where the average American watches two months (non-stop) of TV per year.

Crustcake: You guys have a strong anti-dogfighting stance, given the intro to “Pain Conceived as Tool” and the link to Pitbull Lovers Against Dogfighting on your myspace. How is this stance important to you? Is the song specifically anti-dogfighting?

Tony: I will preface this by saying that both Greg and I are proud pit bull owners and that they are directly affected by the ignorance of dog owners today. The song is actually about Breed Specific Legislation, which restricts (and sometimes bans) certain types of dogs based on the perception of being “vicious” or “dangerous” breeds without regard to behavior. It is proven that these laws do not improve safety and in turn it imparts a false sense of security. The view of the pit bull has been distorted immensely by the media, especially since the Michael Vick event. Unfit owners see these dogs as fighters or guard dogs so they are “trained” that way. This usually involves mistreatment of the animals and abuse of the loyalty of the breed (which does include dog fighting). The targets should be moved away from the breed and onto the behavior and therefore the owners. The goal of the song is to show that it’s the perceptions of the people that are truly vicious, not the dog.

Crustcake: Throughout the album, a lot of the lyrics seem to be concerned with the imprisonment of the will and how institutions impose conformity. What influenced the lyrical direction of the record?

Tony: The goal for this album was to bring about these exact issues in our society; to hopefully make people think about their situations in relation to the lyrical content. It seems that as long as humanity is given freedom there’s always this consistent anxiety that one must quickly find someone new to follow or worship. It’s almost like we willingly submit to our oppressors in our everyday society. The humane goals of these institutions are to bring about a free and happy life yet we are unable to acquire this through their laws, regulations, prejudices, and ignorance. In fact this only creates a duality among us to play against one another. Like the capitalistic system, the institutions are showing their structures are rotten. The force of law is the only means to keep these arcane institutional practices alive, so conformity or forced obedience (the primary purpose of police, for instance is to protect and serve the interest of its ruling class) is a necessity.

Crustcake: “Echoes” seems to be a calling to rise up against such dominating forces. What went into that song?

Tony: An individual is indoctrinated by his or her culture; he/she inherits the practices and ruling metaphors of the moment in history. Masters and gods are therefore passed on into our society; parables that support moral value support law. We are expected to follow the system we are brought up into and these are told to us over and over without question. We should step back to realize that the gods, laws, and moral judgments are only valid if you accept or create them. The song asks for the audience to contemplate and question everything that we accept. Think for yourself.

Crustcake: The album art contains some barbs against Christianity, such as the insert where man evolves and then regresses back into an ape via the Bible and the crucifix. Who did the artwork for the album? What led to these images being used?

Tony: Sugi, a legend in the world of Japanese hardcore record art, designed our entire album layout. He has designed artwork for bands like Warhead, Deathside, and Selfish. The cover to us represents the institutionalization of fear and obedience (the man in the cover is blindfolded therefore reliant on someones lead). The back of the album is supposed to be everything that the man should (is told to) ignore: so the violence of war, corruption, etc. The inside of the album represents de-evolution of humanity; that the modern species have lost the complexity that human beings once had due to religious indoctrination (and they return to the antiquity of their ancestors).

Crustcake: Richard Dawkins thinks the pope should be arrested. Should he?

Tony: The entire Vatican nation should be dethroned and dealt with in the same inhuman ways that they deal with others.

Crustcake: Where did the clip from the outro come from? How did it become the centerpiece of the song?

Tony:It is from the Winter Soldier testimony in March of 2008 (Iraq Veterans Against War). Over 20 veterans spoke at this event over numerous topics related to the Iraq Afghanistan War. The sound clip we used was taken from Mike Prysner who spoke about the racism used in the military to dehumanize the “enemy”. He had many powerful things to say about the Military-Industrial Complex and its need for hatred in war.

Crustcake: The structure of the outro is interesting, starting softly then going extreme and ending with noise. It gradually builds into something bigger and bigger, reminding me of Converge‘s “Jane Doe.” How did the direction of the song come about?

Tony: It began as a riff that Joe wrote. It really didn’t fit our sound but we decided it could work as a outro. We completely structured it in our heads and decided that we wanted to have it exploded to noise. For this we brought our friend who works on a noise project (arsonist’s prayer). The song was hardly practiced as it was kind of difficult to do so. The song mostly unfolded in the studio.

Crustcake: Overall, I think the samples used in the record are effective and almost meditative, instead of the usual “Random movie clip-BLASTING NOSE” formula some bands use. What do you guys look for in samples to use in songs?

Tony: We decide to use a clip only when it fit the message of the song. We didn’t want to force anything because then the clips become redundant in a way. Deciding on sound clips actually is an intensive process because we have to find the perfect length and message.

Crustcake: Has living in Cleveland influenced Masakari in any way?

Tony: Cleveland has had an amazing punk and hardcore scene for years. Growing up with so many great bands has definitely had a positive influence on us. Our scene is small but dedicated.

Crustcake: Will the departure of Lebron James really destroy Cleveland, or will the city persevere?

Tony: Lebron leaving almost shows how pathetic Cleveland can be. Just recently a man was thrown out of a baseball game for his safety because he was wearing a Lebron Heat jersey. People take sports too seriously. Cleveland has been through much worse, this should only hurt Cleveland’s collective ego. His bloated ego, that Cleveland has allowed him to have, has only backfired on the city. His presence has not vastly improved our city and it won’t vastly hurt it either.

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August 13, 2010



When: Tuesday, July 6, 2010
Where: Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL
With: Black Tusk, Dark Castle

by Andrew Wilhelm (CHI)

This was my fourth time seeing Zoroaster, which pretty much confirms that I am a volume slut. You do not know what loud is until you’ve seen these guys roast your synapses. The Atlanta trio also brought the Durrrty South to Chicago by bringing along fellow Georgians Black Tusk and Floridians Dark Castle. All we needed left was a big pot of grits and tubs of purple drank.

Draped up and dripped out, know what I’m talkin’ bout?

Dark Castle

As I’ve gushed before about Black Cobra, I am a fan of bands who make the most out of minimal personell. Dark Castle is another one of those bands. Guitarist/vocalist Stevie Floyd and drummer Rob Shaffer cranked out a half hour of hazy, psychedelic sludge. There are hints at boogie, but overall, the music lives up to their name sake: foreboding and sturdy. Despite the differences in pace, like Black Cobra, they don’t overstay their welcome. For the last song, Chloe Puke from Crustcake favs Atakke, who was also doing merch for Black Tusk, doubled the vocal assault. I could hear her clearer than Floyd! That’s especially an achievement with a sound as bass-heavy as Dark Castle’s. I spoke to Puke a bit after the show, and while Black Tusk did not have any fatboy-size shirts (a band’s need to sell merch is more important than my need to work out), she did inform me that Atakke may be hitting up Chicago in the fall. Schwing!

Black Tusk

Compared to the other two bands on the bill’s taste for sludge, Black Tusk sound like Lynyrd Skynyrd on a thrash bender. These dudes put the Southern in Southern Comfort, thrashing out songs where the riffs in one of em equaled the amount of riffs total from the other, doomier bands. A little twang there, a little speed here, a whole lotta attitude everywhere. They also appear to have a lot of fun on stage, guitar-sword brandishing and grins aplenty. The band that drinks and tatts together, stays together.


I will need hearing aids at 28 (I’m a couple weeks shy of 23, FYI) after witnessing Zoroaster. My mantra in metal, and in life since metal is my life, is that you should do anything by halves. Furthermore, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing. Zoroaster were preachin’ it, brotha! TESTIFY! And I’m not saying that cause they played our party back in March. Zoroaster are not just about volume, they’ve also got groove to back up their top-shelf rig. “Ancient Ones,” off Zoroaster’s new record Matador, combined the band’s tried-and-true plod with a speed run every often. They’re playing more than two chords a minute here? Well, I’ll be. “Bullwhip,” a staple of Zoroaster’s set – yes, I’ve dug through the feedback to know what constitutes as a “staple” for them – sounds like something Black Tusk would play had they had their hands on Zoroaster’s gear. Their stage lighting resembled David Lynch taking over a Syd Barrett fronted Pink Floyd‘s live show. It was bright and warm, but also dark and menacing. Disorienting at times, but the crowd and the band held up. Finishing the night “Spirit Molecule,” and Floyd came back on to belt out backing howls. I still wonder, though, what is with bassist/vocalist Brent Anderson’s reverse-Lemmy hunchback pose. He’s ignored some medical advice in favor of the audience, I am certain.

The day after, I caught friend of the ‘Cake Carm at the Landmine Marathon show at Ronny’s. When I informed him that it was a loud show, he was astonished. “It was loud at the Bottle?” Zoroaster can make anywhere loud. Th’ south will rise again!

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August 10, 2010


High On Fire, Torche, Kylesa

So three of our absolute favorite bands are touring together this fall, raising our collective excitement level for the aptly-named “Sanctioned Annihilation” tour to meteoric levels. Seriously, if you’ve spent any time whatsoever on this site, you know how stoked we are on this tour. [Publisher’s Note: Not to mention that a second NYC date has been added for Sleep in September!!]

Make the jump for tour dates.

High on Fire w/ Torche & Kylesa – “Sanctioned Annihilation” tour:

September 29 – San Francisco, CA: Great American Music Hall #
September 30 – Pomona, CA: Glasshouse #
October 1 – Flagstaff, AZ: Orpheum Theatre #
October 2 – Albuquerque, NM: The Launchpad #
October 3 – Denver, CO: Bluebird Theater #
October 5 – Minneapolis, MN: Varsity Theatre #
October 6 – Milwaukee, WI: Turner Hall Ballroom #
October 8 – Rock Island, IL: Rock Island Brewing Company #
October 9 – Urbana, IL: Canopy Club #
October 10 – Chicago, IL: Metro (*2010 Riot Festival)
October 11 – Bloomington, IN: Bluebird #
October 13 – Covington, KY: Historic Southgate House #
October 14 – Detroit, MI: Majestic Theatre #
October 15 – Cleveland, OH: Grog Shop #
October 16 – Rochester, NY: Water Street #
October 17 – Northampton, MA: Pearl Street #
October 19 – Halifax, NS: The Paragon Theatre (*2010 Halifax Pop Explosion)
October 21 – Portland, ME: Port City Music Hall #
October 22 – Providence, RI: Club Hell #
October 23 – Boston, MA: Middle East Downstairs #
October 24 – New York, NY: Webster Hall #
October 26 – Philadelphia, PA: Starlite Ballroom #
October 27 – Carrboro, NC: Cat’s Cradle #
October 29 – Gainesville, FL: Common Ground (*2010 Ye Old Fest)
November 7 – Austin, TX: Waterloo Park (*2010 Fun Fun Fun Fest)

(# = features support from Torche, Kylesa)
(% = features support from Kylesa)
(+ = features support from Kylesa, Municipal Waste)

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August 9, 2010



Defeatist typically only treat NYC to their absurdly consistent top quality grind, but in just a few short days they will hit the road with Triac and Curandera for some East Coast shows.

If you haven’t picked up their latest full length Sixth Extinction, do so immediately. Do so here. I have good info that a vinyl pressing is coming…

Tour dates after the jump.

Upcoming 2010 Defeatist shows

Aug 13 @ St Stevens Church w/Triac, Curandera, Lotus Fucker, Devour Washington, DC
Aug 14 @ Strange Matter w/Tombs, Triac, Curandera Richmond, VA
Aug 15 w/Triac & Curandera Philadelphia, PA
Sep 3 @ Secret Art Space w/Shitstorm Bethlehem, PA
Sep 4 @ Cake Shop w/ Black Army Jacket NYC, NY
Oct 9 @ AS220 w/Hellbastard Providence, RI
Oct 10 @ Geat Scott w/ Hellbastard Allston, MA

Defeatist are only doing the shows noted above, they could not do the full tour listed below.

Defeatist, Triac, Curandera Tour

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Live fuckin’ Slaughter Strike video.

We interviewed them, they rule, full length coming via Profound Lore. Slaughter Strike also have a new EP entitled At Life’s End coming out on Cyclopean Records, which is available for a limited pre-order now. Make the jump for At Life’s End cover art.

Slaughter Strike - At Life's End

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In “Freshly Baked,” we feature promising young bands or bands that are otherwise lacking the attention we think they deserve.

Download: Mindless – “Live Burial”[MP3]

By The WZAd (ATX)

Mindless is a hardcore band from Austin, Texas, that features Faiza Kracheni, former vocalist for power violence band Hatred Surge. Featuring a belching, sludgy guitar tone, quick tempo-changes and Kracheni’s outraged vocals, the band brings a certain brutality to fast hardcore that hasn’t been seen since the original power violence movement in California.

I sat down and interviewed Faiza shortly after her performance with The Bastard Noise and departure from Hatred Surge. We talked about Mindless, leaving Hatred Surge, the Internet and the changing face of punk.

Crustcake: How did Mindless form?

Faiza Kracheni: Mindless formed in late 2008. Bryan, the guitar player, and I were in a band called Faithealer. We didn’t actually break up as a band, we just kind of stopped playing and I said, “I want to do something faster, more straightforward.”

So we started writing songs and Ariel [drummer] just moved to Austin and he was going to college here. I knew him because Faithealer played with his old band in Houston called Humanicide. Eric [bass player] I knew from just going to shows, he’s from Austin. So we just started practicing and recorded that demo and our friend Dan who runs Financial Ruin Records said, “Hey, I’ll release your demo,” and we said, “Hey, cool!”

Crustcake: Would you call yourselves a power violence band?

Kracheni: No, I don’t think I would call us a power violence band. I mean, I’m kind of picky when it comes to that term. I think it’s really loosely used to describe bands now, and I think that very few bands “get” what power violence is. It’s cool that people lump us in that category but I think we’re more of a fast hardcore band.

Crustcake: What bands would you consider “real power violence” today?

Kracheni: Well, I definitely think there are bands that take that sound and mold it into their own, such as Hatred Surge and The Endless Blockade. But noone will sound like the bands of that era so it’s kind of hard to say.

Crustcake: When along the history of Mindless did you join Hatred Surge?

Kracheni: I joined Hatred surge in late 2007. At that point, it was still just Alex [Hughes] just doing Hatred Surge by himself and having people come in and play stuff. We played very few shows, like Chaos in Tejas, but we didn’t tour or anything at that point. So that was about a year before Mindless.

Crustcake: So now you’re not in Hatred Surge anymore. Are you bummed about it?

Kracheni: It was really fun. It was awesome. I loved being in that band. I still love that band. I hope they do really cool things. I’m not bummed — I’m glad that I got to be a part of it and record those three records. I wish them all the best.

Crustcake: So with you not in Hatred Surge, are you going to be focusing a lot more on Mindless?

Kracheni: Yeah, I’m going to be focusing on Mindless. I want to start some new projects and I’m recording with some friends’ bands. We’re also talking about doing vocals on the next Bastard Noise record, but we’re not 100 percent sure about the logistics of everything yet. [As for Mindless,] we’re working on writing some new records right now. But I’m also going to leave some room to start other projects I’ve been wanting to do.

Crustcake: When do you think y’all will have another release come out?

Kracheni: We definitely have enough songs to have another release. We just recorded that 7-inch with Ariel and took it to this really awesome studio called the Bubble, so we might do that again. We’re thinking about doing another split with a band but we’re not sure what band we want to ask or what band would be down. We’re just trying to record the songs and we’ll go from there.

Crustcake: In terms of subject matter, what inspired the lyrical content on the demo?

Kracheni: Today you can just stalk a band with the Internet, but at the same time it kind of takes away the excitement of “Hey dude, check out this new band,” because everybody hears everything and everybody’s a critic. It’s kind of frustrating at times because people are judgmental and they don’t realize that it isn’t just background music. They forget that it’s punk and that people in these bands are giving it their all, writing lyrics they connect with and music they enjoy, just to be picked apart on somebody’s blog in Utah or something. I think that’s what the demo was about. At that point in time I was just deconstructing things in my head and was really frustrated.

Crustcake: You’ve (said before) that you’ve seen punk culture change even in the last four years. Where do you see it going?

Kracheni: I don’t know. I feel like people who aren’t necessarily “punk” post about punk on the Internet and pick apart people in bands and talk about their appearance and stuff. I’m sure that stuff existed before message boards were so prominent, but it’s just there to see, everybody’s opinion. I think it’s weird that we can do that now. It doesn’t seem natural. You should be able to listen to a band and enjoy it and talk about it with your friends, but the whole world doesn’t need to see what you think. What are you getting out of it? Truly, what is your goal?

Crustcake: Maybe self-vindication? Like, “Somebody agrees with me!”

Kracheni: Exactly. Which is stupid.

[The Wza’d: Y’all can pick up Mindless’s latest 7″, Human Conditioning, via RSR. Do it.]

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August 7, 2010



Tonight I wake from my graveyard shift induced mid-day slumber a few hours early. While working such a shift has severely cut down on the number of shows I’ve attended, tonight’s show is quite literally a “get out of bed early and get your ass moving” kind of show. Fuck The Facts descend from their – anything north of NYC’s humidity must be awesome – winter wonderland (Canada) and are bringing with them some serious grind for your mind. Magrudergrind (who put out one of my all time favorite grind records in Magrudergrind) and NYC’s (should be legends) Defeatist will whip tonight’s tightly packed crowd (seriously, it’s at the cake shop, if you aren’t up front, where are you?) into a frenzy.

While not grind, it would be a mistake to over look the late additions to this show: Atakke. The thrash-punk side of Robert and Sam from Mutant Supremacy has all the attitude and fury to match up on this show.

I’m getting up early and going to work directly after this show. You have no excuse. See you there.

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August 6, 2010



The Melvins
When: Friday, June 25, 2010
Where: Double Door, Chicago, IL
With: Totimoshi

by Andrew Wilhelm (CHI)

My trilogy o’ My War concludes with perhaps the most significant band to take inspiration from the album: the Melvins. Greg Ginn asked “How slow can you go?” and the Melvins responded with “Boris.” Given the Melvins’ penchant for doing whatever the hell they want and (mostly) succeeding, you could say they took some spiritual nods from The Process of Weeding Out, too. Guitarist and vocalist Buzz “King Buzzo” Osbourne, drummer Dale Crover, and whoever the hell’s playing bass with them this time have only answered to themselves in their two-decade career. When you’ve had Lustmord, Leif Garrett, Hank III and Jello Biafra as past collaborators, “idiosyncratic” is the only appropriate word.

Sadly, I did not make it in time for the Wiffle ball match, between the Melvins and the Double Door staff, though I have heard since it was nothing short of epic. It must have been an endurance match for sure — the Double Door was sweltering when I arrived. I used to live in Houston. I know what I’m talking about when it comes to heat.


From the sweat arose Los Angeles trio Totimoshi. Playing a desert-style form of stoner rock, with some Latin elements mixed in, they had a lot to go up against. People were hot and wanting the Melvins. Totimoshi managed to quell the crowd and rock out for about 45 minutes. Some of the intricacies on record didn’t come through live, but they still came off as competent and professional. Drummer Chris Fugitt was using half of the double kit used by Crover and the Melvins’ second drummer, Coady Willis, and guitarist/vocalist Antonio Aguilar and bassist Meg Castellanos were seperated to each end of the stage. The isolation of the band members onstage made for a strange vibe. A stopgap until the Melvins came on, but not a bad performance overall.


When the Melvins got up on stage, I was initially concerned that Osbourne and bassist Jared Warren were going to roast in their robes. The robes themselves hearkened to Sun Ra, who, like the Melvins, was deadly serious about music, but also couldn’t resist a comic presentation. Osbourne and his merry men began the set with “Sacrifice,” a Flipper cover that appears on the Lysol/Self-titled record. This set the tone for their first set of the night, the freakier, less heavy but no less awesome side of the Melvins. “Civilized Worm,” from A Senile Animal, was a highlight from this portion of the set, which Osbourne used to show off his vocal range — not in the traditional King Diamond sense of low to hi-i-i-igh, but more in terms of mood. He’s got his signature primal yell, but for softer songs, he speaks eerily hushed, as if he’s calming a child he’s about to skin. He also harmonizes fairly well with the other band members. When Osbourne wasn’t singing, he kept away from the mic, not speaking to the crowd the whole night. I do love me some witty Buzzo banter, but I respect his choice to focus on the music.


The second set focused on the “metal” side of the Melvins. Here is where the duo of Crover and Willis really started to show that two heads are better than one. While it’s technically impossible for two people to play a pattern at the exact same time, Crover and Willis seemingly predicted each other’s movements and followed through in nearly perfect, thunderous sync. For a track such as “The Talking Horse,” also from Senile, every hit, from the fills to the basic snare patterns, amplified the band as a whole. “AMAZON,” from The Maggot, allowed the band to show off their Amphetamine Reptile pride. In the middle of the second set, the crew locked into a drone, colored by occasional blasts of energy from the drumming duo. There was humming in the background too, and at first I thought, “Is this ‘Hung Bunny?’” And once the tribal drumming set in, I thought, “HOLY FUCKING SHIT. IT IS ‘HUNG BUNNY.’” Now, for those of you have not heard “Hung Bunny” and “Roman Dog Bird,” the first two tracks from Lysol, find that album immediately, and CRANK THE VOLUME AS LOUD AS YOU FUCKING CAN, for it is the heaviest 18 minutes of the Melvins. And trust me, it was even heavier live, if you can imagine that. I was in rapture, in trance. The sweltering heat had been banished for those 18 minutes of pure, 200-proof doom. The synchronized workmanlike pound, the molten sludge, the shaman-esque chanting — it was too heavy. The whole band was extra focused, Osbourne in particular handling his guitar like he was telling it, “This riff MUST be heavier than the last.”


Following that seance was their cover of The Who‘s “My Generation,” dragged through murk and black matter. “Hope I die before I get old” is now even more ironic than before — The Who themselves sounded tired and irrelevant performing at the Super Bowl, yet The Melvins can still draw and quarter bands a third their age. It also made for a nice comedown from the quasi-religious experience of “Bunny” and “Bird.” “Lovely Butterfly” ended the set, resulting in an epic drum jam and then Warren leading a last-minute feedback-improv session. Set staples “Honey Bucket” and “With Teeth” did not make an appearance. But really, the set could have been most of Colossus of Destiny with “Bunny” and “Bird” thrown in and I would have came out saying “That was fucking amazing.” The Melvins gave me more than that though, and this was easily one of the best performances of the year. Having last caught them on the Silver Anniversary tour (which was great in its own right), I can finally appreciate what wrath the four-piece incarnation of the Melvins can do. They have come a long way from being “one of Kurt’s favs.” Music this moving stands on its own, famous fans be damned.

The only thing nearly as good that night was a Brian Walsby-designed poster being sold, depicting music’s two most famous straight edgers — Ian MacKaye and Ted fuckin’ Nugent — doing a show together to show true SxE brotherhood.

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Fuck the what!? While Eyehategod technically never left us, we thought for sure that legendary sludge band Buzzov*en was gone for good. Not so! The band of miscreants is back together again, and they’re touring the US. Not only that, but word is that their unreleased album Revelation: Sick Again is to finally be released on Hydra Head after almost a full decade.

The band’s lineup will include Weedeater bassist Dave “Dixie” Collins, drummer Ramzi, and of course the Reverend Dirtkicker Kirk Lloyd. But the good news doesn’t stop there: the band is going to record and release a new album in 2011. That’s right, two “new” Buzzov-en albums.

For details on dates and a video of Buzzov-en on Jerry Springer, click below.


September 25 Charlotte, NC Tremont Music Hall #
September 29 Chicago, IL Reggie’s Rock Club
September 30 New York, NY Rocks Off Concert Cruise Aboard the Temptress #
October 1 Baltimore, MD Ottobar #
October 2 Austin, TX Emo’s

# = W/ Black Tusk

Jerry Springer-Ramzi, Kirk, Lori, & Jennifer

☠ Bordeaux Bootleg ☠© | MySpace Video

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August 5, 2010


Black Anvil

NY black metal bruisers Black Anvil are prepping for a monster third and fourth quarter. Not only is the Brooklyn trio prepping the Sept. 28 release of Triumverate (preorder, Relapse), their follow-up to 2009′s punishing Time Insults the Mind, but they’ve also secured an opening slot on Watain and Behemoth‘s “The Lawless States of Heretika” tour. Fellow ‘cake favorites Withered will share opening duties.

Triumverate cover art and Heretika tour dates after the jump.

Black AnvilTriumverate

Black Anvil - Triumverate

The Lawless States of Heretika -
Behemoth and Watain with Withered and Black Anvil:

Black Anvil - Heretika Tour

11/3/2010 Imperial – Quebec City [NO WATAIN OR BLACK ANVIL ON THIS DATE]
11/4/2010 Club Soda – Montreal, QC
11/5/2010 Opera House – Toronto, ON
11/6/2010 Mr. Smalls – Pittsburgh, PA
11/7/2010 Bottom Lounge – Chicago, IL
11/8/2010 Station Four – Minneapolis, MN
11/9/2010 Granada Theatre – Lawrence, KS
11/10/2010 Marquis Theatre – Denver, CO
11/12/2010 Hawthorne Theater – Portland, OR
11/13/2010 El Corazon – Seattle, WA
11/14/2010 Rickshaw – Vancouver, BC
11/16/2010 Boardwalk – Sacramento, CA
11/17/2010 Slims – San Francisco, CA
11/18/2010 House of Blues – Los Angeles, CA
11/19/2010 Ramona Main Stage – San Diego, CA
11/20/2010 Marquee Theatre – Phoenix, AZ
11/21/2010 Sunshine Theater – Albuquerque, NM
11/22/2010 Palladium Showroom – Dallas, TX
11/23/2010 Warehouse Live – Houston, TX
11/24/2010 White Rabbit – San Antonio, TX
11/26/2010 Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
11/27/2010 Revolution – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
11/28/2010 Club @ Firestone – Orlando, FL
11/30/2010 Jaxx – West Springfield, VA
12/1/2010 Peabody’s – Cleveland, OH
12/2/2010 Irving Plaza – New York, NY
12/3/2010 Trocadero Theatre – Philadelphia, PA
12/4/2010 Toad’s Place – New Haven, CT

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August 4, 2010


Every single Wednesday without fail, your hosts post a suitably stale video clip that we think needs to be revisited. Click here for more Crusty Clips. Got a clip you think we should post? Send it to

by Andrew Wilhelm (CHI)

I recently had some bros (and a broette) up in town for Pitchfork fest. They creamed themselves over Pavement‘s big reunion, but Stephen Malkmus couldn’t make anything as heavy as our favorite Japanese band, Boris. The trio have always been popular with the indie set, and if the cross-fanbase hype got kids to ditch Black Lips for Black Sabbath, nothing’s wrong there.

Below is a performance of “Pink” from the 2008 edition of Pitchfork fest. The smoke and gong may be seen as a satirical throwback to the excesses of 70′s rock, but Boris know you gotta go all in if you wanna break some skulls. Gotta love Atuso’s Lil’ Jon-esque “Woos” and “Yeahs” every now and then, too. After the video are the remaining dates for Boris’ current North American tour. Sadly, I heard from a friend who went to the Austin date recently that Takeshi has ditched his badass Steinberger double-neck guitar/bass.

Boris North American Tour 2010

8/04 Starlight Ballroom – Philadelphia, PA
8/06 Music Hall of Williamsburg – Brooklyn, NY
8/07 The Middle East – Cambridge, MA
8/08 Le Tulipe – Montreal, QC
8/09 Lee’s Place – Toronto, ON
8/10 Magic Stick – Detroit, MI
8/11 Southgate House – Newport, KY
8/13 Metro – Chicago, IL
8/14 Firebird – St. Louis, MO
8/15 Granada Theatre – Lawrence, KS
8/16 Marquis Theater – Denver, CO
8/17 Urban Lounge – Salt Lake City, UT
8/19 Republik – Calgary, AB
8/20 The Starlite – Edmonton, AB
8/22 Rickshaw Theater – Vancouver, BC
8/23 Neumo’s – Seattle, WA
8/24 Hawthorne Theatre – Portland, OR
8/26 Great American Music Hall – San Francisco, CA
8/27 El Rey – Los Angeles, CA
8/28 The Glass House – Pomona, CA
9/05 Kutsher’s Country Club – Monticello, NY @ ATP Fest – “Altar set” w/ SUNN O)))

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U.S. black metal co-progenitor Krieg (née N. Imperial, née Neill Jameson) recently signed to Candlelight, a move — premeditated or not — that works as a not-so-subtle “Fuck you” to the hordes of sticky-fingered basement dwellers who’ve cried false at his recent stabs at quasi-mainstream legitimacy. That Candlelight distributes product far outside standard (at least for kvltish USBM nerds) limited-CDR/tape trading circles should be enough to cement his expulsion from the tr00. But there’s a reason Imperial’s been able to keep the Krieg banner flying nigh on these 15 years: He’s damn good at what he does. And if the mouth-breathers can’t hang, I say fuck ‘em.

Krieg’s newest long player, The Isolationist, will be released Oct. 26. Recorded in Chicago at Sanford Parker’s Volume Studios, the album features Wrest on bass, Noctuary’s Joseph Van Fossen on guitar and fellow Candlelight-er Chris Grigg (Woe) on drums.

Make the jump for a peek at artwork and track listing.

Krieg - The Isolationist
The Isolationist:

1. No Future
2. Photographs from an Asylum
3. All Paths to God
4. Ambergeist
5. Depakote
6. Religion III
7. Blue of Noon
8. Decaying Inhalations
9. An the Stars Fell On
10. Remission
11. Dead Windows

Krieg Live:

Sept. 4 – Clifton, NJ w/ Profanatica, Nightbringer, more
Oct. 23 – Spartanburg, SC – Samhain Black Metal Fest II w/Black Witchery, more
Oct. 28 – Philadelphia w/ Woe, free show (both bands record release)
Oct. 29 – Providence, RI w/ Woe, Dead Times & Sewer Goddess
Oct. 30&31 – TBA

You can snag an official Krieg “No Future” shirt here.

And for those of you keeping count, Krieg has released something like 30 or 40 separate albums, splits, singles, tapes, EPs, CDs, DVDs and CDRs. If that wasn’t enough, dude spends time in or with Twilight, N.I.L., March into the Sea, The Royal Arch Blaspheme (with Profanatica’s John Gelso) and Judas Iscariot. Boo yah.

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The Secret

Southern Lord‘s newest signees, The Secret, follow in the wake of a stunning number of non-drone/doom acts picked up in recent months. Given The Lord’s recent track record, it should come as no surprise: the Italian four-piece expertly navigates the ugly, black waters of filthy hardcore, dirt-streaked politi-crust and punishing grind. Their new record, Solve Et Coagula, was recorded at Kurt Ballou’s Godcity Studios and is out Sept. 28.

Make the jump for track listing and peek at ‘cake friend Justin Bartlett’s typically cryptic art.

The Secret

Solve Et Coagula:
1. Cross Builder
2. Death Alive
3. Double Slaughter
4. Where It Ends
5. Antitalian
6. Weatherman
7. Pleasure In Self Destruction
8. Eve Of The Last Day
9. Pursuit Of Discomfort
10. Bell Of Urgency
11. War Desire
12. 1968

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August 3, 2010



“You’re listening to All Things Considered on NPR, I’m Michele Norris.” “And I’m Robert Siegel.” *MASSIVE DOOM RIFFS HERE* “Baton Rouge’s Thou are making waves in the metal world…”

Now wouldn’t that be a cool way for Thou to get on NPR? Alas, until we see a sweaty Ira Glass rocking out in a basement, we’ll have to make do with this stream of Thou’s new record, Summit, on NPR’s website. You know how those pledge drives make you just plain mad? Thou understands — that’s why they’re so heavy. They do it for you, the listener. Harvey Milk also had their latest streamed on NPR not loo long. Maybe the tide is turning. Maybe NPR is realizing that people no longer want to listen to the Indigo Girls and instead jam something, well, good.

Anyway, go listen to Summit. It rules. Somebody get Thou on “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me.” Now!

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Early Graves

We at Crustcake mourn the loss of Early Graves vocalist Makh Daniels. He was killed in a tragic van accident Monday on Interstate 5 in Central Point, Oregon en route to play a show in Reno, Nevada. (For more information on the accident, go here.) Early Graves’ Goner, released in June, is one of the best records of the year, in no small part due to Daniels’ snarling vocals and piss-and-vinegar lyrical view. Daniels was also a funny and down-to-earth dude, qualities especially prevalent when he was spitting real talk about venue etiquette over at Invisible Oranges a couple months backs. He will certainly be missed.

Below is a video of the band performing in Los Angeles. R.I.P., fallen hessian.

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August 2, 2010


Kill The Client

Dallas grind maniacs Kill the Client (above) have announced a string of September dates in support of OG hardcore supergroup, Venomous Concept. Half Napalm Death, half Brutal Truth, Venomous Concept are basically the 1992 U.S. Olympic men’s basketball team of punk and grind. And by now, it’s pretty clear how we feel about Kill the Client. If you live on the Left Coast, you really have no excuse not to check out this show.

Jump for tour dates and poster art.

Kill The Client

Sep 15 2010 – 7:00P: Brick By Brick, San Diego, CA
Sep 16 2010 – 8:00P: Viper Room, West Hollywood, CA
Sep 17 2010 – 9:00P: Thee Parkside, San Francisco, CA
Sep 18 2010 – 7:00P: Satyricon, Portland, OR
Sep 19 2010 – 7:30P: Studio Seven, SEATTLE, WA

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April 2, 2010



by The WZAd (ATX)

Download: The Crustcast [MP3]

Another month, another Crustcast. This time, our very own Van Damned joins last episode‘s guests, Gary Suarez of Metalsucks and Fred Pessaro of Brooklynvegan, as we talk about the things you care about: Rose Funeral, Burzum, album artwork and hardcore punk for old people.

I also wanted to mention again that you can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes by going to this page, so if you like your podcasts to update automatically, this is the option for you.

Also: 80% less robots this episode! Songs used and news referred to below.

Songs included in order of appearance:

No Comment – “Curtains”
Burzum – “Glemselens elv”
High on Fire – “Snakes for the Divine”
Shining – “The Madness And The Damage Done”
Fuck the Facts – “Loss upon Loss”
Vasaeleth – “Curse Seeping Through Flesh”
At the Gates – “World of Lies”
Agoraphobic Nosebleed – “Question of Integrity”

News Mentioned:

Agnostic Front play Victim in Pain
Rose Funeral and the Uno Incident
Phil Anselmo yells at a kid onstage
Digby Leaks Burzum
Fuck The Facts’ Unnamed EP
Disgorge Mexico the movie
Metalsucks asks “Do you care about album artwork anymore?
Invisible Oranges’ take on album artwork

10 hollers:

Nick said…

Rose Funeral? Phil Anselmo? Burzum? Who the fuck cares about that shit

The WZAd said…

BOOM roasted.

fearofbirdshit said…

oh jesus stop them from nerding out… let me on this thing so I can destroy things.

Pat said…

Where can I hear this Nails band at?

The Wolf said…

Always a joy to listen to this every month. Seriously, great job guys. Even if some of your opinions are absolute BS. It's still entertaining BS.

Gary said…

Pat- the Nails album is great, and now out on Six Feet Under Records. We debuted a track at MetalSucks last month that you can download:–-“scum-will-rise”/

Pat said…

Gary-Thanks for the link. Sounds awesome.

Carlo Dela Cruz said…

UNOcore is awesome!

Damn I wish there was a very fast intro!

Ignacio Brown said…

The podcast was pretty great people. Thanks!

The WZAd said…

Thank you!

crustcake – METAL BLOG: NEWS, REVIEWS, INTERVIEWS, MP3s AND MORE: ISIS’ Wavering Radiant Now Streaming on MySpace

April 30, 2009

ISIS’ Wavering Radiant Now Streaming on MySpace


Less than a week before the album’s release, Wavering Radiant is currently streaming on ISIS’ MySpace page. While the very limited vinyl edition is completely sold out, the CD will be released on May 5th and we’re sure they’ll make enough of them for everybody this time. Meanwhile, unless you have the vinyl or have already pirated the album (shame!), why not head over to their page and take a listen to it? ISIS is a good band. They make good music. We hear this is a good album. Just sayin’.

Also, after the jump you’ll find ISIS’ upcoming tour tour dates with Tombs and Pelican.

ISIS w/ Tombs, Pelican:
05-15 San Diego, CA – Casbah
05-16 Tempe, AZ – The Clubhouse
05-17 Albuquerque, NM – Launchpad
05-19 Austin, TX – Emo’s
05-20 Dallas, TX – Granada Theatre
05-21 Houston, TX – Meridian – Red Room
05-22 Baton Rouge, LA – Spanish Moon
05-23 Birmingham, AL – Bottle Tree
05-25 Orlando, FL – The Social
05-26 Gainesville, FL – Common Grounds
05-27 Jacksonville, FL – Jack Rabbit’s
05-28 Atlanta, GA – The Earl
05-29 Carrboro, NC – Cat’s Cradle
05-30 Washington, DC – Black Cat
05-31 Baltimore, MD – Sonar
06-02 New York, NY – The Filmore at Irving Plaza
06-03 Philadelphia, PA – TLA
06-04 Northampton, MA – Pearl Street
06-05 Boston, MA – Paradise
06-06 Montreal, QC – The National
06-07 Toronto, ON – Phoenix Theatre
06-09 Cleveland, OH – Grog Shop
06-10 Cincinnati, OH – 20th Century Theatre
06-11 Detroit, MI – Small’s
06-12 Chicago, IL – The Bottom Lounge
06-15 Denver, CO – Bluebird Theater
06-16 Salt Lake City, UT – Club Sound
06-18 Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theater
06-19 Vancouver, BC – Commodore Ballroom
06-20 Seattle, WA – Neumo’s
06-22 San Jose, CA – The Blank Club
06-23 San Francisco, CA – Great American Music Hall
06-24 Los Angeles, CA – Henry Fonda Theatre

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Showing newest 27 of 37 posts from November 2009. Show older posts

November 25, 2009


Every single Wednesday without fail, your hosts post a suitably stale video clip that we think needs to be revisited. Click here for more Crusty Clips. Got a clip you think we should post? Send it to

by The WZA’d (ATX)

As a thirteen-year-old boy living in South Florida, I spent a lot of my time listening to 949 Zeta, the modern rock station. While it had plenty of terrible bands on it – Nickleback and Creed come to mind – it also turned me on to acts like Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against the Machine, The White Stripes and Queens of the Stone Age.

When it came out, “No One Knows” hit me like a drunk with a brick. It still does.

After that, I went out and found Songs for the Deaf, which became my gateway drug into everything heavy (along with Zeppelin and Sabbath). For years, it was my rock Bible, and I would refer to it in dire times.

Recently, I’ve noticed that Decibel seems to be including it on their Top 100 Greatest Metal Albums of the Decade special issue, and I can’t be more thrilled. In celebration, I’m posting a clip of the band playing one of my favorite cuts from that album, “A Song for the Dead,” live in 2002. The lineup is considered by many fans to be the band’s best, and perhaps the peak of their career – but I’ll let you decide.

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November 24, 2009



by Van Damned (ATX)

Download: Skagos – “Blossoms Will Sprout from the Carcass” [MP3]

Skagos meant “stone” in the old tongue. The Skagosi named themselves the stoneborn, but their fellow northmen called them Skaggs and liked them little. – George R. R. Martin, A Feast for Crows

Skagos - Ast cassetteThe first full-length from British Columbia’s Skagos, Ást*, opens with three-and-a-half minutes of hollow, murmuring tape drone – the echoing wind between snow-shrouded evergreens, no doubt. Like the storm-hardened stone clans from Martin’s epic fantasy series, Skagos’ entire character is a mirror-pond reflection of the ecology that defines it: hemlocks, cedars and firs, granite, slate, moss and lichens, cold, damp mist and endless, torrential rain. The Cascade range, which covers southern British Columbia, the bulk of northern Oregon, the whole of Washington state, and Idaho’s panhandle, has proved to be fertile ground for a new, purely-North American strain of black metal, as lush and atmospheric as the forests it calls home (see: Velvet Cacoon, Fauna, Leech and Wake). Cascadia, as championed by these independent-to-the-point-of-secession, atavistic, vegan anarchists in places like Salem, Tacoma and Komoux Valley in Coast Salish territory, is both home and a rallying-cry.


Concepts like bio-sustainability, escape and freedom, and the rejection of traditional consumerism, form the architecture of Skagos’ esoteric approach to black metal. “I believe that there is a very strong resurgent culture emerging within the insanity of our modern world,” said bassist Raymond Hawes. “I think that it is a mindset that can come upon nearly anyone after they’ve opened themselves to the wisdom of instinct, or rather, ancient memory, and have attempted to reconnect themselves with the true forces of our world. Freedom is obviously of utmost importance, as an anarchist.”

The rest of “Colossal Spell,” those three-plus minutes of eerie, wind drones and deep delay are an understated prelude to the 50 minutes of true Cascadian black metal that follow. “The Drums Pound Every Night in a Glorious Celebration of Life” opens with a regal intro riff, the kind Ihsahn or Tom Warrior would be proud of, before trailing off in a near-liturgical ringing guitar chime. The rest is sweeping waves of Filosofem-worthy, minor-key, mid-paced blackness interspersed with swells of major-key, post-Aaron Turner dynamic shifts and molten Azagthoth churn. The album’s standout is “Blossoms Will Sprout From the Carcass,” which begins with a psych-flavored spiraling guitar motif and low-end vocal drone that ramps into an upbeat, blackened gallop that wouldn’t be out of place on Instinct:Decay. Then in one swift move, guitarist/vocalist Isaac Symonds and Hawes (Iskra), Skagos’ core, pull the rug out with with an absolutely-stunning, subsonic Gregorian vocal drone/chant and majestic horns that fade into gorgeous vocal harmony – and this is only at halftime. Without giving too much away, other movements include crashing stabs of distortion and noise at SUNN-level tempos, snaking feedback loops, folk instruments and more of that mournful, sleet-covered black metal peculiar to the region.

“…With a Warm Recollection” is all slow-boiling, bowed guitar drone, softly-strummed campfire acoustics and hand drums, elegiac keys and violins that ebb into the colossal “Caliginosity,” another epic beginning with an echo-heavy, finger-picked acoustic intro that segues into more dark, endless drifts of (dutifully frost-bitten and snow-covered) orchestral, blackend gallop. Like the triumphal dawn on an icy, winter solstice morning, “A Night That Ends, As All Nights End, When the Sun Rises” again brings out the acoustic guitar and hand drums for an extended intro jam. Only halfway through does the double-tracked tremolo icicle plunge, heralding a trailing departure into that smeary, rain-drenched, double-kick thunder pioneered in these mist-shrouded mountains. “The album deals with the passage of summer unto winter, the spiraling iteration that is infinity,” Hawes said in a post about the album on the band’s blog. “From the first storms of summer, to the beautiful rot of fall, to the endless, freezing fog of winter, the album covers every moment. Spring has come, and the release has met it’s first light. We are cleansed.”

Though Eternal Warfare released Ást as a limited-to-300 cassette in March of this year, Skagos just released their first CD EP, Litha MMIX (Things Behind the Moon), featuring two teaser tracks from Ást and a re-working of Wolves in the Throne Room’s “Of Vastness and Sorrow.” Litha was originally available at Skagos’ live counterpart Kamlaniye‘s shows during their mid-summer rituals. Even newer is a split cassette with Seattle’s Wake, The Groan of Ancient Pines (Eternal Warfare). Upcoming: a CD version of Ást, an early 2010 release for their second full-length, An-Archic, and a possible three-way split with Panopticon and Throndt. “Ást and An-Archic are interdependent to one another in a cyclical manor: summer unto winter, winter unto summer,” Hawes said. He said Skagos also has plans to release both in a double-CD digipack.

Now I would be editorially remiss in not mentioning Cascadian black metal’s arguable superstars: the deeply polarizing, yet undeniably influential Wolves in the Throne Room. And while their phenomenal success has been met with cries of falseness from local scenesters, it’s evident that the sound they helped engender resonates with people and in places far out from under the shadows from Mt. Rainier. Unfortunately for Wolves, corporate acceptance does not guarantee inventive songwriting, which is how Ást came to outshine Black Cascade in terms of cohesion, composition and innovation.


*meaning “pure love” in Icelandic and, interestingly, in Faroese, spoken by the people of the Faroe Islands, a small island group halfway between Iceland and Scotland who share close cultural ties with Iceland, yet are under Danish political authority. Faroese is believed to be among three insular Scandanavian languages, along with Icelandic and the now-extinct Norn, that desceded from Viking-era Old Norse. “Ást means cherishing the hardships of those you love, for you know that afterward they will be stronger for it,” Hawes said. “Skagos sees winter as the earth’s ást unto all living things.” In an additional note, the pagan, folk metal band Týr, so-named for the war god son of Odin, hail from the Faroe Islands.

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Crustcake Show Picks

Photo and picks by guest blogger Carmelo Espanola (CHI)

Plague Bringer

Aaah, it’s that time of the year again. Where friends and family gather together to celebrate the long revered tradition of Thanksgiving. Where we sit down on the table and eat traditional fare such as turkey (or tofurkey for our veggie friends), green bean casserole and pumpkin pie. Where our siblings would talk on and on about how successful they are in their careers. Where our childhood friends force us to play football outside in the cold. Where we stay up all night so we can go get trampled upon by crazy soccer moms at Best Buy…

…but for those of us Chicagoans who dread having to go do these totally un-metal activities during this holiday, have no fear! Despite the rather empty streets, there is actually a good number of shows to go to during this week.

On the night before Turkey Day, Georgia’s Black Tusk and Florida’s Dark Castle are playing a free show at the Cobra Lounge with local favorites Plague Bringer (pictured above) and The Atlas Moth. On the other side of town, Baroness are bringing their southern flavored metal to Reggie’s Rock Club with the doom of Earthless from Maryland and U.S. Christmas from North Carolina. Your wide eyed folks might just ask you where you got that new beard from.

After Thanksgiving, noise rock OG’s The Jesus Lizard play 2 sold out shows at the Metro on Friday and Saturday. David Yow and the dudes have been destroying eardrums for over 20 years, and they can surely still kick everyone’s asses as evidenced earlier this year at Pitchfork, Fun, Fun, Fun Fest and the Vice anniversary party. Be prepared for David Yow’s balls to land on your face. Hard.

Not lucky enough to get into one of these Jesus Lizard shows? Dude Fest alumni Weekend Nachos are gonna kick off their west coast tour with a show at the Albion House on Friday. This is a tiny basement, and the Nachos put on a ferociously wild show wherever they go, so don’t be surprised if you get caught in a sweaty pile-on with a bunch of crazy dudes and dudettes.

Need a breather from all the craziness? The Empty Bottle hosts a free show with the cello-powered drone riffs of Helen Money, the Death In June meets Black Sabbath sounds of Anatomy of Habit and the experimental musings of Fielded. However, if you prefer to continue the wild and crazy pace of the weekend, Japanese pyscho-grinders Melt Banana will satisfy these at the Bottom Lounge with Triclops! and 97-Shiki.

To cap this week off with a bang-OVER, Municipal Waste will decimate Subterranean with Off With Their Heads, Phobia and Cauldron. Stage dives, circle pits, sing alongs, and all out tomfoolery are mandatory.

Have a safe holiday and enjoy the shows!


Wednesday November 25 – Black Tusk, Plague Bringer, The Atlas Moth, Dark Castle @ Cobra Lounge (FREE)

- Baroness, Earthless, U.S. Christmas @ Reggie’s Rock Club

Friday November 27 – The Jesus Lizard, Model/Actress @ Metro

- Weekend Nachos, Like Bats, The Catburglars, RazorxFade @ Albion House

Satrday November 28 – The Jesus Lizard, Triclops! @ Metro

Monday November 30 – Helen Money, Anatomy of Habit, Fielded @ Empty Bottle

- Melt Banana, Triclops!, 97-Shiki @ Bottom Lounge

Wednesday December 2 – Municipal Waste, Off With Their Heads, Phobia, Cauldron @ Subterranean

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November 20, 2009


by Andrew Wilhelm (Denver)

Listen: Pyramids with Nadja – S/T [Stream]

Denton, Texas’ Pyramids and Toronto’s Nadja are both often accurately described as “lush,” though the bands arrive at that point through entirely different vessels. Pyramids, drawing heavily from dream pop, are more concise with their songs. They also experiment with electronic elements and some rather Transilvanian Hunger-like drum bursts. Najda are much more drawn out, using ambient music as a compositional style for a heavily-layered take on metal. Most of their records (and they’ve got an extensive discography) follow this template, with subtle differences between each, a rather Motörhead-ish quality despite the fact that Lemmy would balk at writing a seven-minute song, much less a 17-minute one. Both bands can either sound delicately warm or punishingly cold, but Nadja is more explicit with those distinctions, while in Pyramids, those feelings tend to ebb and flow throughout the songs.

So what would happen if the two got together?


Nadja (above) essentially stretches out Pyramids on the bands’ debut collaboration. Pyramids still have their brittle melodies, kraut electronics and ear for dynamics, just elongated by Nadja’s song lengths. So do their guts spill out and make a dreadful mess of things from being stretched so far? Quite the opposite: the bands meld together quite well. Pyramids interject a percussive feel to these songs, and given that Nadja are not known for their drum work, this contribution is invaluable. This is noticeable on the opener “Into the Silent Waves,” with its occasional lo-fi, low-rumble, war march drums breaking up the lull in the middle of the track. The album drifts, no doubt, but at least there’s a few bumps to make your inner ascension (or declension, depending on how you roll) a more interesting ride.

Both bands also tend to put out a mind-fucker here and there, and the middle two tracks, “Another War” and the 21-minute epic “The Sound of Ice and Grass,” are certainly mind-fuckers. “War” features sections of broken piano and slightly out-of-tune indie singing that forces you to let your guard down once you’ve become accustomed to the drone. In fact, the drone is more like a battle and the piano parts are like the lucid moments when the gunfire stops. “Ice” gradually shifts from lonely piano to unsettling guitar drone, then fades out with some Fennesz-esque glitch and soft shrieks of feedback. Subtlety does not equal pussyfooting here.

The most “metal” track on here would be the closer, “An Angel Was Heard to Cry Over the City of Rome.” Alternating between a surging beat and other-worldly drone, it’s this track where each band’s style is most recognizable, yet it’s hardly a botched skin graft. Like all the tracks, it possesses a semi-conscious narrative: this one being akin to fading in and out of witnessing total destruction. Whether that destruction is yourself, “Rome,” or a loved one, well, it is what you make of it. Noise, ambiance, charging drums, drone, delicateness – they all come together in this track. An immensely heartfelt closer, bar none.

Usually in collaborations, there tends to be an overpowering force rather than a harmonic convergence between collaborators. Pyramids with Nadja is refreshingly the latter. Balancing the delicate and the overbearing is quite difficult, but both bands are able to do it successfully on this album. Recommended.

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November 19, 2009



Relapse Records announced it will publish Mammoth Grinder‘s album Extinction of Humanity in CD and digital formats December 8. The Austin threesome released the album on vinyl and tape earlier this year. For those of you with a vinyl fetish (like us), you can still buy the wax through Cyclopean Records, who also released an album by our other favorite Austin band, Iron Age. Pre-order the CD here.

This year, Relapse also published Weekend Nachos‘s previously-vinyl-only album on CD. Here is a label that knows good music! It’s good to know that Mammoth Grinder, our favorite charging, sludgy death dealers, are receiving nation-wide recognition. It helps that they’re going on tour next year, and trust us when we say that their live show is not to be missed.

Dates below.

Mammoth Grinder tour (All dates but the first are with Memphis’s Dead City):

January 2 Oklahoma City, OK @The Conservatory
January 3 Kansas City, MO @Scion Lab
January 4 Indianapolis, IN @1511 House
January 6 Cleveland, OH @Tower 2012
January 8 Haverhill, MA @Anchors Up
January 9 Manchester, NH @Rocko’s
January 10 Brockton, MA @Tiger’s Den
January 11 Philadelphia, PA @Kung Fu Necktie
January 12 Brooklyn, NY @The Charleston
January 13 Baltimore, MD @Charm City Art Space
January 15 Charlotte, NC @Lunchbox Records
January 16 Atlanta, GA @PS Warehouse
January 17 Jackson, MS @121 Studio
January 18 Memphis, TN @Hi Tone

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So, West Coast. What up. Heard that Eyehategod was gonna roll through next month. Them Louisiana boys are some big-time shit-kickers. It ain’t called the Dirty South for nothin’, you know. Our boy The WZA’d saw them in Austin not too long ago and almost didn’t make it out alive. You better stock up on whiskey. And heroin. And horny sisters. Just want things to run smoothly, bro.

Oh, you need an itinerary? Here you go:

Eyehategod West Coast Tour

12/4 Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
12/5 Portland, OR @ Satyricon
12/6 Denver, CO @ Marquis Theater w/ Cephalic Carnage
12/11 San Francisco, CA @ DNA Lounge
12/12 Los Angeles, CA @ Ultra Violet
12/13 Tempe, AZ @ Clubhouse

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When: November 11, 2009
Where: Gothic Theatre, Englewood, CO
With: Job for a Cowboy, The Red Chord

by Andrew Wilhelm (Denver)

At most metal shows, the dress code is “none more black.” At GWAR shows, however, if your shirt isn’t covered in blue blood and green bile, you weren’t really at a GWAR show, were you? The group of intergalactic badasses, led by vocalist and Fox News’ Red Eye’s interplanetary correspondent Oderus Urungus, always bring a hellishly good show with them, where no human goes unsacrificed. GWAR brought their freak show to the Gothic Theatre on November 11 in support of Lust in Space, and global destruction almost materialized.

Sadly, I was not able to see Massachusetts’ The Red Chord open. I was really looking forward to seeing the band that mixed death metal and hardcore before “deathcore” became a Jim Crow-esque tag amongst metalheads. Alas, the first band I saw play was one of metal’s most polarizing: Arizona’s Job for a Cowboy, for whom the “deathcore” tag is often used in the manner just mentioned. Their set, if you kept an eye on the crowd, was a microcosm of the attitudes towards them in the metal sphere: some fanatics, a few die-hard haters wishing GWAR would eat them, and a lot of people who didn’t care. In fact, the floor was the opposite of a hurricane. There was a violent eye in the middle of stock-still masses of storm clouds, standing impatiently, waiting to swallow Oderus Urungus’ bloody sperm. The most interesting aspect of Job for a Cowboy’s set, however, was their conscious eschewing of their deathcore past. Most of the setlist consisted of their more straight death metal tunes, and the only pre-Genesis songs they played were “Knee Deep” and “Entombment of a Machine.” Furthermore, in those two songs, vocalist Jonny Davy did not pig squeal at all, opting for more traditional death vocals instead. Pig squeals are god-awful, but was the move artistically genuine or superficial? I’m still pondering that. To Job for a Cowboy’s credit, when certain members of the crowd begin yelling “GWAR! GWAR!,” they took it rather well and used it to prompt the usual “give it up for (band)” shtick, a standard part of most bands’ routines.

In all truth, most of the crowd was there for GWAR – and GWAR only. Before the space warriors took the stage, a “Behind the Music” parody and mini-documentary called “Behind the Murder” was shown. The film gave us a glimpse at guitarist Balsac the Jaws of Death’s sensitive side and Oderus Urungus’ struggles with crack cocaine. Of course, once the flick ended and GWAR appeared, the crowd went NUTS. They soaked up all of the blood and piss coming out of the cannon GWAR’s slaves bring out early in the set. This intensity was consistent throughout the show, whether the band was executing “Michael Jackson” or killing a homeless alien. Whether you like the band’s music or not, you have to give it up for the band keeping up with the act for more than 25 years.

Most GWAR concerts and albums are based around a story, and this time, GWAR are forced to once again combat Cardinal Syn, from the Ragnarock album. Cardinal Syn is an evil Catholic robot on a quest to homogenize the universe and turn GWAR into a Christian rock band. Complicating matters was that Oderus Urungus has lost the Cuttlefish of Cthulhu, either because he left it in the ass of a transvestite or a clerical error in Tulsa, Oklahoma (crack affects your memory, you know.) As a result, he was forced to use a human penis to perform such daily tasks as raping babies and forcing members of the audience to give fellate him. In the end, however, Cardinal Syn went down and GWAR scored themselves a boulder of crack. Overall, the story wasn’t as tight-knit as the stories from the Beyond Hell and election tours (“Hilary Clinton” getting her tits ripped off is still one of my favorite GWAR moments), but it was still entertaining to see a Catholic robot get his ass kicked.

Worth 20 bucks? To you, the concert-goer, I’d say yes.

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November 18, 2009


by Andrew Wilhelm (Denver)

The Municipal Waste tour might be skipping over Denver, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be anything massively aggressive going down up here.

Maynard James Keenan’s everything-and-the-kitchen-sink project Puscifer will roost in the Paramount Theatre for a two-night stint. If you’ve seen Tool live at least once, then you’ll know that Maynard is not a “Hello, Cleveland” sort of dude. And for once, the weed smog might rival that of Boulder’s (which, by the way, not only has medical marijuana clinics but a fucking marijuana church!).

If you prefer your metal on the posty side, fear not, for Russian Circles will be playing the Marquis Theatre Saturday. Expect plenty of beards and ear plugs. Attack Attack! are playing the same right, but we advise against going, because, as per a certain South Park episode, little vaginas might start popping up all over your skin.

Monday will be a motherfucking showdown. In the red corner, we’ve got two heavyweight champions, Hatebreed and Cannibal Corpse. In the blue corner, we’ve got Converge, whose nimbleness should not be mistaken for a lack of sonic heft. Bulging necks or an art gallery full of neck tattoos? Who will win the match? We’re rooting for Converge.

Click below for more info.

Friday November 20 – Puscifer, Neil Hamburger, Uncle Scratch’s Gospel Revival @ Paramount Theatre

Saturday November 21 – Puscifer, Neil Hamburger, Uncle Scratch’s Gospel Revival @ Paramount Theatre

- Russian Circles, Git Some, Young Widows @ Marquis Theatre

Monday November 23 – Hatebreed, Cannibal Corpse, Unearth, Hate Eternal, Born of Osiris @ Ogden Theatre

- Converge, Signatures, Ruining Seed, Spoken in Fire @ The Black Sheep

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Well, shit.

After battling to get into the country, Sweden’s Hypocrisy have canceled their U.S. tour with Ensiferum, Blackguard and Swashbuckle. We previously reported that Canada’s Ex Deo had to drop off the tour, also due to problems with immigration. Man, this tour just has no luck, does it? We’re still confident the rest of the bands will kill it though, and we eagerly await the return of Hypocrisy to our shores.

The band released the following statement:

“We regretfully have to officially announce the cancellation of our tour in North America. We’ve tried everything so far and it seems like the process will take longer than expected for one of the members in the band. We will try to come back as soon as possible, as we want to show our U.S. fans that we care for them and we are ready to play the new songs live!”

Click below for remaining tour dates.

Ensiferum and Blackguard

11/17/09 The Galaxy Theatre – Santa Ana, CA

11/18/09 The Key Club – Hollywood, CA

11/19/09 DNA Lounge – San Francisco, CA

11/20/09 Hawthorne Theatre – Portland, OR

11/21/09 Studio Seven – Seattle, WA

11/22/09 Rickshaw Theatre – Vancouver, BC – CANADA

11/23/09 The Warehouse – Calgary, AB – CANADA

11/24/09 Starlite Room – Edmonton, AB – CANADA

11/25/09 The Exchange – Regina, SK – CANADA

11/27/09 The Zoo – Winnipeg, MB – CANADA

11/28/09 Station 4 – St. Paul, MN

11/29/09 House of Blues – Chicago, IL^

11/30/09 Peabody’s – Cleveland, OH^

12/01/09 The Opera House – Toronto, ON – CANADA*^

12/02/09 Imperial de Quebec – Quebec City, QC – CANADA*^

12/03/09 Le Medley – Montreal, QC – CANADA*^

12/04/09 The Palladium – Worcester, MA*^

12/05/09 Irving Plaza – New York, NY*^

* – w/ Swashbuckle
^ – w/ Ex Deo

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Slayer, Megadeth and Testament, legends in thrash and metal all, are set to tour North America early next year in support of new albums World Painted Blood, Endgame and The Formation of Damnation, respectively. The former two albums recently came out to critical acclaim, with most reviewers citing welcome returns to form for the two mega-watt headliners.

This announcement for the “American Carnage” tour comes in midst of rumors about a “Big Four” tour that would have included Metallica and Anthrax instead of Testament, and later rumors that included fellow Bay Area-heshers High on Fire. We haven’t seen hide nor hair of High on Fire in any recent press releases regarding this tour, though, so we’re speculating that they will instead be back in the studio finalizing their new album (set to be released January 23rd) after pausing to tour in support of Mastodon and Dethklok, as well as with Lamb of God on a small Australian tour that will end mid-December.

Tour dates below.

Slayer/Megadeth/Testament Tour:

1/18 Seattle, WA @ WaMu Theatre
1/19 Portland, OR @ Memorial Coliseum
1/21 San Francisco, CA @ Cow Palace
1/22 Long Beach, CA @ Long Beach Arena
1/23 Phoenix, AZ @ Dodge Theatre
1/25 Denver, CO @ Magness Arena
1/26 Albuquerque, NM @ Tingley Coliseum
1/27 El Paso, TX @ El Paso Coliseum
1/29 Houston, TX @ Verizon Wireless
1/31 Nashville, TN @ Municipal Auditorium
2/1 Duluth, GA @ Gwinnett Arena
2/2 Louisville, KY @ Broadbent Arena
2/4 Minneapolis, MN @ Roy Wilkins Auditorium
2/5 Chicago, IL @ UIC Pavilion
2/6 Detroit, MI @ Cobo Arena
2/9 Wallingford, CT @ Chevrolet Theatre
2/11 East Rutherford, NJ @ Izod Center
2/13 Camden, NJ @ Susquehanna Center
2/14 Lowell, MA @ Tsongas Arena
2/16 Quebec City, QC @ Pavillon de La Jeunesse
2/18 London, ON @ John Labatt Centre
2/19 Toronto, ON @ Air Canada Centre
2/20 Montreal, QC @ Bell Centre
2/22 Moncton, NB @ Moncton Coliseum
2/23 Halifax, NS @ Metro Centre

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November 17, 2009


Sakes Alive!!

by theseseans (NYC)

SAKES ALIVE!! - ACT II Download: Sakes Alive!! – “The Open Maw” [MP3]

Following their excellent Act I, upstate New York’s Sakes Alive!! deliver Act II, second in a three-part seven-inch series. Within the string of releases, Sakes Alive!! spread a full-length’s worth of material over three seven-inches, each released on a different label. Act II follows Act I in general terms of style: melodic punk rock with a healthy dose of vocalist Chris Vandeviver’s blackened howl. The songs themselves, however, are much darker. Said Vandeviver:

I view each seven-inch as part of a “trilogy”. For example, Star Wars has “A New Hope,” which is the solid, classic ‘hero-saving-the-day’ type of movie (“Act I.”) The sequel is always a cliff-hanger of sorts. “Empire Strikes Back” gets dark, and we’re not so sure where the hell things are gonna go – Han Solo is frozen, Luke’s father is Darth Vader, the team is separated, etc… – (“Act II.”) That’s where we are in our trilogy.

On their own, these songs are peculiar, lacking the movement of Act I‘s natural surge and swell. “The Open Maw” begins with low-fi everything only to explode after Vandeviver delivers an indecipherable intro. “Big Bang” uses unexpected minimalism as the song drifts between a lack of guitar to awkward guitar melodies and a verse/chorus that seem almost one. “Image Of Modern Man” doesn’t seem like a closer, but maybe that’s the point. When looking at these songs as the middle part of a full-length, “Image Of Modern Man” works perfectly; the song doesn’t feel like an end, it makes me want more. The Empire Strikes Back, indeed.

Act II doesn’t have the bite of an explosive beginning or the closure of a well-paced end. It does, however, display strong and creative songwriting, capable of style-blending without sacrifice. After listening to Act II, I am left with the strong desire for Act III. For that alone, this release is a resounding success.

Complete with a lyric sheet inside, the packaging for Act II is simple but very effective. The graphics are busy and present details easy to overlook, but the artistic scope never out goes beyond it’s means. At the end of the day, this is a 7″ and the art work is simple enough to be appropriate, to not feel excessive or get wrapped up in it’s own complexity.

Audio: 7/10
Visual: 7/10

[Front Cover]

Front Cover

[Back Cover]

Back Cover



[Pre-Order]: Sakes Alive!! – Act II

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New York’s long-standing death metal stalwarts Suffocation have released a video for “Cataclysmic Purification,” the lead track from this year’s stellar Blood Oath. The video was directed by legendary hardcore videographer David Brodsky of My Good Eye.

Relapse also recently released The Close of a Chapter, a live Suffocation album recorded in Quebec in 2005. You can buy that here.

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Photo credit: HeadovMetal

Real talk: are you ready for the legendary Pentagram AND The Gates of Slumber to be in town? More importantly, are your lungs, liver and eardrums ready? Well, you better find out by January, as the two groups will embark on a short U.S. tour then. “Killer” is putting it lightly.

Pentagram have been bursting with energy after a successful summer tour with Nachtmystium and a confirmed appearance at next year’s Maryland Deathfest. If you don’t know the reputation of the band, especially its impeccably-dressed frontman Bobby Liebling, are you really a headbanger? Get Day of Reckoning and fix that, sucka. The Gates of Slumber are also on a roll as their totally badass new album, Hymns of Blood and Thunder came out back in September to critical acclaim and a massacre of poseurs (well, one can wish on the latter.) They’re lifers who worship their Manilla Road and Saint Vitus records, but also have some new tricks up their sleeves.

Confirmed dates after the jump.

Pentagram with The Gates of Slumber

January 15 Springfield, VA Jaxx
January 16 Philadelphia, PA Polaris
January 17 New York, NY B.B. King Blues Club
January 18 Richmond, VA The Hat Factory
January 21 New Orleans, LA The Howlin’ Wolf
January 23 Atlanta, GA The Masquerade
January 26 Des Moines, IA Vaudeville Mews
January 27 Madison, WI High Noon
January 28 Cleveland, OH Peabody’s
January 29 Detroit, MI Blondie’s
January 30 Chicago, IL Empty Bottle

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November 16, 2009



by The WZA’d (ATX)

When: Friday, November 6th, 2009
Where: Emo’s Inside, Austin, TX
With: Kegcharge, Mammoth Grinder, Curse the Heavens

After the Eyehategod show, I got home and looked at my shirtless self in the mirror. Bruises covered my ribs and sides. There was a dark spot under my right eye where my face collided with the back of somebody’s head. With the arm-band I had on for Fun Fun Fun Fest (which took place the following morning), I looked like an escaped hospital patient.

It was a hell of a night. Three local bands opened for New Orleans’s Eyehategod, but they weren’t your usual 6th street bar bands – Curse the Heavens, Mammoth Grinder and Kegcharge each played strong, straightforward sets. Curse the Heavens started the night with some noisy, up-tempo sludge and were really good for the first 15 minutes, but they would have benefited from a more concise set. Mammoth Grinder, on the other hand, rocked Emo’s with relentless bottom-heavy death metal. Kegcharge changed the mood with a bit of classic D-beat crust, which brought out all the punks in the audience. Much headbanging occurred for each band.

Then it was time for Eyehategod. True to form, each member slowly made his way to the stage. The speed at which they began their first song was agonizing. Drummer Joey LaCaze took his sweet time bringing his sticks down, and after every hit came a wave of feedback-laden drone. Tension built in the club until finally, after a minute or more, the band jumped into “Blank” and I jumped into the pit, happily doomed to suffer physical pain.

Everything was perfect: the pit was violent, the band was in time and loud. The crowd roared with the beginning of each familiar song (they played all the good ones, of course) and the pit surged with enthusiasm. Stagedivers turned into crowdsurfers turned into moshers and headbangers. Mike Williams didn’t pass out until the end, after they played “Take as Needed for Pain.” He fell, but landed on a cushion of hundreds of gentle, admiring hands.

It all makes sense now – there’s nothing close to seeing Eyehategod play live. Simply put, their records do not do them full justice: drunk or high, sloppy or together, conscious or not, Eyehategod are meant to be experienced up close and personally. And you can’t get much closer or more personal than standing in the pit, receiving a high-five from a beyond-messed-up Mike IX and screaming “burn her!” with the rest of the audience.

Special thanks go to Chuck Loesch for getting Van and I into the show. He DJs No Control Radio on 101X every Friday from 10pm – 1am. He plays metal. You know, the good stuff.

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Scott Hull WOULD wear a shirt that had the word guitar on it

Pig Destroyer have finally finished work on their new home studio (after recording in the basement of one of their parents’ houses for the last few years) and are writing material for a new album, which will (hopefully) be recorded this winter and released next fall. We don’t have any more information than that because there isn’t any, but for now we can certainly speculate on how good the album is going to be.

Mmmm. Now that’s some good speculatin’.

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Weekend Nachos

Download: Weekend Nachos – “Nights” [MP3]

[Stream]: Weekend Nachos – Unforgivable

Starting the day after Thanksgiving, Chicago’s Weekend Nachos will hit the road in support of their massive (and quite frankly, intimidating) full-length, Unforgivable. Beginning with the band’s hometown, Weekend Nachos will take their refreshingly grind-y spin on hardcore due west. Enjoy the download and stream above; tour dates after the jump.

Weekend Nachos 2009 Fall tour dates

November 27 Chicago, IL Albion House
November 28 Cedar Falls, IA 1108 House
November 29 Lincoln, NE Ghost House
November 30 Denver, CO Blast-o-mat
December 1 Albuquerque, NM Peace and Justice Center
December 2 Tempe, AZ The Slurp
December 3 Murrieta, CA Galindos
December 4 Fresno, CA Chinatown Youth Center
December 5 Oakland, CA Your House
December 6 Boyle Heights, CA The Blvd.
December 7 Tucson, AZ The Living Room
December 8 El Paso, TX No Man’s Land
December 9 Austin, TX Snake Eye’s
December 10 Houston, TX The Third Floor
December 11 Little Rock, AR Vino’s
December 12 Champaign, IL Terror House

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November 13, 2009



By The WZA’d (ATX)

Download: Coalesce – “Through Sparrows I Rest” [MP3]

Earlier this year, Coalesce came back into our collective consciousness like some phantom-of-the-hardcore-opera and proceeded to capture our hearts with the incredible Ox. The album was largely a return to form, with instrumental “Americana” interludes that opened up their dense, noisy hardcore and gave the band a new aesthetic.

November’s OXEP, a companion EP to Ox, finds Coalesce exploring that aspect of their music more fully. “Through Sparrows I Rest” is a dirge-y, trudging beast of a song that takes one of the interludes on Ox and adds a flatbed-load of heavy. “Absent in My Death” begins with soft Morricone-esque guitar before the bass kicks in, but the yelling passes almost as soon as it starts, leaving the listener feeling like something important happened, just out of reach.

Crustcake caught up with guitarist Jes Steineger to ask a few questions about Coalesce’s change in direction on their latest EP and the meaning of Americana to him.

“I’ve always thought of Coalesce as having two aspects that make it what it is: the complex dimension of our friendships with one another and the feeling of freedom we derive from playing the songs live,” Steineger said. “Nothing about OXEP subverts those two aspects of what Coalesce is. It serves the exact same ends.”

Steineger takes a philosophical viewpoint on their live shows, comparing them to “Pentecostal and Charismatic frenzies or shamanistic New Orleans voodoo practices,” saying that “it all ultimately trades in rationality for emotion and that’s what I find in the kind of Americana I think Coalesce constitutes.”

But what about this Americana concept? Steineger’s explanation was, unsurprisingly, romantic as it was practical. “It captures a few sentiments I have about my earliest past, the sorts of family gatherings I grew up with in the country, the smell of diesel fuel and dirt from my family’s farm, a sense of identity that wasn’t abstract and intellectual but concrete and immediate. The musical dimension of Americana is really just the significance of self-identity that one assigns to the types of music that have come from American culture.”

Sidestepping the touchy subject of American colonization and indigenous subjugation, Steineger instead mentioned he thinks of Americana as “that perspective which identifies some cultural artifact, in this case music, within the heritage of one of those American [subsets that make up the American working class]. Coalesce is surely such an artifact, one that is specifically identifiable by its Midwestern character.”

We’re glad they are, as OXEP is a fantastic 16-minute coda to one of the year’s best albums, bar none.

Buy CoalesceOXEP [here]

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Dark Castle

If you could only see one tour this year, we might just suggest Dark Castle and The Atlas Moth‘s trek across the country*. Tall order we know. There are other shows we would rather see. But if you had to get everything, everything, in one show and have it really be good? This is the show to see. NYC gets a peek at all this goodness this Tuesday the 17th, at Union Pool, presented by Brooklyn Vegan. Dark Castle’s doom is quality; The Atlas Moth bring psych-metal some much needed balls. For this show, New York bands Wetnurse and Tiger Flowers (metal/hardcore done with invigorating zeal, aka how the fuck haven’t we heard these guys before?). Each band does something a little different and they all do it exceptionally well and you’ll get to see this show in a real venue. No cartoon fans there to heckle, no over priced tickets. Hell, you might even have a shot at picking up the bartender.

Dates below.

* = Okay, so the whole tour isn’t together, but there’s a good stretch together. Here’s all the dates.

The Atlas Moth 2009

Nov 10 2009 The Triple W/ WETNURSE Richmond, Virginia
Nov 11 2009 Starlight Ballroom W/ WETNURSE Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Nov 12 2009 The Sidebar W/ WETNURSE Baltimore, Maryland
Nov 13 2009 Court Tavern W/ WETNURSE New Brunswick, New Jersey
Nov 14 2009 The Sweatshop W/ WETNURSE Providence, Rhode Island
Nov 15 2009 Unit 11 W/ WETNURSE Allston, Massachusetts
Nov 17 2009 Union Pool W/ DARK CASTLE & WETNURSE Brooklyn, New York
Nov 18 2009 The Spot W/ DARK CASTLE Akron
Nov 20 2009 Elbow Room W/ DARK CASTLE Ypsilanti, Michigan
Nov 21 2009 Mac Bar W/ DARK CASTLE Lansing, Michigan
Nov 22 2009 Carabar W/ DARK CASTLE Columbus, Ohio
Nov 23 2009 Belvederes W/ DARK CASTLE Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Nov 24 2009 The Vollrath W/ DARK CASTLE Indianapolis, Indiana
Nov 25 2009 Cobra Lounge W/ DARK CASTLE Chicago, Illinois

Dark Castle 2009 tour dates

Nov 6 2009 The Warehouse w/ The Atlas Moth, Hollow Leg Jacksonville, Florida
Nov 7 2009 Lenny’s w/ The Atlas Moth, Music Hates You, Across Tundras, Subrig Destroyer Atlanta, Georgia
Nov 8 2009 The Village Cup w/ The Atlas Moth St Laurens, South Carolina
Nov 12 2009 Anti Pop Festival @ Wills Pub w/ Black Cobra, Black Tusk & more Orlando, Florida
Nov 13 2009 Farm 255 w/ American Cheeseburger Athens, Georgia
Nov 14 2009 Static Age Records w/ Kakistocracy, From The Depths Asheville, North Carolina
Nov 15 2009 Legit Biz w/ Irata Greensboro, North Carolina
Nov 16 2009 The Marblehaus w/ Salome, Darsombra College Park, Maryland
Nov 17 2009 Union Pool w/ The Atlas Moth, Wet Nurse, Tiger Flowers Brooklyn, New York
Nov 18 2009 The Spot w/ The Atlas Moth, Rue, Sofa King Killer Akron, Ohio
Nov 19 2009 Cameron’s w/ Beast In The Field, Balboa, Sleepless Malice Flint, Michigan
Nov 20 2009 Elbow Room w/ The Atlas Moth, Ganon Ypsilanti, Michigan
Nov 21 2009 Mac’s Bar w/ The Atlas Moth, Satyrasis, Genocya Lansing, Michigan
Nov 22 2009 Carabar w/ The Atlas Moth, Struck By Lightning Columbus, Ohio
Nov 23 2009 Belvederes w/ The Atlas Moth, U.S. Christmas, Mahanaga Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Nov 24 2009 The Vollrath w/ The Atlas Moth Indianapolis, Indiana
Nov 25 2009 Cobra Lounge w/ The Atlas Moth, Black Tusk, Black Cobra, Plague Bringer Chicago, Illinois
Nov 28 2009 Madison/Milwaukee, WI @ TBA Madison/Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Nov 29 2009 The Aquarium w/ Battlefields, Wolvhammer Fargo, North Dakota
Nov 30 2009 Washington St. Arts Center Vermillion, South Dakota
Dec 1 2009 The Industry w/ Aseethe, Cloud Burial Iowa City, Iowa
Dec 2 2009 Cafe Berlin w/ Nonservium, Foriegn Theaters Columbia, Missouri
Dec 3 2009 Magruder’s w/ Dead Commuter Wichita, Kansas
Dec 4 2009 The Conservatory w/ Komarov, Dead Commuter Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Dec 5 2009 Phoenix Project w/ Vorvadoss, Four Days To Burn Dallas, Texas
Dec 6 2009 The Alamo w/ Four Days To Burn, Vorvadoss, Vaste Burai Ft. Worth, Texas
Dec 7 2009 Emo’s w/ Baroness, Iron Age Austin, Texas
Dec 8 2009 Warehouse Live w/ Baroness, Iron Age Houston, Texas
Dec 9 2009 One Eyed Jacks w/ Baroness, Iron Age New Orleans, Louisiana
Dec 10 2009 The Social w/ Baroness, Iron Age, Torche Orlando, Florida

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Swedish doom/death/goth band Katatonia have released their new video for “Day and Then the Shade,” a song from their album Night is the New Day, which came out last week through Peaceville Records. The video chronicles a few lonely women losing their minds in a forest, complete with blood-oozing tree stumps and worm feedings. More importantly, the song itself continues in the direction of Katatonia’s latest work, incorporating more rock and less death. While it might be a hard sell if you’re a Brave Murder Day acolyte, you can judge the video’s merits for yourself below.

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That’s right folks – the west coast is gone. We’re transmitting this from a post-Laudanum-west-coast-tour future, and let us tell you, it is bleak. We thought that with California’s tolerance for doom and earthquakes we’d easily be able to fend off the crushing doom ambiance from Laudanum, but we were wrong. We logged the dates certain communities were destroyed by this steamroller of a band… click below for details. And if you’re in the past, the lottery numbers for next week were- agh!

Laudanum 2009 tour with Japan’s Black Ganion

11/20- Eugene, OR. @ Epic Space w/ Casu Marzu
11/21- Portland, OR @ Plan B w/ Atriarch
11/22- Seattle, WA @ The Funhouse w/ Book of Black Earth
11/23- Olympia, WA @ Northern w/ Society Nurse & Funerot
11/24- Ashland, OR @ Stillwater w/ Ritual of War
11/25- San Francisco, CA @ Annie’s Social Club w/ Lethe & Worm Ouroboros
11/26- Live on KFJC Radio 89.7 / Broadcast On-Line
11/26- San Jose, CA @ The Gingerbread House w/ Bird
11/27- Los Angeles, CA @ The Relax Bar w/ TBA
11/28- Los Angeles, CA @ The Boulevard w/ Valdur & Lightning Swords of Death
11/29- Berkeley, CA @ Gilman w/ In Disgust & E Coli

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Both Baroness and ISIS have released videos for songs from their latest albums, Blue Record and Wavering Radiant, respectively. While these bands don’t have all that much to do with each other, we think it’s interesting that their videos share thematic elements. Without getting too philosophical on you, we’ll just mention that they both deal with rebirth in differing kinds. Figuring the rest out is up to you.

The video for Baroness’ “A Horse Called Golgotha” was directed by Joshua Green, who also directed their video for “Wanderlust.” ISIS’ video for “20 Minutes/40 Years” was directed by Matthew Santoro.

To view the ISIS video – and for some useful scientific information – click below.

One of the interesting things about this video is the use of (spoiler alert!) ferrofluid. We here at Crustcake didn’t know what ferrofluid was, or that it even existed, before this video, but after a little research we know this: in short, it’s a magnetic liquid. If you want to know more about how cool ferrofluid is, we recommend this video.

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November 12, 2009



Hey New Yorkers, ready for a three-day metal mini-fest featuring some of today’s most forward-thinking heavy bands? The Blackened Music Series aims to bring you just that, starting this Friday.

The “Blackened Weekend” will first bring you a showcase of New York’s burgeoning black metal scene, with performances by Krallice, Liturgy, Malkuth and Black Anvil, in addition to sets by Orphan and Skeletonwitch to keep things lively.

After all that, the mighty Shrinebuilder makes their New York debut, with Rwake and Liturgy opening. More details below.

Buy tickets here.

The Blackened Weekend:

Friday, Nov. 13: Krallice, Liturgy, Malkuth, Orphan at Union Pool (curated by Speck), $10

Saturday, Nov. 14: Skeletonwitch, with Black Anvil at Union Pool, $10

Sunday, Nov. 15: Shrinebuilder, with Rwake and Liturgy at Le Poisson Rouge, $20

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by Andrew Wilhelm (Denver)

Recovered from the GWAR show (Crustcake review coming soon!) the other night, Denverites? Here’s some more metal to feed your addictions.

If you like your crust on the sludgy side (or your sludge on the crusty side), Santa Rosa, California’s Litany for the Whale will plenty satisfy you. They’ll be playing at the small 3 Kings Tavern, but their sound is anything but minuscule. Perhaps one day, Litany for the Whale be huge and you can boast you saw them in a tiny club, kind of like I do about seeing Mastodon years ago. The WZA’d reviewed their record earlier this year, so you know those Cali boys have got crustcake’s seal of approval.

Make the jump for more shows and info.

While it won’t be the retro-mania of last week, Monday will bring about a lot of old hesher-ready partying when 3 Inches of Blood roll into town with ‘cake favs Saviours. Saviours got a good reaction when they played with Kylesa last month, and we’re willing to bet many Mile High residents are anxious to see them again. If you’re feeling a little more mainstream, Wolfmother will be playing the same night at the Ogden Theatre. I think you will know who we prefer…but if you wanna spend the extra money, that’s your prerogative.

Tech-death more your thing? Gorge in masturbatory pleasures when The Faceless and Dying Fetus team up at the Marquis Theatre on Wednesday. Both bands will make sure to play at the speed of light, and twice that if they’re feeling vigorous. Vital Remains will also be there to provide a little Satanism with those constant arpeggio runs. Be careful though, you might be so tech’d out, you may start craving some Bone Awl.

Sunday November 15 – Litany for the Whale @ 3 Kings Tavern

Monday November 16 – 3 Inches of Blood w/ Saviours, Holy Grail @ Marquis Theatre

- Wolfmother, Heartless Bastards, Thenewno2 @ Ogden Theatre

Wednesday, November 18 – The Faceless, Dying Fetus, Vital Remains, Enfold Darkness @ Marquis Theatre

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Every single Wednesday without fail, your hosts post a suitably stale video clip that we think needs to be revisited. Click here for more Crusty Clips. Got a clip you think we should post? Send it to

by The WZA’d (ATX)

Sometimes a little chugging is all I need out of a death metal song. That’s why I’m such a big fan of “Death Walking Terror.” Morbid Angel know the wonders of the slow death chug (Ed. note: Hell, they practically invented it,) but unlike Cannibal Corpse, they’re also smart enough to add liberal amounts of classical-flavored groove, not to mention Pete Sandoval’s unparalleled maelstrom of double-bass kicks. Add that all together and you get … slime? Sure. We’ll bite. “Where the Slime Live,” from 1995′s classic (and totally fucking crushing) Domination, is one of Morbid Angel’s most accessible and head-bangable songs and, as you’ll see below, it’s no wonder the track continues to rank among their most-popular songs.

This video is from their 2006 Wacken showing, but the song is old enough for it to be considered “crusty.” Besides, it’s a great video, and David Vincent makes a hilarious face 20 seconds in.

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by Van Damned and The WZA’d (ATX)

Hey there, Austinites. We know we already posted the bulk of this already, but we figured you might need the reminder. There is, after all, a lot to choose from. So here are your show picks for Thursday-Monday. Have a good time!

Virginia’s crossover throwbacks Municipal Waste bring their “Waste the World” tour to Red 7 this Thursday. Perennial favorites Goatwhore return with some seriously feisty blackened thrash and crustgrind stalwarts Phobia open. Might want to bring a poncho to this one, as more than a little beer will surely be spilled in honor of the “Terror Shark.” You’ll just have to see it for yourself.

Friday, of course, is that one tour we’ve been salivating over for months. You know, that one. Anyway, by this point you shouldn’t need us to tell you about the four bands playing, or how ass-kickingly awesome the whole show will be, or how much of an idiot you’ll be for not going. We feel that, by now, the point should be pretty clear.

Saturday, the “Tour from Afar,” featuring Finnish folk heroes Ensiferum, high-seas pirate metallers Swashbuckle and Blackguard and Peter Tägtgren’s long-running Swedish death brigade Hypocrisy, comes ashore at Emo’s. Our very own Andrew Wilhelm wrote a fine post about the tour’s unfortunate loss of Canadian death gladiators Ex Deo. By the way, did you know that Tägtgren owns his own village? Yeah, neither did we. (Update: Well now it looks like Hypocrisy’s having trouble with their visas. WTF, U.S. State Department?)

Tired yet? Don’t be. A scant two months before they return to Texas with the mother of all progressive/technical death-jazz-fusion tours, Raleigh, NC’s Between the Buried and Me bring the shred to Emo’s Sunday night. Opening are Sumerian Records’ Chicago deathcore peddlers Veil of Maya, eight-string axe-wielder Tosin Abasi’s (Born of Osiris) Animals as Leaders and local deathsters Falsetta.

Finally, your Ten Days of Awesome Fucking Metal culminates with the last (of five) U.S. performance by drool-worthy super, supergroup Shrinebuilder Monday at Emo’s. You might remember them from us here at the ‘cake jocking their collective nuts since way back in December of 2007(!) but if you don’t, here’s an easy reminder: Neurosis + Sleep + Melvins + Wino = Shrinebuilder. Hope that’s clear enough for you. Do not. Miss. This. Show.

So that’s it. Hope you’ve saved your pennies, boys and girls, ’cause this is gonna be Epic with a capital E.

The only advice we got for you is this: consider earplugs.


Thursday, November 12th
Municipal Waste, Phobia, Goatwhore and Cauldron @ Red 7

Friday, November 13th

Mastodon, High on Fire, Converge and Dethklok @ Austin Music Hall

Saturday, November 14th

Ensiferum, Hypocrisy(?), Blackguard, Swashbuckle @ Emo’s

Monday, November 16th

Shrinebuilder @ Emo’s

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November 10, 2009


Bone Awl
All photography by Fred Pessaro

by theseseans (NYC)

Bone Awl
When: Sunday, October 25, 2009
Where: Public Assembly, Brooklyn, NY
With: Celestia, Agrath

Opening the October 25th edition of Brandon Stosuy’s excellent “Show No Mercy presents…” series, Agrath greeted me with full corpsepaint, skull-adorned instruments and frantic tremelo picking. I only caught two quick songs, but the band’s over-the-top appearance, awesomely cryptic stage banter (delivered in a screeching black metal howl, natch) and seemingly competent material left a brief – but good – impression. I later found out that they were from Queens and was really impressed. From what little of them I did see, I did not get a “local band” feel.

Public Assembly was unusually packed for Bone Awl (above): I heard one audience member drove all the way from Maryland for the show. The crowd was was rambunctious and excited. Pits broke out, the crusties surged, beer was spilled. Fueling all the pushing and shoving was the California duo’s primitive black metal/punk rock attack. Supplemented by the addition of a bass player, Bone Awl had an extra layer of force, the effectiveness of which was seen in the excitement of every squished patron present.

While Bone Awl’s recordings take ownership of thin, noisy production, their live show was undoubtedly lifted by the addition of a stand-in bass player. The next night at Eyehategod, people were still raving about Bone Awl’s performance. “They were incredible,” one concert-goer raved, citing “black metal vocals over apocalyptic drums.” I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes Bone Awl really do sound like a march towards the end of everything. The only thing that surprised me was the mild reaction from Brooklyn Vegan‘s Fred Pessaro, who, after shooting the band, declared, “well the last time I saw them there was fucking circle pit!” Point taken, New York loves Bone Awl.

France’s Celestia followed, delivering a solid, theatrical black metal performance for their only 2009 U.S. show. They, however, were bass-less and the sound was thin. During an over-long set-up, piped-in classical music meandered throughout the hall and the crowd began to thin. Bone Awl were the clear favorites, but Celestia came in force. The Avignon duo, here reinforced by a live drummer and additional guitarist, performed long and hard: stoic stage presence, full paint, black robes. Their delivery was spot on; their material, excellent. Bone Awl were just a hard act to follow.

Bone Awl

Bone Awl

Bone Awl

Bone Awl

Bone Awl Pic

Bone Awl

Bone Awl

Bone Awl

Bone Awl









End of the Night


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November 9, 2009


In “Freshly Baked,” we feature promising young bands or bands that are otherwise lacking the attention we think they deserve.

[Stream]: Planning For Burial – Leaving

by Andrew Wilhelm (Denver)

On their Myspace, the only photos of Matawan, New Jersey’s Planning for Burial are a few pictures of an organ and a close up of a few drums. No pictures of the band members exist. In fact, the band doesn’t even bother using mysterious pseudonyms, as the band members are listed as “Guitar, Machines, Organ, Cymbals, Snare, Kick, Glockenspiel, Microphone, Cassette Recorder.” Fuck me, we’ve got some real esoteric shit here.

To call this band “post-metal” or “post-rock” would be deceiving, as Planning for Burial are “post” both of those forms. In fact, the band itself might be “post-life” music, as the loneliness and darkness of the sound reflects being torn of all life, all happiness, all memories. Take for example, the song “Being a Teenager and the Awkwardness of Backseat Sex,” off of their debut, Leaving. Getting laid in your dad’s BMW during the big rivalry game is a great subject for a power-pop song. Stating the title blatantly, rather than using kitschy euphemisms, only highlight the mournful feedback drift and drum patterns that reverse the joy of such a subject. Young lust this ain’t.

Like Isis, the vocals in Planning for Burial’s music are somewhat drowned in the mix, but they add an ethereal gloominess highly appropriate for the music. The most metal part of the band comes from the blackened doom sludge that’s incorporated in more of a ghostly fashion, rather than a straight-no-chaser bludgeoning. Post-rock structures are heavily used, and given the nature of the music, with plenty of minor keys. Remember Explosions in the Sky‘s most recent album, All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone, and how it was dreary for a band known for uplifting songs? Planning for Burial is that, amplified by a million. Piano and organ are peppered in here and there, and when they’re used, you’re in for some real fucking funeral music. These elements most stand out during Leaving‘s closer and title track, which is a little over 13 minutes of unadulterated, melancholic drone. Lustmord may take you to the depths of hell, but Planning for Burial, with this track, take you into cold space, hovering over all that once was.

As Hellhammer once said: Only death is real. The band isn’t named Planning for Burial for nothing.

Leaving is set for a physical release early next year.

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July 24, 2009


Sunn 0)))

If there ever could be a poster child for willfully inscrutable drone doom metal, Sunn 0))) might be that horribly neglected youngster. Neglected insofar as few pay him any mind, and he’s full of a dull kind of inconsolable rage.

Regardless, you’ve now got the opportunity to have your face melted, your eardrums blown, and your skull fucked by Messrs. O’Malley and Anderson themselves.

Dudes founded Southern Lord, so they’ve got the pick of the litter when it comes to opening acts. For this jaunt, they’ve chosen Eagle Twin, a new project from former Iceburn helmsman Gentry Densley. Haven’t spent much time with The Unkindness of Crows, their newest record, but it sounds to me like well-executed drone doom with clearer production and the vocals pushed to the front of the mix. Perhaps a bit of a Southern drawl, as well?

SUNN O))) w/ EAGLE TWIN East and Southern 2009

9/17/2009 Mr Small’s – Pittsburgh, PA
9/19/2009 AS220 Broad Street Studio – Providence, RI
9/20/2009 First Unitarian Church – Philadelphia, PA
9/22/2009 Brooklyn Masonic Temple – Brooklyn, NY w/ Pelican, Earth
9/23/2009 Sonar – Baltimore, MD
9/24/2009 Bijou Theatre – Knoxville, TN
9/25/2009 The Orange Peel – Asheville,NC w/ Faust
9/26/2009 Legends Banquet & Special Event Center – Atlanta, GA
9/27/2009 Seney-Stovall Chapel – Athens, GA
9/28/2009 Seney-Stovall Chapel – Athens, GA
9/30/2009 Mercy Lounge – Nashville, TN

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Tejas O)))

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I second what Anonymous said.

crustcake: Crusty Clip of the Week: Cult of Luna – “The Watchtower”

May 14, 2008

Crusty Clip of the Week: Cult of Luna – “The Watchtower”

Crusty Clip of the Week

Every Wednesday, your hosts each post a suitably stale video clip that we think needs to be revisited. Click here for more Crusty Clips. Got a clip you think we should post? Send it to

by beatmasterspeech (LA)

I like what Cult of Luna has been doing on recent albums; I mean it’s obvious they are developing their sound. But a part of me misses the raw dirtiness of the first two records, my favorite being The Beyond. That entire record just sounds mean and nasty compared to both releases since.

Cult of Luna – “The Watchtower”:

Bring back that dirty bass tone!

The band has posted the title track from their forthcoming album, Eternal Kingdom, on their MySpace page. Sounds like if I want the rawness and dirtiness of their earlier stuff I’ll just have to listen to, you know, their earlier stuff…

Download: Cult of Luna – “The Watchtower” [MP3]
Listen: Cult of Luna [MySpace]
Buy: Cult of Luna – The Beyond [Amazon]

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November 18, 2009


by Andrew Wilhelm (Denver)

The Municipal Waste tour might be skipping over Denver, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be anything massively aggressive going down up here.

Maynard James Keenan’s everything-and-the-kitchen-sink project Puscifer will roost in the Paramount Theatre for a two-night stint. If you’ve seen Tool live at least once, then you’ll know that Maynard is not a “Hello, Cleveland” sort of dude. And for once, the weed smog might rival that of Boulder’s (which, by the way, not only has medical marijuana clinics but a fucking marijuana church!).

If you prefer your metal on the posty side, fear not, for Russian Circles will be playing the Marquis Theatre Saturday. Expect plenty of beards and ear plugs. Attack Attack! are playing the same right, but we advise against going, because, as per a certain South Park episode, little vaginas might start popping up all over your skin.

Monday will be a motherfucking showdown. In the red corner, we’ve got two heavyweight champions, Hatebreed and Cannibal Corpse. In the blue corner, we’ve got Converge, whose nimbleness should not be mistaken for a lack of sonic heft. Bulging necks or an art gallery full of neck tattoos? Who will win the match? We’re rooting for Converge.

Click below for more info.

Friday November 20 – Puscifer, Neil Hamburger, Uncle Scratch’s Gospel Revival @ Paramount Theatre

Saturday November 21 – Puscifer, Neil Hamburger, Uncle Scratch’s Gospel Revival @ Paramount Theatre

- Russian Circles, Git Some, Young Widows @ Marquis Theatre

Monday November 23 – Hatebreed, Cannibal Corpse, Unearth, Hate Eternal, Born of Osiris @ Ogden Theatre

- Converge, Signatures, Ruining Seed, Spoken in Fire @ The Black Sheep

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October 31, 2007

Junius – Live @ Don Pedro’s with Circle Takes The Square [10/30/07]


Junius. In a word, epic. Yes, their music is heavy, but Junius are not a metal band. Theirs is a sort of heaviness that transcends mere riffing and embodies a more literal sense of the word. There is weight to their music.

Their new-ish seven inch, The Fires of Antediluvia, comes in five colors, each corresponding to one of the classical elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Aether: transparent green, transparent blue, transparent amber, clear, and black, respectively). The seven inch’s cover art sums up the band’s vibe appropriately– it is solid black with a minimal silver print, the image depicting meteorites on a collision course with a planet, seemingly suspended in the very aether of time itself.


The bass and drums drop out in the middle of “A Word Could Kill Her” at Don Pedro’s last night and Joseph E. Martinez’s voice just hangs there over a simple, monophonic two-note guitar lead– much like those meteorites over the planet– and then, as the listener is drawn in, leaning, leaning, to the point of nearly losing their balance, the full band hits a monumental downbeat in perfect unison. The meteors escape from their stasis and, in a massive tempest of earth, water, fire, air, and aether, slam into the planet’s surface below.

Junius is one of those rare bands that commands the attention of those with even the shortest of attention spans, leaving listeners itching for more. They could have played every song they’ve ever written last night (which isn’t all that many songs just yet) and I would have wanted more still.


Junius are playing tonight in Medford, MA with Circle Takes The Square, who are then embarking on a brief US tour with Thursday. Junius are set to release a new LP, entitled The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist, sometime in 2008 on Radar Recordings.

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 10/31 – Junius, Circle Takes The Square @ Tufts University

[MP3] Junius – “Blood is Bright”

Junius [MySpace] [MP3]
Junius [Radar Recordings] [iTunes]
The Fires of Antediluvia 7″ [Radar Recordings]

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October 29, 2007

Crustcake Picks – New Music 10/30

Crustcake Picks New Music

Though it contains a mere three new songs, Intronaut‘s latest EP, The Challenger, is worth checking out: if the title track (which you can listen to here) is any indication, Intronaut has improved leaps and bounds over last year’s Void. Intronaut are going to Europe soon and will be back in the states for a few dates with High On Fire, A Life Once Lost, and Saviours early next year.

Also worth checking out is Trap Them‘s Seance Prime (Deathwish) and Slayer‘s DVD release for the Unholy Alliance tour looks pretty swell as well, with the tracklist divvyed up according to each band’s relative awesomeness (8 tracks for Slayer, 3 for Mastodon, 2 for Children of Bodom, and 1 for Lamb of God).

Finally, Levon Helm‘s got a new one out and Rhino/Wea are cashing in on Joy Division.

Intronaut – The Challenger [Amazon] [iTunes]

Trap Them – Seance Prime [Amazon]

Slayer, Lamb of God, Mastodon, Children of Bodom – Unholy Alliance DVD [Amazon]

Levon Helm – Dirt Farmer [Amazon] [iTunes]

Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures [Amazon] [iTunes]

Joy Division – Closer [Amazon] [iTunes]

Joy Division – Still [Amazon] [iTunes]

Joy Division – Vinyl Box Set: Unknown Pleasures/Closer/Still [Amazon]

For more new music, head to Decibel, Prefix, or Largehearted Boy. What will you be picking up/loading down this week?

[MP3] Intronaut – “Gleamer”
[MP3] Trap Them – “They Followed the Scent of Jihad All the Way to Thieves Paradise”
[MP3] Slayer – “The Antichrist”
[MP3] Levon Helm – “Poor Old Dirt Farmer”
[MP3] Joy Division – “Disorder”
[MP3] Joy Division – “Twenty Four Hours”
[MP3] Joy Division – “Dead Souls”

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October 25, 2007

Crustcake Picks – NYC Shows 10/25 – 10/31

Crustcake Show Picks

Some good live jams going down this week. The New Pornographers are at Webster Hall tonight, but we will be over at Cake Shop checking out lo-fi garage rock neo-oldies duo (or something like that) The King Khan & BBQ Show.

Tomorrow, you can see Morrissey at Hammerstein Ballroom if you have $65 to spare. We recommend sneaking in, knowing someone who can put you on the list, or, um, not going at all. $65 for Morrissey? I don’t think so. Maybe we would pay that much to see, oh, say, The Smiths.

Danzig and Doomriders come with our highest recommendation on Saturday, though we’ve never been to the Nokia Theatre (and we avoid Times Square like the plague) so we make no promises about the venue.

Sunday, doom metal/stoner rock legends Boris are at Bowery Ballroom with Damon & Naomi and Michio Kurihara, which is pretty rad because we missed them the last time they were in town.

Monday, we’ll be checking out the mash-ups of Car Stereo (Wars) at NiNjASLiCE‘s Blogger’s Delight Party.

Tuesday, Junius and Circle Takes The Square out in Bushwick at Don Pedro’s and Wednesday/Halloween… wait for it… hold tight… SLAYWHORE!!! That’s right, everyone’s favorite all-female Slayer cover band LIVE at the Knitting Factory’s Tap Bar. Try to contain yourself.

An action-packed week, to be sure, rivaling (eclipsing?) last week’s CMJ festivities.

10/25 – The New Pornographers, Emma Pollock, Immaculate Machine @ Webster Hall

10/25 – King Khan & BBQ Show, Live Fast Die, The Woods, D. Charles Speer @ Cake Shop

10/26 – Morrissey at Hammerstein Ballroom

10/27 – Danzig, Doomriders @ Nokia Theatre

10/28 – Boris, Damon & Naomi, Michio Kurihara @ Bowery Ballroom

10/29 – Car Stereo (Wars) + DJ Chris Hires! @ Knitting Factory (Tap Bar)

10/30 – Circle Takes the Square, Junius, Shitgoddamn @ Don Pedro’s

10/31 – Slaywhore, Under Satan’s Sun, Hochstedder @ Knitting Factory (Tap Bar)

[MP3] The New Pornographers – “Challengers”
[MP3] The King Khan & BBQ Show – “Love You So”
[MP3] Morrissey – “I Like You”
[MP3] Boris – “Farewell”
[MP3] Car Stereo (Wars) – “Who Likes Nick Mckenna?”
[MP3] Junius – “At the Age of Decay”

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October 24, 2007

Doomriders – On the Road with Danzig


On the one hand, we have been hoping that Boston’s Doomriders would never get the attention they deserve. We kinda want to keep them all to ourselves.

But, on the other hand, they rock– hard– and the world needs to know. Opening for Danzig, if only for four dates, is certainly a step in the right direction.

The mini-tour kicked off last night in Baltimore, and we’ve been hearing reports that the legend himself had some issues with gravity. The tour continues tonight in Philadelphia, followed by Worcester, MA and then the Big Apple:

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Danzig & Doomriders
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 10/24 – Electric Factory – Philadelphia, PA
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 10/25 – Palladium – Worcester, MA
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 10/27 – Nokia Theatre – New York, NY

Danzig then continues along from there for several more dates, unfortunately without the support of Doomriders:

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Danzig
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 10/30 – House Of Blues – Las Vegas, NV
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 10/31 – Greek Theatre – Los Angeles, CA
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 11/01 – The Grove – Anaheim, CA
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 11/02 – Warfield Theatre – San Francisco, CA
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 11/04 – Roseland – Portland, OR
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 11/06 – Great Salt Air – Salt Lake City, UT
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 11/07 – Ogden Theatre – Denver, CO
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 11/08 – Liberty Hall – Lawrence, KS
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 11/10 – Sunshine Theatre – Albuquerque, NM
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 11/12 – Dreamcatcher At Viejas Casino – San Diego, CA

[MP3] Doomriders – “Black Thunder”
[MP3] Danzig – “Soul on Fire”

Doomriders [MySpace] [MP3]
Black Thunder [Amazon] [iTunes]

Danzig [MP3]
The Lost Tracks of Danzig [Amazon] [iTunes]

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High On Fire – New Video + Tour, Tour, Tour

High On Fire

High On Fire, who are currently wrapping up their tour with Mono, Panthers, and Coliseum, will be conquering Europe this winter with Chicago’s Pelican before returning stateside for the second leg of their massive Death is this Communion World Tour, this time with support from A Life Once Lost and Saviours. Also joining them for the final seven dates of said tour will be LA’s Intronaut, a band you can expect crustcake to be watching closely.

Watch High On Fire’s video for “Rumors of War”, just released:

[MP3] High On Fire – “Rumors of War”
[MP3] Pelican – “Winds With Hands”

High On Fire [MySpace] [MP3]
Death is this Communion [Amazon] [iTunes]

Pelican [MySpace] [MP3]
City Of Echoes [Amazon] [iTunes]

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October 23, 2007

Crustcake Picks – New Music 10/23

Crustcake Picks New Music

Here’s some new musics for you ear holes:

EnthronedTetra Karcist [Amazon] [iTunes]

ExodusThe Atrocity Exhibition: Exhibit A [Amazon] [iTunes]

LazarusHawk Medicine [Amazon] [iTunes]

The WarlocksHeavy Deavy Skull Lover [Amazon]

In addition, Kemado is now taking pre-orders for the The Sword‘s upcoming split with Witchcraft. Three brand new Witchcraft songs? The Sword covering Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song”? Two of our favorite bands on the same record? Can life get any better? I submit that it cannot!

The Sword/Witchcraft – Split 12″ [Pre-order]

Lastly, Rise Above is taking pre-orders for the 12″ version of Witchcraft’s recently released third full-length. Get over there fast, as the first two colors are already sold out (yeah, we missed the boat too… crustcake gerf settled for the Black Sparkle version) and they are only going to get more scarce, what with Phil Anselmo’s recent endorsement of the crustcake favorites.

Witchcraft – The Alchemist 12″ [Pre-order]

For more new music, head to Decibel, Prefix, or Largehearted Boy. What will you be picking up/loading down this week?

[MP3] Witchcraft – “If Crimson Was Your Colour”

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October 21, 2007

Jesu, Torche – Live at Blender Theater at Gramercy [10/20/07]

Jesu & Torche

Holy shit, I had almost forgotten what heavy was. Until last night, that is. Thank you, Torche, for reminding me.


There were some issues with the mix, however, that would never be fully resolved. Steve Brooks’ poppy, melodic vocals face an uphill battle against his band’s monumentally crushing wall of sound and need all the help they can get in the mix. For the first few songs, the vocals were mostly nonexistent. They got a little EQ boost later on, but it still left me wanting.

That wasn’t even the worst of it.

There were no drums in the mix– zero– for the duration of their set. Snare and cymbals came through acoustically of course, but toms and bass drum were completely absent. Needless to say, this detracted quite a bit from the impact of their songs.

Regardless, Torche are heavier live than could ever be conveyed on tape and I look forward to seeing them again.

Hey, so, by the way… is “Vampyro” about Harry Caray?


I have been waiting to see Jesu for some time now, after missing them earlier this year. I was scheduled to review their Irving Plaza show with Torche and ISIS for The Tripwire but, the day of the show their publicist renegged with a lie about how Jesu were still unable to get into the country. [I made a mistake-- the real story was that due to confusion surrounding constant visa issues, a ticket buy was never secured and the names submitted (including mine) were rejected by the venue. Sorry Derek!] They were, in fact, forced to cancel several dates at the beginning of that tour, but they managed to get their visa issues worked out in time for the Irving Plaza show.

Anyway, Justin Broadrick and co. were just about everything I expected them to be and nothing more– they were good, but they didn’t exceed expectations. And once again, not their fault, but the vocals were much too low in the mix.

Besides the continued issues with the mix, there was only one misstep. Jesu had us in a trance until “Transfigure”, when one of drummer Ted Parson’s Phil Petrocelli’s clumsy fills went slightly off course, killing our buzz and nearly derailing the entire song.

Otherwise, Jesu successfully enraptured the audience, filling the room with their epic, introspective laments and proving that metalheads can be in touch with their sensitive side.

Upcoming Dates:

Torche & Jesu
10/21 – The Polish Club – Poughkeepsie, NY
10/22 – Trinity on Main – New Britain, CT
10/23 – The Middle East – Cambridge, MA
10/24 – La Sala Rossa – Montreal, Quebec
10/25 – Lee’s Palace – Toronto, Ontario
10/26 – Snowplace Theater – Buffalo, NY
10/27 – Empty Bottle – Chicago, IL
10/29 – Pops – Sauget, IL
10/30 – Bottleneck – Lawrence, KS

10/31 – The Outland Ballroom – Springfield, MO
11/01 – Hi-Tone – Memphis, TN
11/02 – Bottletree – Birmingham, AL
11/03 – The Star Community Bar – Atlanta, GA
11/19 – Studio A – Miami, FL

10/31 – Marquis Theater – Denver, CO
11/02 – Neumo’s Crystal Ball – Seattle, WA
11/03 – Hawthorne Theater – Portland, OR
11/05 – Harlow’s – Sacramento, CA
11/06 – Great American Music Hall – San Francisco, CA
11/09 – Ex Plex – Los Angeles, CA

[Video] Torche – “Mentor”
[MP3] Torche – “Charge of the Brown Recluse”
[MP3] Jesu – “Can I Go Now”

Torche [MySpace] [MP3]
In Return [iTunes]

Jesu [MySpace] [MP3]
Lifeline [Amazon][iTunes]

[Photo Credit: Pitchfork Media]

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Arcade Fire – “No Cars Go”

Arcade Fire

So you’re sitting there on this Sunday morning, sipping your coffee, recovering from whatever shenanigans you got into last night, and wondering what to do with yourself. Not to worry, crustcake‘s got your back.

“No Cars Go” is one of our favorite Arcade Fire songs and it’s sure to put you in a good mood and hold you over as you anxiously await crustcake‘s review of last night’s Torche and Jesu show.

Check out this lively performance of “No Cars Go” at Rock en Seine way back in 2005:

They are just so endearing, no?

Arcade Fire recently created some buzz surrounding their interactive video for “Neon Bible”, though their timing couldn’t have been worse, as the video was released around the same time as the new Radiohead album.

Check it out at (which is an anagram for Neon Bible).

[MP3] Arcade Fire – “No Cars Go”
[Video] Arcade Fire – “No Cars Go”

Arcade Fire [MySpace] [MP3]
Neon Bible [Amazon][iTunes]

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October 19, 2007

Speak the Hungarian Rapper

“I don wanna war, I juss wanna piss.”

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Crustcake Picks – CMJ 2007: Saturday

Jesu & Torche

This is it folks, last day. Seems a little anticlimactic, doesn’t it?

After two late nights in a row, we’ll probably sleep in a bit. Then, after a big breakfast, we’ll most likely head over to the FADER Sideshow to check out White Denim at 4:30 and kill some time (and, let’s be honest, take advantage of the open bar) before things really get going.

Later, we have some choices to make. All-but-forgotten ’90s British rock group The Wildhearts are playing on a boat. We would love to see them, but can’t afford the $25 ticket price (and are a little worried that they may be a bit past their prime, to be honest).

Another option is the Translation Loss Showcase at Ace of Clubs. It looks to be a decent (but long) lineup, with a solid second half featuring Bloodhorse, Irepress, Total Fucking Destruction, and Rosetta.

Crustcake, however, has tunnel vision for one show and one show only: Torche and Jesu at (regrettably) Blender Theater at Gramercy. This is quite possible the best show of CMJ week (despite what the L Magazine says), and we can hardly contain our anticipation for the crushing riffs and metal-pop of Torche and the introspective shoegaze post-rock of Jesu (how ’bout THAT for some pretentious genre labeling?).

Here’s a video to get you all excited (or, like, bummed out):

[Jesu - "Dead Eyes"]

Crustcake CMJ Spectacular! Saturday:

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 10/20 – White Denim, more @ FADER Sideshow

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 10/20 – The Wildhearts, The Matt Truman Ego Trip
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp on the Rocks Off Boat

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 10/20 – Rosetta, Total Fucking Destruction, Irepress,
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Bloodhorse, more @ Ace of Clubs

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 10/20 – Jesu, Torche, Fog @ Blender Theater at
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Gramercy

Jesu [MySpace] [MP3]
Lifeline [Amazon][iTunes]

Torche [MySpace] [MP3]
In Return [iTunes]

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Witchcraft – Live at Luna Lounge with Saviours, More [10/18/07]


Witchcraft. Again, fuck yes. They wowed Luna Lounge last night in the wee hours of the morning with their doom assault. They were louder, tighter, and more exciting than they are on record. My only complaint is that they didn’t play two of my favorite songs: “Mr. Haze” and “Chylde of Fire“.


Fortunately, if you missed them last night you can still catch them at Death By Audio tonight with Danava (who were decent last night– worthy of further exploration) and Wolves in the Throne Room. And, if you can’t bear to miss the Tee Pee Showcase even for Witchcraft, they will allegedly be at Bowery Ballroom on December 1st with Baroness and Radio Moscow, though Bowery’s calendar suggests otherwise.

I would be remiss here if I didn’t at least mention Saviours. They were good. Go see them, and stuff. Oh and anyone stay for Children? How were they?

Witchcraft are coming to your neck of the woods:

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Witchcraft – 2007 Fall Tour
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 10/19 – Death by Audio – Brooklyn, NY
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 10/20 – North Star Bar – Philadelphia, PA
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 10/21 – Black Cat – Washington, DC
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 10/22 – The Talking Head Club – Baltimore, MD
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 10/23 – The Boot – Norfolk, VA
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 10/24 – Joli Rouge – Asheville, NC
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 10/25 – The Drunken Unicorn – Atlanta, GA
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 10/26 – Jinx – Savannah, GA
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 10/28 – Backbooth – Orlando, FL
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 10/29 – Crowbar – Ybor City, FL
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 10/30 – Beta Bar – Tallahasse, FL
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 10/31 – One Eyed Jacks – New Orleans, LA
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 11/01 – Rudyard’s Pub – Houston, TX
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 11/02 – Double-Wide – Dallas, TX
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 11/03 – Fun Fun Fun Festival – Austin, TX
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 11/05 – Casablanca – Phoenix, AZ
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 11/06 – Brick by Brick – San Diego, CA
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 11/08 – Echo – Los Angeles, CA
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 11/09 – Brookdale Lodge – Brookdale, CA
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 11/10 – Slims – San Fransisco, CA
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 11/11 – The Alibi – Eureka, CA
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 11/13 – Satyricon – Portland, OR
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 11/14 – The Sunset Tavern – Seattle, WA
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 11/16 – Visual Arts Collective Boise, IA
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 11/17 – Urban Lounge – Salt Lake City, UT
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 11/18 – Three of Kings – Denver, CO
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 11/20 – Replay Lounge – Lawrence, KS
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 11/21 – Vaudeville Mews – Des Moines, IA
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 11/22 – The Entry – Minneapolis, MN
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 11/23 – Cactus Club – Milwaukee, WI
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 11/24 – Double Door – Chicago, IL
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 11/26 – The Crofoot – Pontiac, MI
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 11/27 – Grog Shop – Cleveland, OH
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 11/28 – Sound Lab – Buffalo, NY
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 11/29 – Gothic Stone Church – Brattleboro, VT
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 11/30 – Middle East – Boston, MA
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 12/01 – Bowery Ballroom – New York, NY

Witchcraft [MySpace] [MP3]
The Alchemist [Amazon]

Saviours [MySpace] [MP3]
Crucifire [Amazon] [iTunes]

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October 18, 2007

Dethklok – “Bloodrocuted” Video


Everyone’s favorite cartoon death metal band has released a music video for their blue collar anthem “Bloodrocuted”. According to a review of Dethklok‘s recently released Dethalbum– the best I’ve read so far– by Cosmo Lee of Invisible Oranges, Dethalbum is the “highest charting death metal record ever, [debuting] at #21 on the Billboard 200 with first week sales of 33,740.”

Has Adult Swim’s Metalocalypse opened the average college dude‘s eyes to the world of heavy metal or is Dethalbum‘s relative success a mere factor of circumstance? Perhaps the band themselves can offer some insight

Video after the jump.

Dethklok [MySpace] [MP3]
Dethalbum [Amazon] [iTunes]

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October 17, 2007

Crustcake Picks – CMJ 2007: Friday

Tough choices on Friday. Canadian swine-core six-piece Despised Icon are at Bowery Poetry Club, though by the time you get through the unoriginal tech-metal of The Network, the merely decent death metal of Sons of Azrael, and the intolerable dudebro-core of Death Before Dishonor, you may be more interested in a beer and an old Slayer DVD than any more breakdowns.

Fortunately, if you do make it that long, Despised Icon are slotted before Christian Metalcore bigtimers The Chariot– whose steampunk-inspired imagery is fantastic but regurgitated metalcore riffs are not– so you’ll at least be able to cut out early and make it across the bridge to catch the end of the Tee Pee Records Showcase at Luna Lounge.

The Tee Pee Showcase features one of the most solid lineups of the week and you can bet your bottom dollar that that’s where we’ll be spending the evening, spliff or no spliff.

Ancestors kick off the party with their Electric-Wizard-esque down-tempo doom-riffs. Next we’ll be treated to the psychedelic rock of the bombastically-named Assemble Head in the Sunburst Sound and Stockholm’s Blackstrap and then, finally, The Warlocks and Earthless, both of whom we are especially interested in checking out.

The Warlocks explore a mellower side of the psyche-rock aesthetic, while Earthless are prone to 20-minute-plus-but-never-masturbatory hard rock jam sessions (alright, so they may sound a wee bit like you and your buddies jamming in your basement but we like them anyway). The only thing that could make the Tee Pee Showcase better would be if Luna allows re-entry– Spuyten Duyvil is right next door and Fette Sau across the street. What better way to spend a Friday night than five solid sets of old fashioned rock and roll shuffled in with New York’s finest beer, whiskey, and barbecue?

Crustcake CMJ Spectacular! Friday:

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 10/19 – The Chariot, Despised Icon, Death Before Dishonor, Sons
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp of Azrael, The Network @ Bowery Poetry Club

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 10/19Earthless, The Warlocks, Blackstrap, Assmble Head In
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp the Sunburst Sound, Ancestors @ Luna Lounge

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 10/19 – Beer, Whiskey, Barbecue @ Spuyten Duyvil, Fette Sau

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Crustcake Picks – CMJ 2007: Thursday


Witchcraft, fuck yes. So, they may have blatantly ripped off Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” (and also allegedly Green Day’s “Fashion Victim”, but we haven’t listened to Green Day since, like, 1994) but the Swedish quartet’s analog-worshipping doom is so good that we can forgive them.

Besides, the reference to “Iron Man” is so obvious (the rhythm is literally identical and both riffs consist of a near-perfect unison between guitar and vocals), that it seems more likely to have been an homage to the the original masterminds of metal than any sort of unintentional plagiarism. Or maybe I am just giving Witchcraft too much credit.

Regardless, jam out to this video for the lead cut (and “Iron Man”, um, tribute song) from their 2005 LP, Firewood, and then just try and tell us you aren’t excited too:

You can catch them at Luna Lounge on Thursday, supported by Saviours who, like High On Fire, hail from just across the bay from Smugtown.

Afterwards, head over to Gramercy Theatre and catch indie rock favorites Spoon at Blender’s super-exclusive cool-people-only after-hours show. Be sure to RSVP to

Crustcake CMJ Spectacular! Thursday:

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 10/18Witchcraft, Saviours, more @ Luna Lounge

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 10/18Spoon, Air Traffic, 1990′s @ Blender Theater at Gramercy

Witchcraft [MySpace] [MP3]
The Alchemist [Amazon]

Spoon [MySpace] [MP3]
Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga [Amazon] [iTunes]

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October 15, 2007

Crustcake Picks – CMJ 2007: Wednesday

The festivities continue on Wednesday, with blog-o-favs Dan Deacon and Deerhunter gracing the Bowery Ballroom, System of a Down‘s Serj Tankian at the Fillmore, an eclectic lineup at Trash Bar, and more.

Crustcake, in our infinite wisdom (and bad taste), suggests swinging by the Apple Store in SOHO in the afternoon (if you are a bum and don’t have to work) for a free performance by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth fame. Then, after dinner, roll over to Other Music for another freebie at 6pm, this time by Los Angeles’ lo-fi garage-rock duo No Age.

Later, head to Brooklyn for A Place To Bury Strangers, Foals, Cadence Weapon, Sam Champion, and Yeasayer at Music Hall of Williamsburg or save a few bucks (and complete a day of free music) with the doom-folk of Lazarus at Pete’s Candy Store.

Crustcake CMJ Spectacular! Wednesday:

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 10/17 – Thurston Moore @ Apple Store SOHO

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 10/17No Age @ Other Music

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 10/17A Place To Bury Strangers, Foals, Cadence Weapon, Sam
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Champion
, Yeasayer @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 10/17Lazarus @ Pete’s Candy Store.

As for us? We will probably not be doing any of that. We’ll most likely just sit at home and listen to our old death metal records. Let us know how it goes.

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Crustcake Picks – CMJ 2007: Tuesday

Modern Life Is War

Welcome to the first-ever Crustcake CMJ Spectacular! CMJ is bringing a shit ton of bands to New York this week. Let crustcake help you decide what’s worth your time (and money).

Tomorrow kicks off this year’s CMJ Music Marathon with a whole slew of shows (36 to be exact), but we can only go to one. We suggest checking out Iowa’s Modern Life Is War, supporting power-pop outfit Lifetime and pop-punk favorites (no, not that kind of pop-punk) Bouncing Souls.

Crustcake CMJ Spectacular! Tuesday:

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 10/16Bouncing Souls, Lifetime, Modern Life Is War
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp @ Webster Hall

Modern Life Is War [MySpace] [MP3]
Midnight in America [Amazon] [iTunes]

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October 12, 2007

High On Fire – Live at Webster Hall with Mono, Panthers, Coliseum [10/8/07]

High On Fire

When I arrived at Webster Hall– towards the end of Louisville, Kentucky-based Coliseum’s set– the place was virtually vacant. The way Coliseum’s super-charged, balls-to-the-wall rock and roll echoed through the space to nothing but scattered polite applause, you would have thought they were doing a soundcheck or a dress rehearsal.

I thought that surely Webster Hall would fill up by the time the mighty High On Fire took the stage, but it would soon be apparent how wrong I was. Sure, the crowd did grow somewhat over the course of the night, but not that much.

Maybe New York’s metal enthusiasts just couldn’t be bothered to come out on a Monday night, fearing the inevitable hangover+tinnitus cocktail that would surely accompany them to their job at the local record shop the next morning. Maybe they were holding out for the next night’s show in Brooklyn. Or maybe it was the outrageous $25 ticket price that scared them away.

I suppose it could also have had something to do with Webster Hall’s astronomical drink prices– not astronomical by corporate-owned nightclub/venue standards, and not even astronomical by typical Manhattan standards, but metalheads want beer– cheap beer. They are not happy when forced to pay upwards of $7 for your standard swill when they could get the same thing somewhere else for half the cost or a top-quality Belgian ale, for example, at the same price.

But I digress. Where were we?


Oh, right. Coliseum. Despite the crowd’s non-response– and despite someone in the front saying at one point, “you guys are good, it’s just not my thing”– they were incredibly thankful and appreciative. They brought their A-game and in an intimate venue with a more responsive crowd (and a generous supply of Pabst) I can imagine a Coliseum show turning into a veritable bacchanal.


After a set of 70′s-flavored fuzz-rock/pseudo-metal from Brooklyn’s own Panthers, Mono took to the stage. I was concerned that they would have trouble grabbing– and especially keeping– the attention of the mostly metal audience, but by the time the first song hit its peak, Mono seemed to have won them over.

Halfway through their second song, I remembered why I loved Mono so much: their timing is impeccable and they effortlessly draw in the listener in with long, extended crescendos and then pound them over the head with their trademark massive, heavy, epic grooves. Halfway through their fourth song, I remembered why I had all but forgotten about Mono: they are a one trick pony. Virtually every song follows the same broad, arcing crescendo-climax-decrescendo formula. Listening to Mono– especially live– can be something of a spiritual experience, but a little goes a long way.

High On Fire[High On Fire]

Finally, the mighty metal masters of High On Fire were up to bat. Matt Pike and co., who released Death is this Communion last month, emerged to resounding cheers from the anxious crowd and Pike couldn’t have appeared more excited. As their sludge-hammer riffing pounded everyone into submission, Pike was grinning like a little kid, clearly an expression of his love for what he does.

High On Fire are a Metal band, capital ‘M’– they are the epitome of the ‘heavy metal aesthetic’– but where other metal bands are ‘dead serious’ (no pun intended), lacking any sense of irony (or fun) altogether, High On Fire do the classic heavy metal shtick better and they have a god damn good time doing it too.

High On Fire bring superior, first-rate heavy metal to the party, and an hour of pummeling by their pounding, world-shattering riffs is enough to shake even the most zealous metalhead to the core.

High On Fire [MySpace] [MP3]
Death is this Communion [Amazon] [iTunes]

Mono [MySpace] [MP3]
Gone: A Collection of EP’s 2000-2007 [Amazon] [iTunes]

Panthers [MySpace] [MP3]
The Trick [Amazon] [iTunes]

Coliseum [MySpace] [MP3]
No Salvation [Amazon] [iTunes]

[Photo Credit: Jesse Angelo]

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October 11, 2007

Crustcake Picks – Shows this Week in NYC

Crustcake Show Picks

Jay Reatard

Jay Reatard rocked Cake Shop last night, slaying the capacity crowd with his infectious punk rock/power pop stylings. If you had somewhere more important to be, you can catch him tonight at Death By Audio.

Coming up:

10/11Jay Reatard w/ Meneguar, The Golden Error, Vivian Girls @ Death By Audio

10/12The National w/ The Forms, Marla Hansen @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

10/13Queens of the Stone Age @ The Theater at Madison Square Garden

And of course, CMJ begins on Tuesday. There will be plenty of shows to choose from next week, expect a heads up on Monday.

Jay Reatard [MySpace] [MP3]
Blood Visions [Amazon] [iTunes]

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October 10, 2007

Radiohead Releases ‘In Rainbows’


As if you didn’t already know, Radiohead released their seventh “LP” today. In Rainbows was released as a DRM-free digital download, with a physical format to follow.

There has been a lot of talk in the ten days since Radiohead announced the release about how they are ‘changing the game’, though Jonny In RainbowsGreenwood seems to suggest it’s a whole lotta hype over nothing. One of the major topics of discussion has been the fact that the album was released on a Wednesday fans can choose how much to pay for the download. That’s right, when you buy the album via, you can pay as little as £0 or as much as £40 ($80), but at that price you might as well get the ‘discbox’ since, uhh, that’s what it costs (don’t worry, it’s chock full o’ pretty Radiohead paraphernalia and shipping is included!).

I will spare you a full album review, as there are a shit ton of places to read one of those already (and sooner than you can say “OK Computer” there will be hundreds more), but I will say that I paid £2.50 ($5) for the download and it was well worth it.

Radiohead [Official] [MP3]
In Rainbows [Purchase]

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October 9, 2007

Baroness – Live at Don Pedro’s with Attake, Tournament [10/1/07]

Baroness press shot

There have been murmurings about Savannah, Georgia-based four piece metal outfit Baroness (is it bar-on-ESS or BAR-on-ess?) in the underground metal community for some time now. Those murmurings are quickly becoming a buzz, and with good cause.

I’ll admit, when I picked up their debut full-length, Red Album, a few weeks ago I wasn’t immediately hooked. The album grew on me after a few more spins, but I still wasn’t convinced that their buzz was entirely deserved.

Still, I made the trek out to Bushwick last Monday to see them at Don Pedro’s. Don Pedro’s is a half finished hole-in-the-wall of a bar, and probably has more in common with your friend’s parents’ unfinished basement (yeah, the one where most of your alcohol and marijuana consumption took place during high school) than any sort of ‘real’ bar. The place couldn’t be better suited to host an ‘underground’ metal show.

After an enjoyable, but ultimately unmemorable, set by Brooklyn-based Tournament and an aggressive set from female-fronted thrash/black metal band Attake, Baroness took the stage.

Baroness at Don Pedro's[Baroness]

By this time, Don Pedro’s was bursting at the seams with Brooklyn’s small but ardent metal community. Cramming five hundred people into a two hundred person space tends to create a situation where everyone is wedged in together like sardines, but– against all odds and the laws of physics– when Baroness hit their first note a mosh pit miraculously appeared.

The crowd was crazy for Baroness– fists pumping, feet stomping, hair flying– and the band reciprocated their energy. The only thing that could have stopped the metal fury was if the power went out, which it did. Their Sunn and Marshall amps, turned up to eleven, were apparently too much for Don Pedro’s to handle.

The outtage didn’t last long, however, and the show continued. Afterwards, band and fans alike were out of breath– satisfied in their collective knowledge that ‘this‘ is what heavy metal is all about. Baroness are a no-bullshit band– difficult to pigeonhole– and unsuspecting metalheads would be well advised to take notice.

Upcoming dates:

Baroness – 10/9 Charleston, SC @ Cumberlands

Baroness [MySpace] [MP3]
Red Album [Amazon] [iTunes]

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All Time Top Albums – beatmasterspeech

A.k.a. “Top Whatever Number of Records that are the Shit to Me”

Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath (1970)
Black Sabbath

As you will soon realize, I’m a bit of a metal fan. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan and appreciator (is that a word?) of all types of GOOD music. As it goes for rock ‘n’ roll and metal, Black Sabbath did it first. The whole dark bluesy ‘world is ending’ sounding riffs just clicked with me immediately. I wouldn’t be a true hard rock/metal fan if I did not pay tribute to some of the founding fathers. Once you jam to Sabbath, you’ll realize just how much they inspired today’s rock. Also, if you or someone you know doesn’t have a clue what metal is, I suggest renting/buying the documentary “METAL: A Headbanger’s Journey” and buying this record… done.

Crucial Cut: Black Sabbath

Led Zeppelin IV
Led Zeppelin IV (1971)
Led Zeppelin

This album is a classic and if I did not include it on my list I would feel as if I disrespected the almighty music gods… Are there music gods? You know what I’m trying to say… But seriously, Led Zeppelin could do no wrong and this album just drives that point home. The big sound of “When the Levee Breaks” is so epic that anywhere you hear that beat kick off, automatically your ears perk up and it sounds brand new. This album is another great reminder of how insanely important the blues are to rock music. If you can’t feel a single song on this album, you are not alive.

Crucial Cut: When the Levee Breaks

I’m Ready
I’m Ready (1978)
Muddy Waters

Muddy, along with the help of other blues legends, gave birth to rock and roll. The combination of the pain and suffering from his early acoustic country blues days to the fierce howling guitars of his latter electric blues days, cemented him into the archives of music history. Muddy Waters’ I’m Ready is a real record, ’nuff said. Close your eyes and you’ll believe Muddy’s guitar is laying all his problems out for you on “Screamin’ and Cryin’”. Every song on this record creates that goose bump sensation that you have each time you hear your favorite tune (you know what I’m talkin’ about). Try this one out with an ice-cold beer… *best if heard in a bar*

Crucial cut: Screamin’ and Cryin’

True Democracy
True Democracy (1982)
Steel Pulse

There is a ton of reggae out there, but not often do you come across an entire album that’s great from start to finish. True Democracy does that, and it’s fucking amazing. When you have this album, there are no worries when you’re looking for the best CDs to bring along for that car ride to the beach. Shit, this album even makes a sunny day in Wisconsin feel like Malibu. The melodies and the lyrics are so infectious, I guarantee you’ll jam this shit loud in your car/iPod and become part of the band as background vocalist and/or hype man. No, seriously….

Crucial Cut: Marcus Say

Chaos A.D.
Chaos A.D. (1993)

After helping to mix it up in the early days of death metal, Sepultura re-introduced groove back into the mix. If you listen to any of the metal and hardcore bands out now, no one can hold a candle to the breakdowns on Chaos A.D.. It’s one of the few metal records you can listen to start to finish and never get sick of the intensity. The rebellious nature of the Cavalera brothers is just one of many factors behind the mighty beast that is Sepultura. The sheer brutalness of “Territory” and the memorable double bass in “Propaganda” give me goose bumps… The Brazilian-inspired beat on “We Who Are Not As Others” opened me up to a whole new level of extreme music…

Crucial Cut: Nomad

Slaughter of the Soul
Slaughter of the Soul (1995)
At The Gates

Needless to say, heavy metal was the first of any type of music to grab me by the head and completely take over. When I first entered college, I believed I had already heard the heaviest of heavy; the most metal shit out there… I couldn’t have been more wrong. As soon as I heard the sounds of “Under the Serpent Sun” blaring from the end of the hall, it was the beginning of a beautiful and brutal relationship. This record has been ripped off as much or more than James Brown. Now that metalcore is the new bubblegum pop, many white belt wearing young bands of have taken At The Gates inspired riffs and blurred them all to hell. Don’t mess with imitators, Slaughter of the Soul is the originator! (sorry for the cheesy finish)

Crucial Cut: Under the Serpent Sun

Time Heals Nothing
Time Heals Nothing (1995)

The moment I heard Crowbar, I was hooked. I had never before experienced anything this thick and drawn out, yet so driving. Time Heals Nothing dishes out some of the chunkiest riffs that force you to make that constipated look and shake your head to the deepest pocket groove ever. Crowbar remains king of the sludge sound and this record lays it on fucking thick.

Crucial Cut: Leave it Behind

Endtroducing… (1996)
DJ Shadow

For those of you that have heard this record, your life has been changed. Every track on this record is an example of sampling genius. The fluid mastery of DJ Shadow always will take you places and this record is perfect for any time you need to lose yourself to reflect. I know that sounds cheesy, but seriously, the overall gigantic sound of the beats and melodies on this record are irresistible. I try to branch out to other DJs or other artists with similar styles but nothing has the same complete dark sounding groove as Endtroducing… does. Definitely a record that makes you nod your head unknowingly.

Crucial Cut: Building Steam with a Grain of Salt

Combustication (1998)
Medeski Martin and Wood

It’s almost as if a ’60s organ trio took acid and hung out with James Brown and The Meters a bunch, then invited DJ Logic over to add his two cents to the discussion. Best if heard while lying in bed, not sleepy, but just not doing anything else. Each time around something else is picked up in every song that makes you realize why you are moving your head and tapping your thumb on your thigh. This is another one of those ‘musical journey’ albums; get it and go for the ride!

Crucial Cut: Everyday People

Come Alive
The Roots Come Alive (1999)
The Roots

So it’s not a studio record and it’s almost like a ‘best of’ of The Roots’ older tunes but it’s the one album I go to most for my fix. Each song sounds like it has new life on this recording; the rearrangements and improv elements make this record a solid listen. Real music with real feel– no drum machines, no loops, just fucking real. Try and find that in the music aisle at wal-Mart.

Crucial Cut: Love My Live

Vengeance (2002)

“When the scientists find our remains, what will they say?” Tragedy will tell you their beliefs and will back up everything they sing about. This record is monumental. It is not only the catchiest damn record ever, but it happens to be the truest hardcore band and hardcore record. Punk… Hardcore… whatever you are going to label it, you will know it’s genius. Each song is an anthem of aggression and every kid who gives a fuck can relate to this album. Get ready to pump your fist and storm around your room like you can’t hold it in!

Crucial Cut: Beginning of the End

Oceanic (2002)

You ever have those records that calm you down or put you somewhere other than the problems in front of you? Was that too personal? Whatever, when you listen to Oceanic, you start to visualize almost a virtual movie to yourself. It’s depth and huge sound give you this sense of something big– the quiet quiet loud loud routine never gets stale. From start to finish, you’ll experience beautiful melodies and massive head stomp riffs that transition into the most hypnotic head bobbin’ groove known. Film score for the quiet folk.

Crucial Cut: False Light

Catch for Us the Foxes
Catch for Us the Foxes (2004)

I had this album for a bit before I realized its full potential. It was the day after a brutal goregrind show that happened at a place in southern California that most people call “The Happiest Place On Earth”. The morning after I was in particularly rare form. I’ll spare you the gooey details of why but let’s just say it was life changing… sort of. All I had in the car was brutal death metal and this album. Fearing the worst with my headache, I popped this in and was nursed back to normal. From start to finish this record will keep you interested. The spoken word vocal style is performed with so much conviction that you can’t help but be swept by it. I knew this record was gonna be part of my list when I couldn’t think of one time that when I started the record I didn’t finish it. Puts a content look on my face while in the car.

Crucial Cut: Seven Sisters

Annihilation of the Wicked
Annihilation of the Wicked (2005)

FYI: this is a death metal record. In my eyes it’s one of the most solid examples of the future of death metal. Take the amazing thick groove emphasis of old, add in the most insane tightest drums on record, throw in the bottomless vocal pit of Dallas and Karl and welcome to hell. If you don’t automatically make the “sour taste” face with your bottom lipped a lil’ poked out, then you’re not listening to it loud enough. Each song can stand on its own brutality, but this record should be listened straight through for maximum heaviness.

Crucial Cut: Annihilation of the Wicked

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October 8, 2007

All Time Top Albums – crustcake gerf

I feel the need for a disclaimer here: this is by no means a comprehensive list nor should it be considered gospel. Think of this more as an introduction to my musical tastes rather than a be-all and end-all stone tablet. After all, that was really the original intent of these first posts anyway– to give readers and potential readers a taste of what we’re about here!

Houses of the Holy
Houses of the Holy (1973)
Led Zeppelin

What’s there to be said about the Iron Dirigible that hasn’t been said before? They were at the vanguard of the original heavy metal movement, paving the way for Rock and Roll as we now know it. Without them (and their peers) we would probably not have many of the albums below.

Crucial Cut: The Ocean

Marquee Moon
Marquee Moon (1977)

Again, what’s left to say about Television? They were the original CBGB band, opening Hilly Kristal’s doors to The Ramones, The Talking Heads, and Patti Smith. Marquee Moon is punk rock with class.

Crucial Cut: Marquee Moon

Master of Puppets
Master of Puppets (1986)

I was three years old when this album was released so I can only imagine the effect it had on music in its time. Today it sounds quaintly dated, but Master of Puppets‘ epic compositions, unconventional phrasing, blistering riffs, and ripping guitar solos are certainly enough to give it a place in the hall of fame.

Crucial Cut: Master of Puppets

Rage Against the Machine
Rage Against the Machine (1992)
Rage Against the Machine

Their fusion of de la Rocha’s angsty rapping with the rhythm section’s heavy rock, funk, and metal grooves was the first of its kind. This, and just the pure raw energy of this album, make it an easy choice for this list. Tolerating the likes of Fred Durst and Kid Rock is a small price to pay for the pleasure of having Rage in our lives.

Crucial Cut: Wake Up

Endtroducing… (1996)
DJ Shadow

This groundbreaking album was the first ever to be crafted exclusively from samples. Mellow, grooving, relaxing, creepy– this album is a cornucopia of moods and a roller coaster of emotions. Entroducing… is the perfect accompaniment to a midnight cruise through the countryside.

Crucial Cut: Stem / Long Stem / Transmission 2

OK Computer
OK Computer (1997)

OK Computer is flawless. From the first guitar pick up to the final glockenspiel note, this album is pure agonizing bliss– timeless perfection, ’nuff said.

Crucial Cut: Karma Police

Mezzanine (1998)
Massive Attack

Ok, I’m not gonna front here– I was late to the party. I discovered this album fairly recently and I hesitated including it here for that reason, but Mezzanine was so far ahead of its time that although I am listening to it almost a decade late with virgin ears it still resonates powerfully. Mezzanine conjures up a post-apocalyptic, industrial-noir landscape best served in the wee hours of the urban morning with a side of rainfall and rolling thunder.

Crucial Cut: Teardrop

Jupiter (2000)
Cave In

The perfect blend of catchy song writing and calculated metal aggression, this album will set you up with a carefully crafted moments of space rock and the hit you over the head with some heavy-but-not-in-bad-taste riffing. Jupiter will be a long lost classic in the years to come.

Crucial Cut: Requiem

Anaesthetic (2001)

Anaesthetic is the perfect soundtrack for all those late nights spent plotting the overthrow of the government. Roby’s angelic singing blended subtly with Laney’s robotic vocals makes for the perfect stylistic contrast on this keyboard-driven post-hardcore triumph.

Crucial Cut: Ant Architect

Remission (2002)

I was close– very close– to going with Mastodon’s latest release, Blood Mountain, here instead. From Remission to Blood Mountain Mastodon’s sound has matured, their performance has become tighter, and their songwriting has become more focused– when they are writing good songs. And that’s just it– while Blood Mountain contains a few duds, Remission contains not a single inferior cut. Chock full of unbridled energy and raw aggression from top to bottom, with a few well-placed moments of calm so you can catch your breath, Remission is a modern heavy metal masterpiece.

Crucial Cut: March of the Fire Ants

Songs for the Deaf
Songs for the Deaf (2002)
Queens of the Stone Age

If you tuned in to a rock radio station any time during the late ’90s to, well, now, you would hear a plethora of inoffensive, least-common-denominator, bland, formula-based songs– one band is virtually indistinguishable from another. In the midst of this homogenization (I may have made that word up) there was (is?) one band that stands out as the real deal: Queens of the Stone Age.

Crucial Cut: First It Giveth

Deloused in the Comatorium
Deloused in the Comatorium (2003)
The Mars Volta


Crucial Cut: Eria Tarka

Come on feel the Illinoise
Illinois (2005)
Sufjan Stevens

Possibly the greatest songwriter to emerge in the new millennium, Sufjan Stevens finally hit his stride with Illinois. The album’s stylistic diversity is extraordinary, yet Stevens’ songwriting feels effortless. Illinois is an American folk epic, simultaneously modern and nostalgic, and Stevens does a masterful job of drawing the listener into his world.

Crucial Cut: Chicago

Black Thunder
Black Thunder (2005)

Probably the most obscure album on this list, Black Thunder is, well, I’ll quote the band’s own description: “death and roll punk rock hardcore mayhem.” Doomriders are pure energy on record and their live show will rip your face off. Go buy this album. Now, bitch.

Crucial Cut: Listen Up!

Neon Bible
Neon Bible (2007)
Arcade Fire

This album may have only been released seven months ago but there is no doubt that it deserves a place on this list. Twenty years from now, Neon Bible will be a timeless classic.

Crucial Cut: No Cars Go

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April 4, 2011


The Saw

By Andrew Wilhelm (TX)

Is it possible for every bone, muscle, skin fragment, and pore to be thoroughly brutalized in less than four minutes?

The Netherlands’ Dead Neanderthals say “Absolutely!” and proceed to violate your well-being and sense of normalcy, and go about their business on their latest EP, The Saw. You’re left with a pile of rotting bones for your closet; the band just skips off to record more music.

Oh, and your therapist is on a cruise. And the ship has been reported missing.

There are only two tools used on The Saw: a sax with daddy issues and a drumset who never misses an opportunity that calls for a gimp mask. You might be thinking, “Isn’t this what Naked City did,” and while you’re onto something, the comparison isn’t quite apt. Naked City spearheaded the “jazz goes grind” movement, that much is true, but John Zorn and his merry misanthropes were a multi-genre band. Country, surf, noise, and pretty much any 20th century musical form got sucked into their cyclone.

Dead Neanderthals, by comparison, are a stripped-down unit. This recording is raw, not in the sense of poorly mic’d amps through a four-track manufactured in the Reagan years, but in that you’re getting knocked out in the rehearsal room itself. No vocalist is needed, as the unhinged sax, played by a figure only known as “O,” is too stiff of competition. With many of the best free jazz albums though, there’s some kind of method at work, even if that method is very loose. The saxophone and the drums, wielded by “R,” are reflections of each other. When the baritone is having an epileptic fit, blastbeats follow. A sustained wail calls for a more simple beat. You get the (cracked) picture. It’s as much of a grindcore album as a free-jazz one.

“The Stake” sounds like an alternation between a marching band where most of the personnel are dead, and the screams of someone who’s about to meet the worms and dirt. The holding and releasing of tension makes for a unsettling dynamic. On “Drowning,” Dead Neanderthals show that there’s some playfulness to their battery. At 1:17, everything stops momentarily, and you think you can finally catch a break. Nope — just a couple seconds later, the mayhem resumes. There’s a mysterious low drone throughout the song that adds just the right amount of tension to accentuate the duo’s outbursts. The concluding title track is the most relentless out of the short set. O and R really lay on the blastbeats and the free playing. As harsh as the sax has been before, the lines on this song are the most complex and the extremes are much further. There’s not a rest until the whole ordeal is through.

Jazz hasn’t always been expensive steakhouse music; in fact, when the genre was developing, it was regarded as the metal of this time. The music was seen as a threat to the moral fiber of America, and jazz musicians could party down with the staunchest of hedonists. It was id made flesh and riddled with subtleties simultaneously. Dead Neanderthals and The Saw move forward in testing the limits of foundations, and it moves back to give jazz a little bit of its former danger.

[An extended thanks to J. Randall and Grindcore Karaoke for introducing me to this band.]

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Kelly said…

This sounds awesome. Definitely be checking it out.

Anonymous said…

Sounds like a hyperactive James Chance and The Contortions album

crustcake – METAL BLOG: NEWS, REVIEWS, INTERVIEWS, MP3s AND MORE: Witchcraft – Live Video

November 2, 2007

Witchcraft – Live Video


As both of crustcake’s regular readers have no doubt noticed, I am a bit of a Witchcraft fan. If they so much as sneeze, I know about it, and I post it here.

Here’s something even better than a sneeze (no, seriously). has just released a live clip of the band performing their namesake song at Luna Lounge two weeks ago. Crustcake was there.

Witchcraft are currently on tour in North America.

[MP3] Witchcraft – “Remembered”

Witchcraft [MySpace] [MP3]
The Alchemist [Amazon]

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September 13, 2010


No Friends are doing a short fall tour on their way down to play this year’s The Fest. The no nonsense punk four piece will be supporting their recent 12″ EP Tradition Failures (which is excellent).

The LP is available here, their music video for “Traditional Failures” is available here and their tour dates are available after the jump.

No Friends 2010 fall tour

10/25/10 Philadelphia, PA The Ox Warehouse w/ Dead to Me
10/26 Richmond, VA Gallery 5 w/ Dead to Me, Nightbirds
10/27 Baltimore, MD TBA w/ Deep Sleep
10/28 Chapel Hill, NC Local 506 w/ Strike Anywhere, A Wilhelm Scream
10/30 Gainesville, FL The Fest w/ a shitload of bands

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September 14, 2010


The Endless Blockade are done. Footage of their last show (which was with Bastard Noise) can be seen above, taken July 3rd at the Rita in Toronto. The Endless Blockade were one of my favorite bands. After reading about them in the ‘Upfront Profile’ of Decibel Magazine issue #45 I went home and googled their myspace page. That particular page stayed open and on repeat for the better part of week, before I could track down some of their records. There hasn’t been a band who have made that much of an immediate impression on me since. The Endless Blockade also put on one of the best shows I saw last year.

Audio interviews with Andrew Nolan (Bass, Vocals) can be found here and here. His blog is worth your time, and so is his new band.

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Carm said…

Those interviews sound crisp and soothing.


August 13, 2008


Friends of crustcake, a member of our extended family has been struck with the tragic loss of both of her parents earlier this week. Black Bubblegum of Brooklyn Vegan explains:

First of all, I want to thank you guys for taking time out of your busy schedules to read this. It means alot to me/our site.

Unfortunately, the reason for this email is not a happy one. Lori Baily, our friend and contributing photographer to (she recently covered Cavalera Conspiracy/Dillinger Escape Plan and Stooges last week) received a heartbreaking call from the police on sunday…. both of her parents were murdered in their home in Nebraska. You can read about it

And they have a suspect already.

Anyway, as you would guess, this is an extremely trying time for her, both emotionally and financially. As a result, we have set up a Paypal account to provide donations to help Lori and her sister Heather during this terrible time in their lives. Currently on a leave of absence from her day job, her expenses will not be limited to funeral costs, lawyers, travel, rent and living. PayPal to or click here to donate.


Again, PayPal to or click here to donate.

Our thoughts are with you, Lori.

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October 29, 2009



by Van Damned (ATX)

I’ll keep this short and sweet: basically, we got a nice three-day lineup to transition into November, which could end up going down as THE single best month for metal this town has seen in a whole minute. Stay tuned.

This weekend though, we got some classic industrial metal, some classic deranged, psychedelic alt-rock and some classic instrumental post-metal. Plus, time falls back an hour Saturday night so there’s a little extra time to party (or sleep off your evening’s activities Sunday morning.)

Make the jump for the pertinent details.

Crustcake Picks: ATX Shows 10/30 – 11/1

Friday, Oct. 30: The Revolting Cocks’ LubricaTour feat. Jim Rose, Blown Load and Left Spine Down @ Emo’s

Saturday, Oct. 31: Butthole Surfers, Peaches (yeah, that Peaches) @ Stubb’s

Sunday, Nov. 1: Pelican, Black Cobra, Struck By Lightning @ Emo’s (You can read our very own Andrew Wilhelm‘s review of Pelican and Black Cobra’s Denver show here.)

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||| Col. Sanders ||| said…

Pelican will be playing an INstore @ End of an Ear Records on S. 1st St.

I think they start at 3:30


December 22, 2010


Lists are very much self indulgent, but if you don’t indulge in anything, you are boring. Some folks indulge in foie gras, some in cheap hookers – I indulge in stirring the tempest of the Internets. It’s our vices that make us people. Without further ado, here is my list of the ten best records this year. If you agree or disagree (my preference), holla in the comments. Have a trill new year.

The Secret - Solve

The Secret
Solve et Coagula [Purchase]

(Southern Lord)

When it came metallic hardcore this year, Southern Lord shut the game down. Even though their BPM is higher than most Southern Lord acts, the Secret actually fit in well with the label, if only that they have esoteric, intangible elements in their sound. And check out that diabolical Bartlett cover!

Crucial Cut: “Double Slaughter” [MP3]

Inquisition - Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm

Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm [Purchase]

(Hells Headbangers)

If the corpse paint and Satanic imagery of Inquisition turn you off (i.e. you heart — or are in — Nachtmystium), too bad for your dumb ass, ’cause there’s a lot more going on in this record. While the duo recognize ambiance is an integral aspect of black metal, that does not get in the way of riffs. And while NPR’s Lars Gotrich may disagree with me, you gotta love Dagon’s Abbath-on-that-sizzurp vocal style.

Crucial cut: “Command Of The Dark Crown” [MP3]

Immolation - Majesty & Decay

Majesty & Decay [Purchase]

(Nuclear Blast)

Immolation’s last couple records got to the point, but at the sacrifice of the maze-like patterns that put them in the death metal elite. They’ve managed to reconcile those two elements on Decay, resulting in their best record since Close to a World Below. In vertigo you will be.

Crucial cut: “The Purge”

Locrian - Territories

Territories [Purchase]

(At War With False Noise/Basses Frequences/Bloodlust!/Small Doses)

Locrian exist in the metal world, if only orbiting it from afar. The duo float through noise, black metal and dark ambient, creating the year’s finest headphones album. And Blake Judd’s finest performance of 2010 was not on Addicts, but his guitar work on “Procession of Ancestral Brutalism.”

Crucial cut: “Between Barrows” [MP3]

Beherit - Engram

Sailors With Wax Wings
Sailors With Wax Wings [Purchase]

(Angel Oven)

R. Loren can do no wrong. He expresses more of his metal side on this record than his others, and contributions from a wide range of artists such as Dominick Fenrow and Marissa Nadler really make this something special. Of course, I’m also a huge Pyramids fanboy.

Crucial cut: “And Clash And Clash of Hoof and Heel”

Masakari - The Prophet Feeds

The Prophet Feeds [Purchase]

(Southern Lord)

Part two of “Holy shit, Southern Lord dominated hardcore in 2010.” Sociopolitical melodic crust done right. Cleveland may have lost LeBron, but they got themselves some real champions with these dudes.

Crucial cut: “Rapid Dominance” [MP3]

High On Fire - Snakes For The Divine

High On Fire
Snakes For The Divine [Purchase]

(Koch Records)

The thought of High on Fire and Slim Thug being on the same label makes me giddy, but seriously, Matt Pike and his boys stepped it up this year. This is triumphant, pump-your-ass-up material. Not quite as stonery as the last few records, but High on Fire were never stoner metal anyway. They are heavy fucking metal.

Crucial cut: “Snakes of the Divine”

The Body - All the Waters of the Earth Turn to Blood

The Body
All the Waters of the Earth Turn to Blood [Purchase]

(At a Loss/Aum War)

A band from the smallest state in the union make the biggest sounds of the year. Yeah, it may not make much sense at first, but pop this record on — full of suicidal shrieks and twists and turns into industrial, choir music and what the fuck else — and you’ll understand. And more bands need to mix metal and speaking in tongues.

Crucial cut: “Empty Hearth” [MP3]

Agalloch - Marrow Of The Spirit

Marrow Of The Spirit [Purchase]

(Profound Lore)

Next to High on Fire and Triptykon, this had to be the most anticipated record of the year. And it delivered on all accounts. While Agalloch were never really lacking in the drum department, Aesop Dekker does heighten their place in Agalloch’s sound. The electronics and cello add new depth to the already-stellar songwriting.

Crucial cut: “The Watcher’s Monolith” [MP3]

Triptykon - Eparistera Daimones

Eparistera Daimones [Purchase]

(Century Media)

Tom G. Warrior needs to hold seminars on getting the heaviest guitar tones. Even then, his students could never write and perform an album this musically, emotionally, psychologically heavy. Damiones belongs with Morbid Tales and To Mega Therion. No bullshit.

Crucial cut: All of them. (“A Thousand Lies” [MP3])

Runners up:

Nails – Unsilent Death
Salome – Terminal
Watain – Lawless Darkness
White Moth – S/T
Harvey Milk – A Small Turn of Human Kindness
Trap Them – Filth Rations
Black Breath – Heavy Breathing
Child Abuse – Cut and Run
Burzum – Belus (Actually, I wasn’t really fond of this record, I just liked seeing the PC fucks get upset.)

Top 10 Shows of the Year

1. and 2. The Eyehategod weekend – 6/19 and 6/20 at the Empty Bottle
3. Sleepytime Gorilla Museum 4/18 @ Bottom Lounge
4. The Melvins – 6/26 @ Double Door
5. Pentagram – 1/30 @ Empty Bottle
6. Bloodyminded – 4/23 @ The Moprey (R.I.P.)
7. Alcest – 4/24 @ Reggie’s Rock Club
8. The Body – 7/26 @ Metal Shaker
9. Cold Cave – 6/17 @ Empty Bottle
10. Tie: High on Fire 4/2 @ Lincoln Hall and Converge – 5/9 @ Bottom Lounge

2009 Records I Should Have Discovered in 2009

Cold Cave – Love Comes Close
Morne – S/T
Lady Gaga – The Fame Monster
The Chasm – Farseeing the Paranormal Abysm

The 5 Kuma’s Burgers that were much better than my three months at Northwestern University:

1. The Led Zeppelin: Pulled pork, bacon, cheddar cheese. You can get it with pickles too, but pickles are godawful.
2. The Insect Warfare: Panko-crusted medallion of goat cheese, creme fraiche, roasted corn and green chile salsa (SERIOUSLY DUDES, BRING THIS ONE BACK!).
3. The Black Oak Arkansas: Three Floyds Alpha King battered shallots, red wine barbecue sauce, white cheddar, bacon
4. The Lair of the Minotaur: Caramelized onions, pancetta, bourbon-soaked pears, brie.
5. The Black Sabbath: Blackening spice, chili, pepper jack, red onion.

Best Song of the Year, No Question:

13 hollers:

Vegas said…

Good list!!

Jake said…

absolutely agreed on Song of the Year

Carm said…

Pickles on burgers are godawful.

But pickle spears on a Chicago style hotdog and a can of pop…now that's bliss.

Todd said…

Song of the year is completely tru. Also "Abbath on sizzurp" lol.

José Carlos Santos said…

Awesome list. Lots in common with mine!

Van Damned said…

Carm – What is "pop"?

Aaron B said…

Great list. I really didn't like the new High on Fire though..

Anonymous said…

that inquisition MP3 is awesome! As an Immortal fan I am ashamed to have not know these guys before!

Andrew Wilhelm said…

Van – "Pop" is "soda" in Blago-land.

Aaron – What didn't you feel bout the new HoF? And how can you not love the "Thunderstruck"isms that kick off the album?

Carm said…

Ya can blog a blog but you can't Blagojevich!

Idol Threat: Warning Shots at the Mainstream said…

"The 5 Kuma's Burgers that were much better than my three months at Northwestern University"

Fucking classic! I hope they bring the Insect Warfare back soon.

Chase Macabre said…

Sweet list dude. I absolutely love the line "and more bands need to mix metal and speaking in tongues." Well crafted.

Chase Macabre said…

@Van – I think they refer to it as "Coke" down where you're from.


July 27, 2009



Deathwish Inc. has posted two new audio players for Doomriders and recent acquisition Lewd Acts. You can check them both out right here.

Doomriders’ new record, Darkness Come Alive, will hit stores September 29th. Check out that sweet album art!

Doomriders - Darkness Come Alive

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May 4, 2010


Stream: Howl – Full Of Hell

Howl have teamed up with Sterogum to bring out a full stream of their new record, Full Of Hell. We here at the ‘cake have been anticipating this one for quite some time: our vinyl pre-orders are in and the stream is going on at full volume. So far, real good.

Full Of Hell comes out next Tuesday, May 11th and the band is one the road already. Read more for their full 2010 tour dates (so far) including shows with Eyehategod and Pentagram. Not too bad really.

HOWL 2010 Tour Dates

May 29 Baltimore, MD Sonar (as part of Maryland Deathfest)
June 13 Providence, RI Club Hell*
June 14 Milford, CT Daniel Street*
June 15 Manchester, NH Rocko’s*
June 18 Chicago, IL Reggies#
June 19 Akron, OH Backstage Concert Club#
June 22 Columbus, OH Skully’s#
June 23 Philadelphia, PA The Blockley#
June 25 Providence, RI Club Hell#

* = w/ Eyehategod
# = w/ Pentagram

2 hollers:

Jordasch said…

This shit leaves my head a'noddin' and my bowels a'quakin'.

Illy, basically.

gerf said…

sounding pretty good. murky.


June 28, 2010



by Van Damned (SATX)

Dove - DoveI mean, of course Dove came from Florida. From the swampland stomp of “You and I” to the humidity-slackened snarl of “Never a Straight Line,” it’s pretty clear that the same Sunshine State that gave us both Morbid Angel AND Torche spawned Dove.

Apropos, because Dove guitarist/vocalist Henry Wilson (ex-Cavity) at one time played in Floor with Steve Brooks (ex-Cavity), who would go on to later form Torche. [See a helpful Venn diagram here.] So if Floor and Cavity birthed Torche directly, then Dove is like Torche’s beaming uncle. There are moments, like on “This You Can Trust,” where the pedigree is all but obvious. On it, a churning, z-tuned guitar/bass double attack roils underneath a stuttering drum beat and half-shouted/half-sung vocals. Sludgey? Duh. Poppy? A little. Hardcore? Just a pinch.

In fact, if there ever was a hardcore band for stoners, Dove would be it. Riffs are thick as mud. Songs strike and fade like a joint’s flaming cherry. Solos are hinted at. Call it hardcore in the key of DOOM.


Self-released in 2004, then lavishly re-released on vinyl and cassette by Financial Ruin in 2010, Dove is one of those Rosetta Stone artifacts that connects two seemingly disparate entities. And at just 34 minutes, it’s a digestible chunk of history that can also stand on its own merits.

Dove broke up shortly after this album was released, but during their short run, they shared bills with everyone from Mastodon and Baroness to the Sword.

Thoughtfully included in the LP issue is a half-dozen, full-color assortment of show fliers, a postcard, a logo sticker and two Electric Warrior Dove bootleg stickers, a patch and a hand silkscreened cover. (Did I mention that it was lavish?) The LP is limited to 150 on purple vinyl and 150 on green. I have a purple 302/250, though, and my tape is one of at least two 13/150s floating around, so, you know. I’d get moving fast though, ’cause the tapes already sold out and what with these Floor reunion shows and all, this album is already a hot commodity.

7/10 [Audible]
9.5/10 [Physical]

[Purple vinyl with extra goodies]

Dove - Tape
[Tape with silkscreened cardboard sleeve]

Buy Dove – Dove LP here.

5 hollers:

Ignacio Brown said…

Boys, you just reminded me I've had this Dove lp for like three weeks and I still haven't heard it.

The WZAd said…

Damn, that's a great venn-diagram.

Also, Juan Montoya has a new band. It's okay.

Also: "Call it hardcore in the key of DOOM."

I think they call that sludge.

This sounds a LOT like floor

Van Damned said…

Ignacio: Do it.

Will: As per the diagram, it should come as no surprise.

Andrew Childers said…

i love me some floor and i love that diagram. please award all of my internets to the genius who created it.

Van Damned said…

Thank you. Payments accepted at the gate.


August 31, 2010


Black Anvil

Black Anvil are slowly releasing material from their upcoming full length Triumvirate. Today Metalsucks posted “Scalping” for stream. “Scalping” showcases Black Anvil’s black metal ferocity, but what makes this band special for me is their rhythmical strength and variety. “Scalping” has no shortage of blast beats, but never is the song tethered to the snare.

Triumvirate will be released September 28th, and is available for pre-order via Relapse Records.

Read more for Black Anvil’s upcoming tour info with Watain and Goatwhore.

Watian, Goatwhore and Black Anvil 2010 tour

Nov. 06 – Mr. Smalls – Pittsburgh, PA
Nov. 07 – Reggie’s – Chicago, IL
Nov. 08 – Station 4 – St. Paul, MN
Nov. 10 – Marquis Theatre – Denver, CO
Nov. 11 – Club Vegas – Salt Lake City, UT
Nov. 12 – Branx (Loveland) – Portland, OR
Nov. 13 – Studio Seven – Seattle, WA
Nov. 16 – Boardwalk – Orangevale, CA
Nov. 17 – DNA Lounge – San Francisco, CA
Nov. 18 – The Ruby Room – San Diego, CA
Nov. 19 – The Whiskey – Hollywood, CA
Nov. 20 – Clubhouse – Tempe, AZ
Nov. 21 – Club 101 – El Paso, TX
Nov. 22 – The Loft – Dallas, TX
Nov. 23 – Emo’s – Austin, TX
Nov. 24 – Numbers – Houston, TX
Nov. 27 – Back Booth – Orlando, FL
Nov. 29 – Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
Nov. 30 – Sonar – Baltimore, MD
Dec. 01 – Peabody’s – Cleveland, OH
Dec. 02 – Santo’s New York, NY *
Dec. 03 – Les FouFounes – Montreal, QC *
Dec. 04 – Opera House – Toronto, ON *

* = No Goatwhore

1 hollers:

Carm said…

Whoa, Watain at Santos? Nice.


January 14, 2008

Monday Quick-Links

• MetalSucks offers up a look at the legendary Wino, who will be heading up the much-anticipated Shrinebuilder project with Al Cisneros and Chris Hakius of Om/Sleep and Scott Kelly of Neurosis.

• Raven Sings the Blues talks Earth.

• Cartoon band Dethklok, purveyors of the highest-charting death metal album of all time (seriously), are Decibel’s cover artist for February.

• Check out Orgasmatrix’s “Top 13 Most Extreme Album Covers in Music History.” Brutal.

• Donnie Hoyle’s comedic timing, pace, and dialogue in these two “photoshop tutorials” are a must-see. [via our friends at Ninja Slice]

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January 14, 2008

Monday Quick-Links

• MetalSucks offers up a look at the legendary Wino, who will be heading up the much-anticipated Shrinebuilder project with Al Cisneros and Chris Hakius of Om/Sleep and Scott Kelly of Neurosis.

• Raven Sings the Blues talks Earth.

• Cartoon band Dethklok, purveyors of the highest-charting death metal album of all time (seriously), are Decibel’s cover artist for February.

• Check out Orgasmatrix’s “Top 13 Most Extreme Album Covers in Music History.” Brutal.

• Donnie Hoyle’s comedic timing, pace, and dialogue in these two “photoshop tutorials” are a must-see. [via our friends at Ninja Slice]

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